Fall 2012 TV Season: Update

Hey Everyone!!! I am finally back on my blog after like a whole summer away! I know I neglected it this summer but I moved from DC all the way to Colorado sooooo I was catching up on TV whenever I got the chance! But I am all settled in now! Sooo excited for Fall Premiere week starting on Monday!! Can you guys believe it’s already here? I thought it would never get here!!

So heres the deal. I plan on reviewing shows again this season. It may take longer than normal to get the posts up but they will be there eventually! Here are the shows I plan on reviewing:
Returning Shows:
How I Met Your Mother (its quite possibly the last season, so I have to)
Scandal (first season was brilliant can’t wait to see what Shonda brings to season 2)
Fringe (Final Season, and its supposed to be amazing, lets hope I know what to write!!!)
Once Upon a Time (Magic is coming!!)
The Good Wife (I neglected this one in season 3. Can’t let that happen again)
Homeland (best show from last season.)
Hart of Dixie
Gossip Girl (it’s the last season peeps, I can’t just not write about it! plus it’s only 10 episodes so that helps!)
The Vampire Diaries
Nikita (Season 3 is like a restart, and I love it!)
New Shows:
Revolution ( Here is my review of the pilot: I liked it and it has potential. I think it could possibly develop into something great but It also could fall flat on it’s face. Soo I’ll review episodes I like not the ones  I don’t.
Vegas (if i like it)
Elementary (If I like it)
Last Resort (Saw the pilot and the review will be up sometime before the premiere)
Made in Jersey (If I like it)
Emily Owens (probably just review the pilot)
I also understand that some of these new shows might not last longer than 2 or 10 episodes. Soo I will review every shows pilot and then from there decide which ones to keep.
ALSO: Emmy Predictions: head to my twitter: https://twitter.com/caroline_gill
I just posted all my predictions! Can’t wait for tomorrow night!!!
and best of all: a year ago this happened:

Gossip Girl Review: Crazy Cupid Love

You Guys. I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a really stupid holiday but last night, a show that I have been having a notorious love and hate relationship ACTUALLY made me extremely happy for the first time in god knows how long. Why is this you may ask?


You all know that I pretty much LOVE Dan and Blair to pieces and their will they won’t they thing that has been happening since last season was starting to get on my last nerve, especially since Blair’s character is just so confusing this season. But last night we finally heard her admit that all she wants for Dan is for him to be happy, which is what he wants for her as well. We also heard her finally admit to him that she thinks he’s charming and wonderful. Which made me swoon.

Then this happened:

Thank you Georgina, for all your devious scheming- because, even though you did it for your personal gain- it allowed for Dan to FINALLY confess his feelings to Blair. And best of all, you could see that Blair reciprocated those feelings.  And now the fun begins, because Georgina is right. The more they try to stay away from each other, the more they will want to be with each other.

I don’t feel bad for Serena either. That girl NEEDS to be single for a long time. Her character still thinks that she is the center of the universe and well, she’s not. While she was off making terrible decisions, people she was close to, like Blair and Dan moved on and found out that there was something between them all along. Serena goes back and forth on loving Dan EVERY season. So when she says that she still loves him, I find it hard to believe. But her walking in on Blair and Dan kissing will make for some interesting developments with Blair and Serena.

Other Things that happened last night:

~Looks like Lola (the real Charlie Rhodes) is well on her way to discovering what it was her mother did. I like her with Nate though and I kind of want her to stay on the show. I find her WAY more compelling than Ivy ever was. No offense to Kaylee DeFer, but I really don’t understand her role as a series regular. To her credit, at least she’s not as useless to the storyline as Vanessa was and she’s not as annoying as Jenny but I still think her time is up.

~ I seriously LOVED all the call-backs to Season one: the outfits, the guitar hero references, and the sushi- LOVE LOVE LOVE. I loved that Serena broke out her old Cardigan, Dan wore his old yellow shit, and that Georgina looked trashy as ever. It was just perfect!

~ I like playboy Chuck way more than sulking, brooding, and depressed Chuck. Glad he’s going back to his scheming ways.

~ What is up with Blair’s royal babysitter? She seems CUCKOOOOO. And what’s her deal with Louis? I can’t believe this storyline is STILLLLL happening.

~Rufus really has become useless hasn’t he?

Now rewatch the best scene this season all over again 🙂

Gossip Girl Review: G.G. (aka: Gossip Girl’s 100th Episode)

One Hundred Episodes. That’s right; Gossip Girl has been on our television screens for over four and half seasons now. Hard to believe right? I know I was shocked. Most series that premiered during the season of that god-awful writers’ strike didn’t really make it and yet this series was able to make itself a pop-culture phenomenon that year that it was able to last, even with declining ratings.

I’ll admit, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the series this season. I have been very vocal about the fact that I did not like how they had completely ruined Blair’s character with that stupid royal wedding storyline to Prince Louis, whose character they also managed to ruin.  Louis was a decent character last season but the writers couldn’t decide whether or not to vilify him. It wasn’t until last night’s, Royal Wedding, 100th episode that Louis finally became a full on villain when he told Blair that she would be trapped in this loveless marriage until he deemed it over. And honestly? It served her right. She only had herself to blame for thinking she needed to become a princess, even though the Blair Waldorf we all thought we knew, would have never needed a man to make her happy.

This 100th episode should have never been about Blair’s wedding or the wedding itself. It should have been about our Five main characters teaming up to take down Louis or some other villain. Instead it just made Blair look even more stupid for thinking that if she chose Chuck over Louis (or anyone else for that matter) that God would punish her. Really Blair? Are you really that stupid?  Do the writers actually think that this is a good storyline? Or are they just doing this to somehow appease the Chair shippers for a while so that they can go through with getting Blair and Dan together? I don’t understand this show anymore.

Other things happened in this episode like Dan coming to the rescue and helping Blair runaway. Then Nate flirted with the real Charlie Rhodes (whose name is Lola) and Serena stayed useless as she tried to tell Dan that she wanted to get back together with him even though it was clear to everyone that he wasn’t interested anymore. Oh and then there was that hilarious reveal that Georgina is Gossip Girl.

Somehow these writers thought it would be a great idea to make Georgina new Gossip Girl. I don’t know if that’s going to work out entirely well but I guess we’ll see. She does make for a pretty great villain.

Soo yeah, I wasn’t all that impressed with this big episode. I just want more from the series that I once loved. I know it’s still in there because sometimes their awesomeness comes seeping out but I haven’t seen it in a while. Hopefully we’ll see are fab five getting together and taking down Louis and Georgina for the rest of the season-because that would be awesome.

What did everyone else think?


What I am Thankful For, 2011

Soo I did this a year ago and thought I would do it again because it was so much fun! Here is what I have been thankful for this year on television!

~For Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, Tom Haverford , Andy Dwyer, April Ludgate, Ann Perkins, Ben Wyatt, Chris Traeger, Jerry Gergich, and Donna. Parks and Recreation please continue to be one of the best comedies on television. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

~For Lincoln Lee on Fringe. He won my heart over last season on Fringe and I have been his ever since.

~For Suburgatory and their hilarious yet charming depiction of the horrors of living in a wealthy suburban neighborhood.

~For Rookie Blue really stepping it up in their second season, bringing interesting cases of the week and mixing it with some amazing character development. Can’t wait for season 3!

~For The Good Wife as it continues to be oh so awesome in its third season. Also thankful for Cary…and Kalinda…and ELI GOLD.

~For Breaking Bad creating Gus Frig. May one of the best TV characters ever, rest in peace…with only half a face.

~Thank you for Aaron Paul.

~Thank you for Jon Hamm-even if Mad Men has been off the air for over a year.

~Thank you for Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal on How I Met Your Mother.

~For the amazingness (yes I just make up words now) that is Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder on Justified. I am also thankful to the Emmys who nominated Walton Goggins, Timothy Olyphant, Margo Martindale, and Jeremy Davies for their outstanding work in season two. This show has one of the best casts on television. Do yourself a favor catch up and tune into Season 3 come January.

~For Troy and Abed on Community. If you have to ask, than you need help ASAP.

~For Big Carl on Cougar Town.



I am also thankful to Direct TV for giving Friday Night Lights the chance to live on for 5 seasons. That finale was fantastic. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.

~For the blossoming Bromance between Chuck and Dan on Gossip Girl.

~For Once Upon a Time making Fairy Tales cool again.

~For Hart of Dixie giving Rachel Bilson her own show where she can be cute and hilarious. I am also thankful that the show has brought back the awesomeness of small town charms and quickness.

~For Stana Katic who has become so amazing over these past couple of seasons on Castle

~For Revenge being the amazing primetime soap opera I hoped it would be.

~For Game of Thrones, Direwolves, Daenerys Targaryen, Peter Dinklage. Oh and most of all, thank you for dragons.

~For Teen Wolf providing me with some pretty damn entertaining supernatural teenage fun while TVD was off the air and True Blood was destroying itself from within.

~For Switched at Birth for not being to overly preachy and actually bring some refreshing and compelling drama to ABC Family.

~For The Secret Circle taking a page out of The Vampire Diaries playbook and creating an interesting story with interesting characters while not being afraid to kill some off when it needs to.

~For Homeland being the best new show this season and for showing us this complex world we live in depicted by complicated and flawed characters. I couldn’t have asked for a better show.

~For Sons of Anarchy having an incredible season four. In my opinion this is their best season yet.

~For The Vampire Diaries,  Ripper Stefan, Caroline Forbes being a bad-ass vampire barbie, the Originals-especially Rebekah and Elijah…ok and Klaus, and for the growing relationship with Elena and Damon- thank you for making it grow organically and not forcefully.

And most of all:

~ For Awkward. This charming, yet totally raunchy, teen comedy on MTV completely swept me off my feet this summer.  Jenna Hamilton became one the best teenage characters to root for as she battled her way through high school drama (that Letter!), mean girls (Sadie Saxton gives mean girl a whole new definition), and love triangles (Team Jake all the way).
Also, I want to say Thank You to some of the cast members (Jessica Lu, Molly Tarlov, Greer Grammer, and Nikki DeLoach) who retweeted my Awkward. reviews. You have no idea how grateful I am for your support. You guys truly are one of the best casts on television!

MTV is running a marathon on Friday starting at 11am and they are airing all 12 episodes. Make sure you watch! You’re Welcome.

~One more thing, THANK YOU to all my readers. You are the reason I do this, thank you so much for your support!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gossip Girl Review: Memoirs of an Invisible Dan

Look I know I haven’t written at all yet about Gossip Girl this season and it is mainly because I am still mad at them for how awful it got at the end of last season. However, like the beginning of last season, the start to the fifth season of Gossip Girl hasn’t been as bad as I once thought it might. In fact, after last week’s episode, I went back to my DVR and actually set a season pass!! It seems that Gossip Girl has FINALLY embraced the ridiculousness, stopped taking themselves so seriously, and actually made the show fun again! And for that I applaud you Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran.

Gossip Girl is ALWAYS better when it focuses on the core five as group; whether it’s them coming together to take someone down (which I see them doing later on in the season with either Diana or Ivy) or whether it is because something or someone (or both, like this week) brings them all together. This week, Dan brings the group all together to tell them about his book and well to say things go well would be a lie. But this wouldn’t be Gossip Girl if things always went well.

Also, if the CW is smart (which we all know they are not), they will find a way to have Dan’s book written and published by Christmas. I honestly don’t think there is a Gossip Girl fan out there who wouldn’t read Inside. Come on CW do something right for once and GET THIS BOOK RELEASED!!!!

Sooooo what happened:

One is the loneliest number

After last week’s big reveal that Dan’s book was being published-and admitting to being the author-he realizes that he needs to be the one to break it to his friends that he’s the one who wrote the book about them. Everyone sort of takes the news somewhat well at first. Chuck already knew, Nate doesn’t seem to mind that his character is gay, Serena thinks it will improve her reputation, and Blair chooses not to read about it in interest of saving their friendship.

However, after hearing about the book characters from others, everyone decides to read what Dan wrote about them and it doesn’t go so well. Dan really doesn’t paint anyone in the book all that well and he even paints his father in a poor light. By the end of the episode Dan has truly alienated himself from everyone in the group. However seeing as this Gossip Girl, I don’t see his alienation lasting that long.

So how did everyone get portrayed? Well let’s run it down shall we?

Serena, who now has an actual job working for the movie producer in New York, is not portrayed at all the way she thought she would be portrayed. After passing on reading the book her fabulous new, sneaky and charming, co-worker tells her that her character, Sabrina, is seen as a selfish party girl. This causes Serena’s reputation to be tarnished, again, and she loses a major movie deal with Daniel Day Lewis (ummm ok…), who didn’t want to work with Serena because he thought she really was like Sabrina. When she confronts Dan about her portrayal he calls her out on her selfishness and shows her that he is more concerned about Blair than he is with her. What a blow, never thought I would see the day where Lonely Boy would turn away Serena van der Woodsen. And to make things worse, Serena’s boss wants her to get the movie rights to Dan’s book. See I told you Dan wouldn’t be alienated for long.

Blair decides at first not to read Dan’s book because she already knows that her character isn’t portrayed well because of how she treated Dan in high school. However, this doesn’t stop Louie from reading the book. When he reads it he finds out that Dan wrote that Blair and Dan had sex, which never happened (at least, we are told it didn’t, you can never really tell with Gossip Girl.) Louie goes back to not trusting Blair again, mainly because he saw a pic of her and Chuck on the Gossip Girl website. But Blair stands up for herself and tells Louie that he needs to either trust her or let her go, and he finally decides to trust her. However the look on his face at the end of the episode makes it look like still doesn’t trust her at all.

Ok here goes my little rant about Blair and Louie. I am really sick of this storyline. I really hate that they are only using it to set up the 100th episode as wedding (like every other 100th episode of a CW show does.) I mean really GG, you couldn’t think up something more unique than a friggin wedding? We all know Louie and Blair are not going to last, you keep throwing it in our faces every chance you get so why are you dragging this out as long as possible?? I really hope you have something good up your sleeves because this pairing is testing all my last nerves with this show. OK rant over.

Chuck and Nate both find Dan’s book highly amusing at first. At first, Nate’s only issue with being portrayed as being gay is if he still has game or not. And Chuck doesn’t seem to mind that his character ends up killing himself. But Nate then becomes upset when he learns that Dan combined his character with Eric’s character and finds it insulting because he thought they were best friends (as did I, and I am kind of confused why Dan portrayed him that way, it does seem kind of odd. Oh well.)

Chuck then wonders if his portrayal might actually be his future now that he’s lost Blair. However, when he goes to visit Lily, you know he’ll never die alone; he still has her, his only real mother figure and someone who cares about him still, very deeply. I kind of hope they reinvigorate Lily and Chucks relationship this season, it’s one of the best relationships on this show. I also really loved his scenes with Dan, Blair, and even Louie. Is it just me or are the Gossip Girl writers really trying to reform Chuck this season??

Dan ends up just like the character is his book, without the girl and all alone after alienating his family and friends. I have to say his scene with Rufus at the end was one of the most heartbreakingly real scenes Gossip Girl has ever done. I have to side with Rufus on this one, the portrayal of Rufus was an unfair one. Rufus truly loves Lily and yes he may have become somewhat of a “trophy husband” but he did give up everything to raise Dan and the least Dan could have done was acknowledge that.

Also, during all of this mess, Charlie/Ivy gets caught by Diana and blackmailed into working for her. Does anyone really care? I don’t. Why is she on this series again??

So next week, the envelop comes back, Serena has to get Dan to give her the rights to his book, more Chuck and Monkey moments I am sure, and best of all: It’s Yon Kipur!! Yay a holiday episode!! I love holiday episodes of Gossip Girl they are always the best!!

Other Thoughts

~ I loved the Blair and Chuck scene in the park. It was really sweet. Doesn’t mean I want them to be together but I do like their friendship scenes.

~Also, I loved the Blair and Serena scene at the end of the episode. We need more of these two, please!!

~More Chuck and Monkey please!!!

The Good Wife Season Finale Review: Closing Arguments

 “What if we were to suddenly have good timing, just for… an hour?…What would that look like?”~Will

“I think… that would look like an exceptional moment.”~Alicia

Good God I love this show. As many of you know by now, I have a deep love for The Good Wife. Over the past two years it has quickly become one of my favorite dramas on television; a show that I try and watch live every week because it is just too good to miss. This season was absolutely sensational (with the exception of a few odd episodes here and there but I am starting to blame CBS for those episodes more so than the writers); taking what they had from season one and making it grow into something amazing.  I have no idea how I am going to survive another summer without this show but after that final scene last night, I have a feeling I will be able to make it.

The episode’s case of the week followed the suit of some of their best episodes, the ones where there is always a ticking clock. The defendant this week, played by Seth Gilliam (their billionth Wire guest star), was the accused judge killer. The firm had a day to process new evidence, the bloody glove that had been secretly given to them, and find a way use it in court to get the cast dismissed. The case was yet another distraction to the real events that were going on but paved way for some interesting developments that would pave way to season three.

Eli finds a reason to stay

While the big case was being held and the firm was rushing around to figure out how nail the coffin with the judge killer case, expansion was going under way at the offices of Lockhart Gardner. The first expansion was that Eli, after being told by the DNC that they would provide him with a great law firm to set up his services while there is down time before Peter’s campaign for governor begins. Instead of having the DNC pick his firm, Eli goes to Diane, who gladly takes his services and makes gives Alicia a promotion by making her the liaison between Eli and the firm. So now Eli is Alicia’s boss and this combination will surely be delightfully entertaining and intensely interesting come next season.

Poor Kalinda

After making the decision to stay at the firm, Kalinda and Alicia try to work around the fact that they still have to work together. Kalinda was still mentally breaking down and it was only made worse after finding out that Sophia (Kelli Giddish, who needs to totally be around next season), who she had just slept with, was actually married. The look of guilt on Kalinda’s face was priceless and showed us that a new Kalinda was emerging, one who was beginning to care. It will be interesting to see how this plays out next season, especially with her relationship with Cary. The guy still deeply cares for her and even though she knows it, I think she is deeply afraid of what that might mean. I have a feeling we are in for some epic scenes between those two next season and personally I cannot wait!


Chris Noth wasn’t really in this episode very much but his scene with Will was downright chilling. I don’t think we’ve seen these two alone together before. It made for an interesting scene as these two men, with their poker faces on, talked to each other about the case. The tension between them is quite captivating and it perfectly sets up the tension that we will most certainly see next season: “It will be funny to be on opposite sides in court. But not laugh-out-loud funny”

If there was one thing I would have liked to see in this finale, it would have been a scene between Peter and Childs, it just would have been fun, especially since I felt like Titus Welliver was really underused in this episode. HOWEVER, his show on the CW did not get picked up, so BRING HIM BACK GOOD WIFE Peeps!

That final scene.

The Good Wife finally gave us what many of us had been wanting for a long time, that little window of opportunity that lead to Alicia and Will finally making the next step in their relationship. In my opinion, I thought that last scene was uttery perfect. I know that there are many out there who didn’t want this show to have Alicia and Will hook up, but seriously, if you didn’t see it coming from the Pilot, than you just weren’t paying that close attention to this show, because a lot of this show has been about Alicia and Will’s relationship and how he brings out a whole new side of her.

I honestly thought every step that lead to that final moment between Alicia and Will perfectly described their relationship. From the over-booked hotel, to having to pay $7800 for a the presidential suite, to the kid in the elevator who pushed every button, making their trip up to the room excruciatingly long, to Will being so anxious that he couldn’t open the door. On any other night, all of those signs probably would have led to Alicia fleeing the building, but this time, in this moment, she was patient and calm; she wanted that one, exceptional, moment with Will and boy I think she got it.

It will be very interesting to see how their exceptional moment plays out next season. I really don’t think there is a question of whether or not they hooked up in that hotel room. It was pretty obvious that Alicia was not going to let anything get in the way of that moment. So what will this mean for next season? My guess is that we still have a long road ahead before Alicia and Will can truly be together and that until then, they are going to have to find those windows of opportunities like they had last night, until that time comes. I’m fairly confident that Alicia’s relationship with Peter is over; it’s just going to be a struggle to legally get there, especially with Eli and the DNC’s political agendas.

Other Thoughts:

~Seriously, there NEEDS to be more Owen next season. His scene at the pizza restaurant with the Kids and running into Jackie was outstanding.

~ So who wants to bet that the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger love child scandal is going to pop up on The Good Wife next season? It’s too bad that the show already had a similar situation to the IMF guy’s scandal (See V.I.P treatment) because they could have used that one too.

~ I think that Kalinda and Alicia’s relationship is going to be repaired soon. You can already tell that those two are ever going to leave each other’s side, even if one of them wants to. The connection between them is too strong.

~ Next season I want to see a flashback to Alicia and Will’s days at Georgetown. I think it’s time TGW writers. Lets make this happen

As I finished this review it was announced that The Good Wife was picked up for a third season (all together now: YAY!!!) and that it would be moving to 9pm on Sundays. I personally think that is a great choice on CBS’s part. Desperate Housewives is a dying show, in its 8th season, and quite frankly, if people are choosing to watch that over this show, than they don’t deserve to watch this show!

I really hope it does well on Sundays because I really don’t want their third season to be its last. This show is just too good for that! So make sure you tune in next fall! Also, Spring 2012 is going to be AWESOME if AMC keeps Mad Men on Sunday’s at 10pm. What a night that will be, The Good Wife at 9 and then Mad Men at 10! Sunday Nights are going to end up being my favorite night of the week!!

Gossip Girl Season Finale Review: The Wrong Goodbye

Gossip Girl ended its fourth season last night.

The season finale was extremely underwhelming and to be quite honest, it was probably the most boring finale yet, even with the mild twists at the end.

I honestly have no idea what happened to the writers after episode 16. It’s like they took some drugs or something and decided that all that great character and plot development they had created was going to be thrown out the window because bringing back the prince and a crazy chick was going to make the show better. Or maybe not, maybe the realized that this show isn’t good anymore and that their ratings were tanking so they thought adding a few silly OMGs were going to boost them. GG writers that may have worked in season one and two, but that tactic no longer works anymore. In fact, it just makes your show look really damn stupid.

I really have no words to for this episode, which is funny because I am supposed to be writing a review but it’s hard to review something that makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever.

So here are the things that make me the most confused:

~Why did they bring Georgina back if they weren’t even going to use her well? I mean, why didn’t they just pop her in at the end and have her actually INVOLVED in the fake Charlie-Carol scheme? Instead you just have her standing around and mopping that she can’t scheme herself? HUH???

~It’s hard to take Chuck seriously when two episodes earlier he pretty much harmed Blair while in a drunken rampage, that he now completely over. Seriously? And it is hard on a viewer like myself because Ed Westwick is such a great actor that he can make both sides interesting and compelling to watch but when you have him switch sides it makes it hard to take either side seriously. Instead you make Westwick and Chuck Bass look like a huge joke. Yes it was nice to see Chuck let Blair go finally but why did they have to plant the pregnancy twist? THE LAST THING IS SHOW NEEDS IS A BABY FOR CHUCK AND BLAIR!

~ Also, I can see what you are going GG writers. You are basically telling us what every other CW show has done for their 100th episode:  use it for a wedding that will most likely end in disaster. You are so obvious and predictable it’s not even funny.(for those who might be confused, Blair said the wedding is planned for November, and Gossip Girls 100th episode falls on the 11th episode next season, which means we’ll be seeing it before the winter hiatus.)

~Don’t tease the audience with more Dan and Blair if you are not going to follow through. It’s just dumb and mean.

~ Why did they writers up Charlie/Ivy to a series regular when Tika Sumpter (who plays Raina) is way more talented and interesting?

~ Why did they have to throw Dan and Serena’s love story under the bus like that with Dan’s “book?”

~Don’t tease me with Ethan Peck if you are just going to use him poorly. Please, he’s better than this show and doesn’t deserve this show’s plot inconsistencies.

There are many more problems with this finale but I am just too tired and uninterested to continue. I am only going to write about Gossip Girl next season when I feel like it. I don’t like writing about bad episodes because it makes me angry and I don’t like feeling angry. I really hope they use this summer to fix some of their issues. The viewers are already used to this shows plot holes so throwing out the pregnancy storyline and Charlie as a series regular isn’t an issue. Just say oops and move on. Honestly, this show can’t do worse than it has this season.