For as long as I can remember I have had a strange obsession with watching primetime television shows. I think it might have started back when I was eight or nine years old when I found myself watching Beverly Hills, 90210 with my parents. Yes, that’s right: my parents let me watch trashy television when I was just a kid. I think my parents thought it was harmless, and to their credit it did teach me more about sex, drugs, and alcohol than health class did, but what they didn’t realize was that by letting me watch that one show, they lit the fire that would become my obsession with television.

It wasn’t until I started reading reviews for Lost that I realized that I wasn’t alone in my obsession for watching television. I started reading reviews for about 6 months before I decided that I too had a voice that I wanted to be heard. So that’s why this blog is here, to share with all of you wonderful readers, my opinions and thoughts on my favorite shows.

Whether or not you are obsessed with TV as well, please feel free to comment and share your thoughts as well!

I am also on Twitter, so if you want to hear me ramble on about different tv shows,movies, celebrity gossip, political updates, and all other crazy news related events follow me @caroline_gill

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