The 100 Season 2 Premiere: The 48

2014-10-22-the-100The 100 is back and I couldn’t be happier! It feels good to have my Wednesday night TV back in full swing! If you haven’t watched The 100 yet, here are 6 reasons why you should be, and it’s also now on Netflix Instant, so GET WATCHING!

And now on to Season TWO!

The cold open, with Clarke in the white, sterilized room with the Starry Night painting was one of the best cold open’s that I have ever seen. What a great callback to the pilot. Clarke is right not to trust her new surroundings. Yes, everything might seem civilized and organized in Mount Weather by you don’t cast some like Raymond J. Barry (the great Arlo Givens) to be the President without giving the president a hidden agenda. Mount Weather is basically the Ark but on Earth. Clarke knows the realities of what happens when you live in isolation. I can understand why Jasper and Monty want to believe that they’re safe; all they’ve wanted was stability and Mount Weather gives that too them. Clarke, on the other hand, knows that there is always a catch to this kind of order. Which leads me to wonder, where is Anya? If you remember, Anya was capture along with Clarke at the end of the season finale.  That was the biggest question I was left with at the end of the premiere. What are the Mountain Men doing to/with her? My guess is that she has been locked up for interrogation and experimentation and that Clarke will soon find out. I have a feeling these two are going to meet up again very soon and they are going to team up to escape. At least that is my hope!

Octavia and Lincoln are still as adorable as ever. These two had some of my favorite storyline’s from last season and it’s great to see their chemistry still holds. When we last saw Octavia and Lincoln, she had been shot by an arrow, which we learned was poisonous. Lincoln being the loyal man he is turns them around and heads back to his village to get Octavia the antidote.  It is here that we get the biggest, in my opinion, reveal of the night: Lincoln’s village’s landmark is the Lincoln Memorial. That’s right; The 100 takes place in DC, or most likely, the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia corridor). My guess, Mount Weather is Camp David or Camp David adjacent, which would explain a lot. Choosing this location is actually quite perfect for this series since it’s such a strategic area; it’s near Philly and NYC which means we could see more landmarks in future episodes, and geographically it’s kind of a good place to be; next to the sea and the mountains. I can’t wait to see where they next!

Now on to the rest of the episode…

Poor Raven. That girl just can’t catch a break but she still fights on. She gets shot, by Murphy no less, and still doesn’t give up. She even manages to get Murphy to open up about himself. That’s the kind of power this girl holds. Now I am not totally on board with the Murphy redemption train but I am excited to see where this redemptive arc leads. Murphy is psychotic. Plain and simple, but he’s also a survivor. And if the Arc peeps are going to survive on this new earth, they are probably going to need him. I think that’s why I found it really interesting that we got a Raven/Murphy side-story in the premiere. These two, on a small level, are both survivors who have made something of a bad situation. Lindsey Morgan was promoted to a series regular over the summer and she was one of the main people who were seen doing press all summer so I’d say it’s a pretty solid bet that Abby is going to save Raven. It’ll be great to see these two working together again. I enjoyed their partnership in the first season and I can’t wait to see where it goes this season!

Kane is going to get himself killed. Kane has already had a superiority complex but I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot worse now that everyone is on the ground. He’s already created a divide between the Ark and the teens on the ground; arresting Bellamy is going to come back to bite him in the ass. These kids have seen things, had to learn and do things they never ever imagined and they also have a one up on how to handle the grounders. Alienating Bellamy and Finn is only going to cause problems. Kane and the rest of the people from the Ark haven’t ever seen war. Yes, things were difficult on the Ark but there was always a sense of civility and peace because they floated anyone who acted out. Those same rules do not apply on the ground. If Kane doesn’t pick up on this soon he will not only get himself killed but it is very likely he will lead others to be killed. Here is hoping Abby will knock some sense into him.

Other thoughts:

~ OMG What is happening in space with the rest of the Ark? I am soo happy to still see Issah Washington on this show! I hope they get him to Earth ASAP!

~ Is it just me or did the position of the way the Ark landed look like the Arch from St. Louis? Did anyone else get Defiance vibes?

~ While I am kinda bummed to see Tristan go, it was pretty great to see Kane shoot him in the head.

~ My poor Bellamy! You need to wash your face!

~ Finn is still Zzzzzzzzz

~ Loved seeing all the art pieces! Now to go and inspect every one they showed and read their meanings.

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