Once Upon a Time Review: The Apprentice

xemmas-dress-once-upon-a-time-s4e4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.3zi8d4jB4_I am going to change up my Once Upon a Time review today because this episode gave my mixed feelings.On one hand there was a lot I really liked (Anna and the date stuff) but there was also a lot of stuff that I found incredibly frustrating. So I am going to split up the two.

First, the stuff I liked.

The Date. Yes, I loved all that went into the date between Emma and Hook. I haven’t always been a fan of the forced stuff between Emma and Hook but what they have done with them this season has been really nice. I loved that Emma was the one to go to Hook and ask him out, even after Henry begrudgingly said yes. At the moment, he’s Team Regina and Robin (like the rest of us!) I also LOVED seeing David and Snow act like parents from Snow taking a polaroid to David and Elsa bonding over being protective, to finally, David and Snow staying up to hear all about their daughters date! It was classically adorable.

Anna and all of her Badassness: Some might say there is nothing to her but I think she completely captures the essence of Anna from Frozen. The way she stood up to Rumple and used the dagger against him was amazing.

Regina and Henry: I love love love that these two are working together to find out who wrote the book. Sometimes I think we forget that Henry grew up with the Evil Regina and even though he wanted to find Emma, deep down he knew there was good in his adopted mom. Getting to see Regina be that good mother is amazing and wonderful and I love it. What’s even better? Her letting Henry go work at Rumple’s shop without asking Emma first. Way to stand tall and recognize that Henry is a teenager and can make his own decisions. I can’t wait to see how Henry and Rumple bond! Remember that prophecy! It’s Henry who is supposed to lead Rumple to his destruction. Is that where we are headed towards this season?!

The Knave, a.k.a Will Scarlett: Now I know there hasn’t been much explained about why Will is back in Storybrooke but one thing is for sure; something happened to Anastasia. For those who didn’t watch Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Wills true love is the Red Queen, Anastasia. The series ended with them together. Well they’re obviously not together anymore. And Will is not happy about this. I can’t wait to see where this leads! Hopefully we’ll get to see the return of Anastasia!

The Things I didn’t Like:

Rumple and Hook reverting back to their old ways.

Little did we know that while OUAT and ABC were promoting the addition of Frozen characters the writers slipped a whole story-line revolving around Fantasia and as you might expect, it involves Rumpelstiltskin. We are introduced to, Mickey Mouse, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice this week and we learn that every Dark One has tried to capture the Sorcerer’s hat and has failed every time. The Sorcerer’s hat contains ALL MAGIC and can set the Dark One free of the blade it’s attached to.

Back when Rumple meets Anna we see that Rumple is after the hat. No surprise. He wants to rid of the attachment to the blade because whoever holds it controls him; case-in-point, Anna uses it to have Rumple send her home and never bother her and Elsa (why didn’t she mention Kristoff? Is that poor writing or is there a point to that?) Anyways, flash to the present and Rumple finally has that damn hat and this is where things get frustrating.

Look I get that Rumple will always be a little shady. It’s just who he is. But I really honestly thought after he married Belle that he would at least become a little less manipulative. Isn’t true love supposed to conquer all on this show? Instead we see him become the kind of despicable asshole he was back in the Enchanted Forrest. He completely manipulated Hook into thinking his hand was cursed just so he could use him and con him into doing his dirty work and Hook feel for it hook, line, and sinker (pun intended, and I’ll speak on Hook more in a sec.) And now that Henry is going to be his Apprentice, I am genuinely very worried. I feel like the writers are sending Rumple down to the point of no return and I don’t want to see that.

There is another reason though that Rumple could want to use that hat. One that I believe might cause and solve a lot of current problems. The Sorcerer Hat is apparently ALL Powerful. Which means it could probably open the time portal again. Rumple hasn’t gotten over the death of Neal- that much is clear. I would not be surprised if he used to the hat to try and resurrect Neal or go back in time and bring him back before his death (a la Marian.) We’ll just have to wait and see.

My issue with Hook is the same issue I had last season. If he is so in love with Emma then MAN UP AND TELL HER WHATS GOING ON. We’ve been down this road before, Hook. Just TELL HER WHATS GOING ON. Honesty goes a long way. If she can forgive you for all the shit you pulled in Season 2 then I think you’re going to be OK. Tell her and go back to being all cutesy with each other.

I have no idea what is supposed to happen next week. But the Snow Queen says “I’m going to build a snowman” and I’m all sorts of worried and confused. Why has Olaf not shown up yet?


Till next week!

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