Once Upon a Time Review: A Tale of Two Sisters

After it looked like everyone had gotten their happy endings they threw a whopper at us when they revealed that the women who Emma had brought from the past was Marian, Robin Hoods “dead” wife. But Marian wasn’t the only character Emma and Hook brought back…no…they brought back Elsa (from the mega-hit Frozen) as well. That’s right. Elsa. And Once Upon a Time went on Summer Hiatus for 4 Months and 16 days.

Talk about torture. The last time I was this antsy for a show to come back was when Alias left us with the ending of Season 2! I’m not saying the cliffhanger was just as epic, it’s not, but it sure did leave me wanting the season four premiere instantly!

xfrozen-characters.jpg.pagespeed.ic.O7vLzO35bdFrom the moment the season finale ended I was super excited to see what Once Upon a Time would do with Frozen. I LOVED Frozen and I fully believed that creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis would do this movie justice and if the premiere is any indication? It worked. The casting, the flashbacks, SVEN THE BEST REINDEER EVER…it all worked. Georgina Haig and Elizabeth Lail were perfect as Elsa and Anna and I mean right down to their mannerism; Elizabeth Lail, especially, who managed to even sound like Kristen Bell and match Anna’s awkwardness from the movie. And of course Cappie, I mean, Scott Michael Foster, perfectly captured Kristoff and all of his adorableness. I was impressed. So now that we know that Anna is off to the Enchanted Forrest, who do you think she’ll meet next?! I for one can’t wait to see. I also can’t wait to see more interaction between Elsa and Kristoff…and Sven. If we can get more Sven, I’d be very happy.

If you had asked me back in Season one if Regina would be the character I rooted for the most I would have told you to go take a hike. Her character was so despicable that I was practically counting down the days until she was eventually killed off. But thankfully that never happened and instead we got some of the best character growth of an evil character turned good that I have ever seen. Part of the reason I was so antsy for Season four was because I had fallen deeply in love with the Regina and Robin pairing. So I was pretty sad when Marian came back and Robin had to go and act all noble and dump Regina. Ugh. Why?? But I think it’s going to be OK because while Robin is off with Marian, Regina is going to be doing her own thing, and I really hope Emma is involved.

It’s been apparent from since they introduced Elsa that she and Emma would end up being pretty similar. Both are afraid of the magic they possess and have loved ones who support them unconditionally. But after tonight’s episode, it’s apparent that Emma also takes after Anna, which is a pretty great thing if you ask me. When Emma stood in front of Regina’s office door telling Regina, who was sitting down against the door from the other side, that she wouldn’t stop fighting until everyone in Storybrooke got their happy ending, I was elated. The writers had taken a key scene from Frozen and didn’t give it back to Anna and Elsa but gave it to the true two heroines of our show and found a way to make it even better. I can’t wait to see Henry and Emma help Regina stay good this season. I think this could really turn into something great.

As for everyone else, nothing really changed. The Charming’s continued on being charming with their new son, Neal, and Hook continued to chase after Emma who told him to be patient. Don’t worry, Captain Swan shippers, I am sure we are in for more crazy adventures with these two. And then there’s Rumple who seems to have gotten his hands on the Sorcerers Hat from Fantasia. UM WHAT?! Is this a preview of whats to come later this season? Color me intriqued!

Other thoughts:


~By the way, someone at buzzfeed did a pretty awesome post on Elsa and Anna vs Regina and Emma, check it out: (HERE)

~ The snow monster was kinda dumb. It just didn’t work for me. I feel like he was meant solely for the purpose of Grumpy to go screaming through the town that there was a monster in town. I would have much rather seen Olaf.

~ “He won’t smell like that forever.”

~ “You want to go home and see what’s on Netflix?” “I don’t know what that is, but sure.” ( I LOVE Hook adjusting to the real world!)

~Marian is annoying. I mean really annoying. I hope she’s gone soon.

~ So great to see Sidney Glass again. Giancarlo Espositio needs to be on my TV more.

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