24: Live Another Day Finale Thoughts

rough-day-for-jackI don’t want 24 to continue anymore. I know. I know. But hear me out.

I think this past mini-season was a perfect coda to the series. Jack was never going to get a happy ending, and I think if he did, it would have been an injustice to the series. He might be a badass who has saved the world numerous times but he has also done some pretty bad things, and he knows it. His family is not safe if those who wish him harm are still after him. The kidnapping of Chloe proved this.

Out of this entire series it is Chloe who deserves and needs the happy ending. For her to go back home for the first time in years and to not be on the run; it’s a true happy ending for her. And it’s a great ending for the series. Also-I was weeping pretty uncontrolablly during that last scene with Jack and Chloe. Best Friends Forever. They may even be TV’s best best friends. I love those two. Jack and Chloe Forever and ever.

Did I want Audrey to die? No. I wanted Audrey and Jack to run off into the sunset together. But that was never going to happen. Why? Because Jack is CURSED when it comes to women he loves. CURSED. It’s a good thing he got Chloe out while he could because if she’d of stayed any longer…well…she would have pretty much been doomed. Leaving Chloe and Kim behind was the only way the two most important women in his life would have survived.

If the producers must insist on the series continuing, let it be through Kate Morgan. Yavonne Strahovski was the breakout star this season. And I sure as hell would watch a show devoted to her. So 24 producers, get on it.

Overall what an amazing season. I didn’t think 24 could pull it off after the disaster that was the eighth season. But the producers, actors, and writers totally wowed me. What a perfect end to a fun series.

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