Arrow Review: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Keep Your Enemies CloserI am so happy that we finally got an episode that focused on Diggle. It was about damn time. And what an interesting episode it was. I knew Diggle and Lyla were close but I had NO IDEA they were MARRIED close. That was quite a revel.
When Lyla gets kidnapped in Russia, after heading after Deadshot, Diggle goes to the Former USSR to save her and Oliver and Felicity, and Oliver’s pesky new partner Isabel (more on that in a minute) join him. While there Oliver returns the favor and helps Diggle rescue his ex-wife.
I’ll admit, I had always wondered why Lyla felt like she needed to pursue Deadshot as much as Diggle. Why did she have such a vested interest in it? Now we know, they were once married, and though it didn’t really work out, it is clear as day they still care about each other very much.
It was great to see Oliver help out Diggle for a change. Olly had to be the one behind the scenes this time as he let his best friend head into a Russian gulag. This meant that Diggle had to face-off with Deadshot on his own; which was necessary. What was really interesting was seeing Diggle NOT kill Deadshot when he had the chance. I think that shows how different Oliver and Diggle are. I think Oliver would have killed him. We’ve known forever now that Diggle is a man of honor while Oliver is LEARNING to become a man of honor again. So I was impressed when Diggle let him go. Also, they couldn’t kill off Deadshot just yet. They’ll have their showdown again either later on in the season or in another season. We have certainly NOT seen the last of him.
Now let’s talk about Olicity, cause even though this episode was mainly about Diggle and Deadshot we are really only going to remember that last scene with our favorite duo to root for.
Obviously things with Shado and Slade didn’t turn out well. We have known this for quite sometime seeing as Oliver never talks about them with Diggle and Felicity and when Sara brought up Slade he completely froze. Something happened and whatever it was it wasn’t good. I mean we all saw Shado say she cared about Slade right?
Anyways whatever happened, it was traumatizing, it hurt Oliver soooo much that he refused to let himself care too much about his wonderful cute “personal assistant”/ “crime-fighting partner.” He refuses  to let himself get too close.
Unfortunately this means that Felicity has to watch the man she has come to admire and care about make some silly dumb decisions-like sleeping with one Isabel Rochev; “what happens in Russia stays in Russia…even if doesn’t make sense.”
Man they really know how to pull at my Olicity heartstrings and the show seems to…more and more, anyways…be headed in that direction. With the Lance sisters being too much to handle and Isabel just being a meaningless fling (for now) it looks like Felicity is the woman to root for and trust me, that is a very. good. thing.
Other thoughts:
~ WOAH Sara was a BITCH to Oliver. I mean, I can understand why, I would hate him too if I had to deal with the conditions that she dealt with while Olly was on the Island. He is the reason she was on that boat in the first place. But still, don’t betray your old friends. That is NEVER a good idea. Even if its because you are working for Deputy Doug-uh I mean Dr. Ivo.
~Roy and Thea had some drama this week but Moira worked it out. How cute.
~But Detective Lance now knows Roy works with the Arrow…Lance might be OK with this for now but if it changes…UTOH!
~No Laurel… is it bad that I am OK with this? I just don’t find her all that interesting this season.
~ another mention of the Particle Accelerator! WHEN DOES THE FLASH GET HERE?????

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