Once Upon a Time Review: Good Form

627We finally learned how Hook became a Pirate and I gotta say-it was awesome. I really liked seeing that Hook wasn’t always a villain; circumstances made him one. He was a very honorable man up until the dreamshade, the plant that his country said had “healing powers”, killed his brother. He felt betrayed and people do drastic things when they are betrayed. Can we give Colin O’Donoghue mad props for this episode? He is just bloody fantastic and is by far and away one of the best actors on this show. They really struck gold when they casted him.

This is why I hope that he is going to tell Emma about Neal. He can’t avoid it. If he is really falling in love with her, like we all know he is, than he is going to have to tell her and hope that she falls for him while they search to rescue both Henry and Neal. Emma has to see that he is a good person otherwise she is going to choose Neal. He is showing signs of promise by using his cunning wits to trick Charming into drinking that magical Neverland water.

But I will say this-that Kiss-HOT. I mean WOWZA. Emma and Hook have some seriously steamy chemistry.

Also can we talk for a minute about how awesome Robbie Kay is as Pan? I think I say this now on a regular basis but he is amazing. Rumple and Regina are pretty great villains who we’ve learned to root for but Pan is PURE EVIL. There is nothing redemptive about him and I absolutely love it. I like that we have a villain who we know doesn’t deserve a happy ending. He is sick and twisted and everyone knows it; but he is also insanely charming. I can see why Henry is sort of trapped under his spell. He is a very charismatic villain which in my mind makes him deadly. He can manipulate people instantly. Just look what he’s doing with Hook and with Rumple. It’s easy for him and it’s so fun to watch! As much as I want to see him taken down-I will miss him when he’s gone.

So overall it was a pretty great episode. I really liked seeing Hook and Charming together. I think it’s interesting that Hook is helping our heroes out and they’re learning to trust him and once Neal comes back I wonder how that will shake up the dynamic. Hook feels like he’s going to be the odd man out but I am starting to think that it might be Neal. Our group has been bonded together through crazy circumstances while Neal has been out there on his own. I am curious to see how this plays out.

Other Thoughts:

~ Snow needs to grow up. Sorry but for someone who is a  “warrior princess” she needs to realize that sometimes you need to see the shades of grey to get things done. Emma knew that unfortunately they only way to beat Pan is to be as crafty as him and Regina is their best shot. Regina might have evil tendencies but I think she is going to redeem herself by the end of this season. This has been the only season, so far, where I don’t hate her guts.

~ Lets be real. They will find a loophole that lets Charming leave Neverland.

~Did I already say how hot that kiss was? WOW.

~ Ariel next week! Can’t wait!

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