Arrow Review: Broken Dolls


Last Night’s Arrow was probably one of my favorites from the series. The case of the week was creepy and satisfying, we learned a tiny bit more about who the mysterious woman in leather is, and we also met a kickass new character. Plus Felicity got to be awesome, which is always a plus!

But let’s get to last night’s totally AMAZING reveal!

They totally NAME DROPPED one of the best super-villains from DC Comics; Ra’s al Ghul!

I wonder who they are going to get to play Ra’s? Wouldn’t it be awesome if they were able to get LIAM NEESONS? And what if they could get Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck? Come on, CW! Lets make this happen!!

Apparently the Black Canary is on the run from him and he is looking for her. So what does the Black Canary do to the messanger who tells her this? She kills him. Just like she killed the main villain of the week. This chick is turning out to pretty hardcore.

But she’s not the best new addition to this show. No that honor belongs to her sidekick named Sin. And who is Sin played by? My FAVORITE new actress of 2013, Bex Taylor-Klaus. She was the outstanding actress who made the third season of The Killing watchable and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see her on this show. I really hope they can continue to utilize her talents because they should NOT go to waste. She is a damn great actress who deserves to do great things!

Another plus from last night’s episode was Quentin Lance’s budding acceptance of The Arrow. I love how they teamed up to take down a criminal that Lance could never quite take down. Their growing bromance was pretty damn awesome. But don’t worry Diggle and Olly still have the best bromance on the show.

And I can’t end this review before discussing how proud I am of Ms. Felicity Smoak. That girl just keeps getting better and better. I just love how she doesn’t let Oliver or Diggle, or Lance for that matter, make decisions for her. She makes them herself and lives with the consequences; even if it means nearly getting kidnapped by The Dollmaker. But hey, Oliver saved her so that’s all that matters!

I am still not impressed with the flashbacks to the island this season. I really don’t understand what is happening there and I kind of don’t care about Ollys love for Shado. I kind of hope she’s dead. Anyways it looks like we may be heading off the island for a little while seeing as Olly was scene in a cage on a large ship leaving the island. I wonder where he is headed and who with…Maybe the flashbacks will finally get interesting.

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