Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood, The Originals, and AWKWARD: Primetime Roundup

Tuesdays this year are INSANE! When did they decide to put all these shows on at the same time on the same day? It isn’t Sunday or Thursday! What in the world??? Anyways here my roundup from last night!

627Awkward: Jenna Sucks. End of story. She is the worst. Why even watch now that the lead character is unwatchable?

I can’t tell you how many times I read those thoughts on twitter last night. And yes I completely understand those reactions. Jenna is very unlikable at the moment. But I have a question to ask everyone-was she ever likeable? She is a teenage who has no self-confidence and doesn’t love herself. She has always had issues and to me, Awkward has always been about that struggle to find herself.

Surprise! really emphasizes Jenna’s struggle as a teenager. Let’s be honest, teenagers suck. Is there a single teenager on TV that anyone has ever liked? Matty and Jake come pretty close but we can’t all say that we LOVE Tamara or Ming. They both have their flaws as well. And don’t get me started on other cable teenagers like Dana from Homeland or Paige on The Americans. Teenagers are horrible human being and that is ok. We weren’t perfect at 16 or 17 so why should we expect Jenna to be? Because it’s not watchable if she’s not? That is a terrible reason. Teenagers make horrible decisions just like Jenna does when she continues to cheat on Matty with Colin. We aren’t supposed to agree with all their decisions and that’s what Awkward is trying to point out here. Jenna needs to find herself and I have a feeling that by the end of this season, she’ll eventually be on the right track…even if she has lost Matty. But he’ll be back. They’re meant to be.

The Originals: I think I might like this show more than The Vampire Diaries at the moment; especially now that Elijah is back! I love how dedicated he is to his family and how even after every pushback; Klaus still takes his words to heart. I can’t wait for our Original Trio to be back together.

I LOVED Haley in this episode. I am so glad that Klaus wants to protect her and their baby and he’s making sure Rebekah helps out. I hope that Haley and Rebekah become besties. Bekah needs a good girlfriend. And it doesn’t hurt that the actresses are already besties!

Now let’s talk about Cami and Klaus. I have never been so for and against something in my entire life. KLAUS BELONGS WITH CAROLINE NOT CAMI! But Cami and Klaus have such amazing chemistry and Cami is so kickass. I love how they are using these characters to debate the ethicalness of mind-compulsion. Did their last scene together remind you of that scene in Elena’s bedroom where he told her he loved her and they compelled her to forget? It totally reminded me. Cami and Klaus’ scene might just give that scene a run for its money. It was damn near perfect. I can’t wait to see where this relationship leads. Even if I still am a hardcore Klaroline shipper.

627 (1)Pretty Little Liars: It was the annual Halloween Special last night and well…it kind of stunk. They spent way too much time setting up Ravenswood and not enough time answering questions. The most interesting part of the episode came at the end when it was revealed that Ali is indeed alive. Who didn’t see that coming? Anyways, it defiantly is still a huge game-changer and it makes me wonder who it is that is after her after all this year. I don’t think that it is Ezra. Ezra may be working for Boardshorts but I don’t think he is Boardshorts. Ali would have found a way to warn Aria a long time ago if he was. I just hope they don’t use the same storyline with Ezra that they did with Toby. Anyways, I guess we’ll see what happens in January! Now on to Ravenswood!

Ravenswood: I liked the set up. They provided an interesting reason for why Caleb needed to stay in Ravenswood, because of that creepy headstone with his name and picture on it from the 1800s. Same with Miranda, who is just adorable; I have always loved Nicole Gale Anderson. I am so glad she now has her own show.  The only problem is the other characters. I like Remy; she is sort of like a combination between Emily and Spencer and that’s pretty cool. But the twins whose names I’ve already forgotten? Yeah, they are going to need some work.

I did like the end, though. Has a series premiere ever killed off all their lead characters in the first episode before? I mean obviously they’re all going to stick around- dead or alive- but it was still a pretty neat twist. I’ll defiantly be back to check out the rest of the season.

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