Primetime with Caroline: Monday Roundup

I am trying something new here. I have always wanted to write about more shows but never wanted to write reviews for every single one. So I have decided to mini-reviews for episodes I liked the best from the night before. So here is Monday’s Primetime Roundup!

Bones-Season-9-Episode-6-The-Woman-in-White-7-550x365Bones: OMG They finally got married and it was a beautiful as I expected it to be! I haven’t been a faithful watcher of this show for a couple seasons now but I still try and watch as much as I can. But I HAD to watch this episode and I am so glad I did. Brennan bringing back the note she wrote to Booth when she was buried alive from Aliens in the Spaceship was the best gift they could have given to the fans. I balled like a baby. My only issue with the episode was the fact that their child was missing. That was weird but oh well. They got married and it was perfect and that’s all that matters!

HIMYM: Oye. This season of HIMYM has been terrible. And I am not ashamed to admit it either. If you actually like this season then do yourself a favor and leave my blog and go get your head examined. Because this show has just completely and utterly lost itself. That being said…this episode wasn’t as bad as the rest of them. We still don’t get to see the mother, who, by the way, is still a series regular; Ted is still attracting crazy chicks because well that’s what he does instead of meeting her. Then there is Barney and Robin who ACTUALLY admit that they are terrible people who belong together. Marshall admits he took the job without tell Lily and Shari Shephard’s character yells at him. Its all a big mess. And we still have over a half a season left. I really don’t think they can fix this. It’s just so bad at this point and I don’t think the writers care. At least its all over after this.

Take This Job and Shove ItHart of Dixie: How much longer is Joel going to stick around? I don’t get it, really. What is the point of his character other than to create drama between him, Zoe, and Wade? Or to try and show that Brooklyn hipsters can try to be normal as well. This storyline is pointless and the more Zoe is paired with Wade, or George for that matter, Joel continues to look more and more like a dud. You know who is also a dud? Lynly. She and Joel have gots to go. And sooner the better. On the upside, Lemon was amazing this week. She continues to have the best character development on this show and I am SO happy she finally quit the Belles. I would much rather watch her shenanigans with Wade and/or Annabeth then see a Belles storyline any day.

The Blacklist: I still have some mixed feelings about this show. On one hand I really love the dynamic between Red and Keen. They defiantly keep the show interesting. But I feel like they need to tone down the case of the week plot device and tone up the overall arch of Reds mission and Keen’s husband’s backstory. That is by far the more interesting storylines of the show. And it looks like we are headed that way. We found out at the end of the episode that Keen’s husband is aware that Lizzy knows something isn’t right with her husband and he confronted her about it! Next week is going to be explosive!

Castle: I loved this episode. I loved that they stole a little bit of the plot from Continuum and used it for their case of the week! And how freaking awesome was Joshua Gomez as the dude from the future?! And how cute was it when we found out that Beckett becomes Senator Beckett and is still married to Castle (who is now a serious author) and that they have three children? I really hope that ends up being true. They deserve to be happy and have a big family. And Alexis would love some brothers and sisters!  

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