Once Upon a Time Review: Nasty Habits

peter-pan-sneers_652x435Peter Pan is one nasty son of a bitch. Once Upon a Time has had a couple mean villains (i.e. Regina and Gold) but I have to say that Pan is by far the nastiest. He is mean and manipulative but you know why it works; because he is so damn compelling. Robbie Kay is so damn good as Pan. Poor Henry never stood a chance.

I am confused about one thing though. Why would Pan want Henry to become a lost boy if he has the heart of the truest believer? Wouldn’t Pan want Henry to stay hopeful? In my mind the moment you give up hope and believe you were abandoned then you are no-longer a true believer. One thing that has always been so wonderful about Henry is he knows how much Emma and Regina love him. And he knows Charming and Snow love him too. How could he ever think they would just abandon him? Part of me thinks he wouldn’t. So now I wonder if he is playing Pan? That would be a pretty cool twist.

And poor Neal. He really just wants his family back. I don’t blame him for not trusting Rumple. He’s been let down so many times before that it doesn’t surprise me that he doesn’t believe that his father would truly sacrifice himself so Henry could be saved.

Then there is Emma. Man she is really having a rough go of it this week. Poor girl just can’t catch a break. I am glad we finally got to see her breakdown and mourn Neal. It just sucks that she still thinks he is dead. Because Hook is warming up to her and if those promos are any inclination, well it looks like we are on track to one hell of a love triangle. And I really love this show, I really do, but you just know Neal and Emma are going to be reunited at the end of the episode next week. She’ll kiss Hook and everything will look up and then BAM Neal is back with Emma. DRAMA!

Overall this season has been shaping up pretty damn well. I can’t wait to see Hooks past next week and then we FINALLY get to meet Ariel! Oooooh I am so excited!

Other Thoughts:

~Is it bad that part of the reason I liked this episode so much was because Regina was hardly in it?

~I want a flashback story on Felix.

~Pan was the Pied Piper. Who didn’t see that coming?


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