Arrow Season Premiere Review: City of Heroes

City of HeroesI spent the better part of last week rewatching the first season of Arrow and let me tell you, it’s even better the second time around. I finished the season Monday night so I had been eagerly awaiting the season premiere last night. Sacrifice was an incredible season ender that the season premiere had a lot to live up to. Arrow left of with the Glades destroyed, Moira in jail, and the tragic death of Tommy Merlyn ( L I miss you soooo much Tommy!) No matter what happened in the premiere, it was going to be a little different but guess what? They made it work.

The best part of last season was the formation of Oliver’s team. During the first half of the season it was just Oliver and Diggle. But when they let the lovable and AWESOME blonde I.T. girl, Felicity Smock, join their team, the show became even better. Felicity was by far and away the breakout character of the show last season and the show did a great service to us when they made Emily Bett Rickards a series regular for Season 2. She has great chemistry with both Diggle and Oliver. And that is never more evident than it is in the season premiere.

After the destruction of the Glades and the death of Tommy, Oliver flees Starling and heads back to the one place we never thought he’d go back to; the island. The premiere picks up several weeks later with Diggle and Felicity heading there to bring him back. They are the only ones that could bring him back, and after a couple sweet (and sweaty!) moments with Felicity…ok and Diggle…they convince him to come back to Starling to prevent the hostile takeover, by another company, of Queen Consolidated. He agrees, reluctantly, and tells his friends that he’s only coming back for the company and not to become the Hood again.

Now we all know that won’t last for long. If Oliver isn’t the Hood then we have no show- so obviously something has to happen to make Oliver become the Hood again. That something are four copycat vigilante’s whose loved ones were taken away from them during the destruction of the glades. They say they’re killing off the 1 percenters for just reasons but really they’re just doing it to cause pain. They try and kill Oliver during his meeting with the woman, Isabele Rochev, who is trying to take over his company, and when that fails they kidnap Thea, prompting the immediate return of the Hood.

Instead of killing these makeshift vigilantes, Oliver instead hands them over to the police-specifically, Officer Lance (who has been demoted.) Thanks to Felicity and Dig, Oliver FINALLY realizes he doesn’t always have to kill. There is always another way. So he decides to become the hero that Starling City needs and after Dig asks him what he wants to be called, it’s pretty obvious we’re seeing the birth of the Green Arrow. While season one set up the idea of Oliver wanting to save his city by any means necessary, I have a feeling season 2 will be about becoming the hero Starling needs in order to be saved. Season 2 is gonna kick ass!

Other Thoughts:

~Laurel is HELL BENT on making the Hood pay for what happened to Tommy. As if Oliver needs to feel anymore guilt! She’s also working for the DA’s office and guess who the DA is? HOT PAUL from Orphan Black!! WOOHOO! I hope he’s around for a while! She also tells Oliver that she can’t be with him anymore because she feels like she betrayed Tommy. That’s OK it just means that Oliver can finally be with Felicity!

~ Speaking of Felicity, how awesome was she in this episode? She cares about Oliver so much! She redid the layer, had a custom made bow made for him, AND traveled in a ratty old plane just to bring him back to Starling! And I think Oliver notices finally!  You can tell he really cares about her! OLICITY FTW!

~ I can’t wait to see more of Summer Glau and her evil ways!

– Still not 100% sure whats going on in the flashbacks but hey I love seeing Slade Wilson so I am sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

~ It looks like we got our first look at the Black Canary! It’s going to end up being Laurel’s sister right? Because considering her feelings towards the Hood there is no way she would take up that type of role…

~I am glad Thea is growing up. Get her out of the school environment and let her be an adult! And continue to have hot make out sessions with Roy!

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