Once Upon a Time Review: Lost Girl

“Stop denying who you really are and all will become clear…”

GINNIFER GOODWIN, COLIN O'DONOGHUE, JENNIFER MORRISON, LANA PARRILLA, JOSH DALLASI have to say, I LOVE what Once Upon a Time is doing with Neverland. The writers seem to really get that Neverland was never meant to be a friendly place. It’s inhabited by a boy who refuses to grow up, pirates, fairies, and most of all: lost boys; a tribe of children who were abandon by their parents or guardians for more than seven days. It’s a dark place filled with the wonders of these young boys’ imaginations.  It’s no wonder that Emma and Rumples feelings of abandonment are heightened there.

And that is what this first half of the season is really going to be about; Emma finally accepting that she is no longer an orphan.

I think Emma will actually make breakthrough by the end of these first 11 episodes that take place in Neverland. Pan as we’ve seen, and been told, is a manipulative bastard. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he sees Emma’s main weakness and exploits it. He sees in her the same characteristics he’s seen in all of the other lost boys: the feeling of abandonment. But I don’t think Pan realizes that even though Emma still resents her parents, they are also going to be the ones who help her through that weakness and turn it into a strength. Emma is not just “an orphan.” She is “the savior.” And I think that once she accepts both of those characteristics about herself, she is not only going to be able to save Henry but she is also going to be able to save all the Lost Boys, thereby defeating Pan.

The other character who is having trouble accepting who they really are is Rumple. Last week we saw that a little creepy doll brought him down to his knees in tears and now we learn that the doll was given to him by his father. Rumple is still deeply afraid of always being a coward. His psyche brings him a vision of Belle, who tells him that he needs to let go of the past (and that Storybrooke is safe.) She tells him to let go of the doll, but he just can’t. I have a feeling Rumple breaking through is going to take a bit longer than Emma having a breakthrough.

In the flashbacks, we see another character accepting who she really is; Snow. After being woken up by Charming, he helps her realize that she was always meant to be a leader. It takes her a while to realize this but once she does, it’s clear it sticks because now she is able to use that same advice that Charming gave her and use it on Emma. It’s defiantly going to take a little bit longer to work on Emma but once it does, I can see them finally being a happy family. As long as Charming doesn’t die from that nasty dreamshade wound. That was a nasty plot twist, wasn’t it?

It’s hard to believe we’re only two episodes in. It seems like a lot has happened so far! The second episode may have not been as great as the premiere but I do feel like we are getting somewhere. Next week we get to meet Tinker Bell and it looks like she has a past with Regina! I can’t wait to see that! Also, on Thursday we get Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, so I’ll defiantly be writing up a post on that on Friday! I’ve heard nothing but good things so I am very excited to finally see this show!

Other Thoughts:

~Hook is reallllly trying to impress Emma. Maybe tone it down a bit? She is still trying to grieve over Neal.

~ That Emma/Snow scene was quite beautiful. Snow immediately got that Emma still thought of herself as an orphan. But she didn’t let it get her down. Instead she told Emma that she was going to fight to change that view. That she wasn’t giving up, just like Charming did for her.

~ No Henry this week. Kinda nice.

~I LOVE that they mentioned Camelot! I really hope we get to see King Arthur, Merlyn, and Guinevere one day! I mean, we did already see Lancelot!




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