Once Upon a Time Review: The Queen is Dead

GINNIFER GOODWINA lot was revealed last night on Once Upon a Time and boy do I have some theories about the rest of the season. But I will get to that in a little bit. First I just want to say a couple of things that I really enjoyed about last night’s episode.

Family Drama. Everyone is having it this week. Henry is still pissed at Emma for lying to him, Neal, even though he’s still extremely angry/resentful towards his father can’t bear to see him die, Regina is following her mother’s every word, and we finally learned how Snow White’s mother died.

Let’s start with the main story/flashback of the night, which was all about Snow. Apparently it was her birthday…but Snow doesn’t celebrate it anymore. We learn through flashbacks that Snow’s mother fell ill on Snow’s birthday, the one where she was having her coming out party, and Snow tried to do everything she could to save her mother. She even reached out to the Blue Fairy (or thought she did) and asked how to save her mother but when she learned she would have to trade another life for her mothers, she just couldn’t do it. Her mother had taught her better than that. By the way, kudos to Bailee Madison for, yet again, showing how amazing she is at playing Young Snow.

It turns out that Cora was masquerading as the Blue Fairy and was trying to get Snow to use the dark magic to turn her dark. There is a history Cora shares with Snow’s mother Eva. My theory? Cora is going to end up being reveled as Queen Eva’s sister…making her Snow White’s Aunt. Which means Regina is Snow’s cousin and Henry’s 3nd Cousin. Yup that would mean that Henry is related to Regina after all. I’m telling you it’s going to make this family tree all the more stranger. But I bet it’s true. The kind of anger and jealously Cora had towards Snow’s mother only comes from somewhere deep down and my guess is they’re related.

Speaking of Cora. She has Regina manipulated so much that Regina can’t see how far she’s gone. As we learned a few weeks ago, Cora and Regina are after Rumple’s dagger.  Sadly, Snow and David accidently lead Cora and Regina right to the dagger and in a show of loyalty to her mother, Regina rips out the heart of Snow’s old handmaid, Johanna (played by Downton Abbey’s Ms. Patmore!) Cora then gets the dagger and pushes Johanna to her death off the clock tower but not before revealing that she was the one who killed Snow’s mother. So Regina has now inadvertently killed yet another person in Storybrooke. Yeah Regina, you are sooo getting Henry back now.

GINNIFER GOODWINSnow vowed to kill Cora. She is headed down a dark path of revenge and once you get on that path, theres really no stopping you.  Which leads me to my second theory… Snow and Regina, together, will kill Cora. Regina is going to realize that her mother has gone too far; especially once she finds out that Rumple is Henry’s Grandfather. That is going to make things extremely difficult in trying to get her adopted son back.  She and Snow will finally get past all their drama and animosity towards each other and together they will kill Cora.

But first Henry has to come back to Storybrooke. He’s still in New York with Emma, Neal, and Rumple. Oh and Hook. Hook, who is still on his path of revenge (see it doesn’t go away) sails his pirate ship to NYC, finds Rumple and stabs him with his hook. It is then revealed by Neal that he knows Hook, has been to Neverland ( I am assuming anyways) and knows how to sail the ship back to Storybrooke so they can save Rumple. We also learn that Neal is engaged, which you can tell, doesn’t make Emma all that happy.

We all know that Neal’s fiancé isn’t long for this world. I’m not saying she is going to die, but those two aren’t getting married. But while Neal is dealing with his fiancé, I bet Emma is going to grow closer to Hook and a love triangle is going to blossom.  Hook has some issues but he has a good heart and he totally has a crush on Emma. Anyways Neal isn’t going to like how close they’ve grown (he knows Hook after all and probably knows some of his secrets) and he’s going to get jealous and well, bye bye fiancé.

So is Snow going to really go dark? If Hooks path of revenge is any indicator, I have a feeling that Snow is going to go down a dark path, one that I cannot wait to see. Next week we learn more about Cora’s past with Snow’s mother. Rose Mcgowen is playing Young Cora! Its going to be awesome!

Other Thoughts:

~ Henry, it’s time to forgive Emma. She made a mistake. She loves you. And most of all, she hasn’t killed anyone. Trust me, you are WAY better off with her.

~ I wonder how Hook is going to make it back to Storybrooke without his ship.

~ Poor David. All he wants is his wife to be happy. He’s such a good husband.

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