Once Upon a Time Review: Manhattan

ReunitedIt has been a very long time since I have written a blog post on my site. I have really neglected my blog over the past year. It’s something I am not proud of. Unfortunately my job, the one that pays the bills and for my DVR, got in the way; you know, like it should! Anyways, I want to start writing again. And I am not going to say it’s going to be every now and then and I don’t want to say that it’s going to happen every week. Because when I make those types of claims, I end up writing nothing at all. And I do not want that. I want to write; and after this past Sunday, where I watched a lot of good episodes of television, I feel inspired again! So I am going to start with one of my favorite shows, Once Upon a Time.

A lot has happened this season on Once Upon a Time. The curse broke, Emma and Snow ended up back in FTL (Fairytale Land) where they met Mulan and Aurora. They also ran into Hook and Cora, who had teamed up together to make it to Storybrooke, which they did. We learned that Hook sought revenge on Rumpelstiltskin and almost got it when he caused Belle to cross the town line and lose her memories. We met Jack (who turned out to be a conniving bitch) and the Giant (played by the always wonderful, Jorge Garcia) and most importantly, we learned the story of how Emma became pregnant with Henry-which leads us to Sunday’s episode.

Emma and NealIt was Once Upon a Time’s worst kept twist, that Neal, the man who impregnated Emma was also the one and only Bealfire, aka: Rumple’s son. I knew it, the audience knew it, the writers knew it; the only ones who didn’t know were the characters themselves. A lot of people are angry about this twist because they think it was just too predictable. But I don’t see it that way; and the writers didn’t either. There is a reason that they brought up the theme of destiny and fate. Neal and Emma were meant to be together; just as did Snow and Charming.

In my opinion, Henry is supposed to be related, by blood, to the most powerful people in FTL. The only way Henry could understand and know about the curse, and believe it, was if he had magical blood in him. And sure enough, he is the byproduct of True Love and The Dark One. Does this remind you of anyone? His name also starts with an H, and he too had a lot of powerful DNA and he too had a prophecy about his life. As I think about it, the writers really are kind of ripping off Harry Potter…but that is not the point. The point is, destiny and prophecies can be a tricky theme to pull off and I think Once Upon a Time is on the right track.

We learned this week, why Rumple was always considered a coward. He was supposed to go off to fight in the Ogar War but during his training he meet a Seer who changed his life forever. She told him his wife was pregnant but that his actions of the battlefield would cause his child to grow up fatherless. Turns out she was right. He was so afraid by this prophecy that he went back home to be there for his son. But as we all know, his wife left him and he went on to become the Dark One and Bae left him. Robert Carlyle has never been better. He absolutely slayed every scene he was in this week.

The best scenes of the night were the revelation scenes. The first came when Neal met Henry for the first time and he learn that Henry was his son. I gotta say I LOVE Michael Raymond-James as Bae. He is SUCH a talented actor and he does the character of Bae/Neal sooo much justice. Put him and Robert Carlyle in the same scene? PURE GOLD (pun totally intended)! There is a lot of animosity there between Bae and Rumple and now that Bae knows that Henry is his son, I have a feeling we are going to see the relationship between Rumple and his son begin to be repaired. At least I hope, since there was that other little detail…

Henry and NealThat’s right; the night’s biggest shocker was that Rumple saw the Seer again after he lost Bae. She then tricked him into giving him all of her power but not before telling him that he would be reunited with his son again but it would be a long journey, involve a curse, and then a boy would lead him to his son. But then she tells him “But beware because the boy is more than he appears. The boy will be your undoing.” And Rumple responds by saying “then I’ll just have to kill him.”  Little did he know, that boy would be his grandson; someone who he’s already grown to admire and respect.

The one thing I really loved about this and last week’s episodes was how they showed just how much Rumple likes Henry. Henry looked out for him at the airport. Rumple bought him a hot dog, told Henry that if it wasn’t for him, he would have never gotten the chance to reunite with his son, and how he likes him and all that jazz. Henry even seemed to enjoy Rumple’s company as well and neither of them knew at the time, that they were related. Now what is Rumple going to do? Is he really going to kill his grandson? Just as he’s now getting his son back? And what’s he going to do when he gets back to Storybrooke and finds out that Cora and Regina now have his dagger? I for one can’t wait to find out. I think it means more Rumple scenes and more Neal scenes! Which I am MORE than happy about!

Other thoughts:

~ I loved watching Snow and Charming try and decipher Henry’s family tree. “It’s a good thing we don’t have Thanksgiving in our land, because that dinner would suck.

~So I love Hook and I am really glad they upped him to a series regular and all but uhh…why did they do that, exactly? Because it seems to me his story is wrapping up…especially with Cora and Regina just using him.

~Sooo about this Greg character…If I was him I wouldn’t have sent the video to my gf/wife, I’d have uploaded it to YouTube. Dude’s not as smart as he looks.

~The Seer? That was some GREAT CGI work because HOLY MOLY was she scary looking.

~The MVP of the episode goes to Jennifer Morrison. She has grown so much this season. When she was talking with Neal at the bar and told him that she loved him you could seriously see all the pain in her face. Same when she admitted to Henry the truth about his father. Just brilliant work all around.

~ Is it Sunday March, 3rd yet?

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