Best of the Best of TV in 2012

It’s the end of another year. And because I like to keep with tradition, and I have finally found time to update my blog, I wanted to give you all my best of the best for TV for the year of 2012!

Best Shows of 2012esq-breaking-bad-season-5-finale-2012-lg

  1. Breaking Bad– It’s technically not fair to put this show as my number one since we’ve only seen half of the final season. But those first 8 episodes were just as great, and in many cases even better, than anything else on television this year. Walt’s full blown transformation in Heisenberg, his fall out with Jesse, that epic tragic train heist, and the sad death of Mike made me love this show that much more. Is it July 2013 yet?sons-of-anarchy
  2. Girls– I have never so eerily related to a show more than I do when I watch Girls. Lena Dunham just gets it. She gets that young female characters can be both annoying as shit but still be completely sympathetic. I can’t wait for season 2.
  3. Mad MenBecause of this: tumblr_m27oyjHETq1r7y646o1_500
    and Sally:tumblr_m4144pooUm1qi0ryko1_r2_500
    and them:tumblr_m5h03qrUVA1qzb8rao1_500
    and this:Mad Men (Season 5)
  4. Homeland– Season 2 has been a powerhouse of awesomeness. Yes you have to deal with some very implausible scenes (pretty much anytime Brody uses a cell phone) but other than that, Homeland has been completely and utterly emotionally brilliant. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis take TV Romance to a whole new level and I completely love it. I don’t care how the season ends (ok that’s a lie, I will be pissed if Brody doesn’t somehow die or exit the show. His time is up) because every scene they have together makes me completely forget about everything else.45089048
  5. Parks and Recreation-This is clearly one of the BEST SHOWS on TV. Period. It has everything from writing to a great cast to amazing guest stars. It is easily the most heartwarming funniest show on television and I hope it stays on forever. Even if the ratings aren’t there.
  6. Awkward- This is my favorite show on television and it continued its awesomeness from Season 1 and made it even more raunchy and charming in Season 2. I was vehemently Team Jake at the beginning of the season but about two or three episodes into Season 2, Awkward turned the tables on me and I became 100% Team Matty. Jenna and Matty are soulmates. And I love them. They also made the already complicated relationship between Jenna and her mom, Lacey even more complex but also made it one of the most fascinating Mother/Daughter relationships on television. Also, this season gave us Sadie and Rickey. Thank You, Awkward. 
  7. Game of Thrones- There is simply no other show out there as unique and awesome as Game of Thrones. They took the brilliance of Season one and made it even more complex and fascinating as before. They were able to introduce more compelling characters to an already large cast and still make it interesting. ShamelessS2LipFionaFight
  8. Shameless- Because when I think of all the scenes with Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Allen White from last season I stilllll get goosebumps and start to tear up. This is one of the most underrated shows on television and season two really took a major step forward. If Season 3 is anything like the past two seasons, then you are allll in for a major treat.
  9. The Good Wife- Now in it’s fourth season, The Good Wife continues to dazzle and amaze me with it’s smart and intelligent story-lines and characters. This is probably the only show on CBS that doesn’t insult the viewers intelligence. Plus it has the BEST guest stars.
  10. Scandal- Shonda Rhimes took me by surprise this year when Scandal debuted. I was ready for another dud, like that show Off the Map! Kerry Washington is sooooo good as Olivia Pope and her chemistry with Tony Goldwyn is phenomenal. Never has it felt sooooo right to root for a man and his mistress. But they just make it soooo hard to resist. They are probably my favorite couple on television right now. Also, Josh Malina is amazing.

I’m not writing about these but here are the other rankings for a top 20:MV5BMjU5MjUxNzU2OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjIxMDE3OA@@._V1._SX640_SY424_

11. Justified

12. The Vampire Diaries

13. Dexter

14. Suburgatory

15. Once Upon a Time

16. New Girl

17. Happy Endings

18. Suits

19. Fringe

20. Glee

Best New Shows of 2012Nashville

  1. Nashville
  2. Elementary
  3. Arrow
  4. Revolution
  5. Ben and Kate

Best Episodes of 2012-In no particular order

  • Fifty One- Breaking BAd
  • Blackwater- Game of Thrones
  • The Departed- The Vampire Diaries
  • Pilot-Nashville
  • Another Ham Sandwich- The Good Wife
  • Q&A-Homeland
  • The Debate- Parks and Recreation 


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