What I am Thankful for 2012 TV Edition

It’s that time of the year again and I wanted to keep the tradition of posting my annual What I am Thankful for TV edition blog post! So here is what I am thankful for 2012!

  • For the strength I found inside me to quit watching Gossip Girl, even for it’s last season. I am a much happier TV watcher.
  • Hart of Dixie Season 2. TEAM WADE.
  • Castle and Beckett finally getting together!
  • Homeland winning Best Series Emmy.
  • The Vampire Diaries making the leap and turning Elena into a Vampire.
  • Barney and Robin
  • USA Dramas like Suits, Covert Affairs, Political Animals, and White Collar.
  • Discovering my weird obsession for NCIS LA and my love for Kensi and Deeks.
  • Ben and Kate. Such a charming and quirky comedy given to us by FOX.
  • DEXTER SEASON 7. This season has been nothing short of spectacular. I don’t want it to end!
  • Glee. The show somehow found a way to transition its characters after graduation as well as introducing interesting and likable new characters.
  • Grey’s Anatomy Season 9. The show has gone back to its roots. I like the new Interns. I love that the show has it’s energy back. Even if they did kill off Lexie and Mark 😦 RIP
  • Shonda Rhimes for giving us the gift of Scandal and the hottest and guiltiest pleasure of a relationship of Olivia and President Grant. Their chemistry is the best on television. It is simply sensational.
  • Once Upon a Time Season 2. This season has been amazing and has exceeded my already high expectations for season 2. I love the additions of Mulan, Aurora, Hook, and finally introducing us to Henry’s father! I can’t wait for more!!!
  • Timothy Olyphant.
  • Game of Thrones Season 2. Is it March 31, 2013 yet????
  • The CW saving NIKITA. It is one of TVs best kept secrets. Now if only more people would start watching!!!!
  • ARROW!!! The best NEW show of the Fall season
  • The Good Wife Season 4. I LOVE CARY!!!
  • Awkward Season 2 being as perfect as I imagined it to be and for making Team Matty once and for all!
  • Breaking Bad-nuff said.
  • Mad Men Season 5. After 17 months of hiatus it came back with one of its best seasons yet! Is it season 6 yet???

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