How I Met Your Mother Review: Farhampton

It’s been a while since I last wrote about How I Met Your Mother.  Last season had a lot of crazy ups and downs and I just got distracted. But seeing how this season is likely to be its last I figured I needed to keep up with my thoughts on this show.  It is one of my all-time favorite shows after all!

The truth is I don’t have a lot to say about the premiere except that it did advance a lot of the storyline and we actually now know the where and when Ted met the mother of his children. We also know that even though Barney proposed to Quinn and they are engaged, he and Robin still have deep rooted feelings for each other and will eventually make it to that church to get married…as long as they don’t run out on each other.

The premier picked up exactly where it left off at the end of last season, where we learn that Robin is Barney’s bride. As expected both of them are experiencing pre-wedding jitters. They both want to run for the hills. And that reminds Ted of the time when he escaped with Victoria from her wedding.  As we know, Ted helped Victoria escape her wedding to Klaus. But after he learns that she didn’t leave a note, they turn around to go back. This leads to a series of complications with Ted having to deliver the note because Victoria couldn’t bring herself to do it.  It’s typical Ted and it’s also typical that he runs into Klaus bolting from the church as well.  So what does Ted do? He follows Klaus to the train station to ask him why he couldn’t go through with the wedding.

Klaus and Ted’s conversation leads to insane foreshadowing. Klaus tells Ted that he couldn’t marry Victoria because she just wasn’t the one. I would have said what he really said but it was in German and Im not even going to bother figure that whole wording out. But he said he couldn’t feel that Victoria was the girl of his destiny, that he didn’t feel it in his gut. And the look on Ted’s face said it all; it wasn’t going to work out with Victoria. But knowing Ted, it’ll take a while for he actually figures that all out.

Klaus’s speech also foreshadowed what we also knew about Barney and Quinn; that they weren’t going to work out either. Barney neglected to tell Quinn that he and Robin used to date. In fact he told Robin that he had erased any evidence of ever being with Robin so Quinn wouldn’t find out. And of course that hurt Robin, who we know still, has feelings for Barney. But Barney can’t ever stand to see Robin sad and what does he do? He gives her a key to a storage garage. There Robin finds a box that Barney had hidden of all their times together. It seriously made my shipper heart melt. I really love these two and I can’t wait to see how they get back together. I like even though this season is focusing on how Ted met the mother but it’s also going heavily focus on Barney and Robin and I just love that.

If this season is How I Met Your Mother’s last season then I am not going to complain. I think it is time. Especially now with Marshall and Lily becoming parents. Realistically this show was never going to be about our favorite group being parents. I don’t know how many episodes I can take with Marshall and Lily being crazy parents; especially if they don’t sleep. I mean, Quinn is a pretty sane chick, how did she not offer to take care of the kid and let them sleep???  It makes sense that Barney and Robin wouldn’t but I kind of expected more from Quinn. Oh well.

Overall it was a pretty decent episode. Wasn’t their best premiere episode they’ve had but I liked it. I especially loved the ending with the mother standing at the train station with the yellow umbrella. I got total chills as they played Band of Horses, Funeral, in the background. It was just a very awesome ending. I can’t wait to get back to that point! Only like 23 episodes left!

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