Fall 2012 TV Season: Update

Hey Everyone!!! I am finally back on my blog after like a whole summer away! I know I neglected it this summer but I moved from DC all the way to Colorado sooooo I was catching up on TV whenever I got the chance! But I am all settled in now! Sooo excited for Fall Premiere week starting on Monday!! Can you guys believe it’s already here? I thought it would never get here!!

So heres the deal. I plan on reviewing shows again this season. It may take longer than normal to get the posts up but they will be there eventually! Here are the shows I plan on reviewing:
Returning Shows:
How I Met Your Mother (its quite possibly the last season, so I have to)
Scandal (first season was brilliant can’t wait to see what Shonda brings to season 2)
Fringe (Final Season, and its supposed to be amazing, lets hope I know what to write!!!)
Once Upon a Time (Magic is coming!!)
The Good Wife (I neglected this one in season 3. Can’t let that happen again)
Homeland (best show from last season.)
Hart of Dixie
Gossip Girl (it’s the last season peeps, I can’t just not write about it! plus it’s only 10 episodes so that helps!)
The Vampire Diaries
Nikita (Season 3 is like a restart, and I love it!)
New Shows:
Revolution ( Here is my review of the pilot: I liked it and it has potential. I think it could possibly develop into something great but It also could fall flat on it’s face. Soo I’ll review episodes I like not the ones  I don’t.
Vegas (if i like it)
Elementary (If I like it)
Last Resort (Saw the pilot and the review will be up sometime before the premiere)
Made in Jersey (If I like it)
Emily Owens (probably just review the pilot)
I also understand that some of these new shows might not last longer than 2 or 10 episodes. Soo I will review every shows pilot and then from there decide which ones to keep.
ALSO: Emmy Predictions: head to my twitter: https://twitter.com/caroline_gill
I just posted all my predictions! Can’t wait for tomorrow night!!!
and best of all: a year ago this happened:

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