Awkward Season Premiere Review: Resolutions


I have missed Awkward. If you happened to glance at my twitter feed these past couple of weeks you will have seen that I was pretty much counting down the weeks/days/hours/and minutes to the second season premiere.

In the nine months that Awkward has been off the air I have rewatched the first season about 4 or 5 times (thank you MTV for your constant marathons during the painfully long hiatus.) I have only grown to love this series more and more and last night’s premiere was no different. I still can’t decide between Matty or Jake but I think I finally have an idea of who Jenna is ultimately going end up with.

When we last saw Jenna Hamilton she had just made out with Jake, told Matty he was too late, and found out that it was her mother who wrote her the “care-frontation” letter. Jenna’s world completely changed. When the second season picks up we see Jenna still trying to process her discovery. She does what almost any person would do in that weird situation, she avoids dealing with it, mainly be distracting herself with Jake but then Jake wants to make their relationship official and Jenna realizes that she’s not sure if she’s ready. One thing I love about Awkward is how deep it goes into Jenna’s head with her blog. She is not over Matty and she can’t help but wonder if her own mother doesn’t accept her, how could Jake accept her? How could she accept herself?

Jenna continues to avoid the problem by going with Jake and her friends, Tamara and Ming, to Matty’s New Year’s Eve party. This is the first time Jenna has seen Matty since the dance and she wants closer. Matty doesn’t, he tells her point-blank that he wants her back in a swoon worthy speech that had me, yet again, swinging towards Team Matty. But Jenna, still dealing with her own issues, can’t bring herself to give him that chance and instead chooses Jake, again. But this time she’s a bit more honest with him, telling him that she was in love with the guy from before. While she is still being a little dishonest, at least she is growing a little with Jake.

Now as some of you may know, I was very Team Jake last season. He is the better guy. He’s confidant, sure of what he wants, and cares about Jenna A LOT. While Matty was off caring too much about what other people thought, Jake was showing Jenna that he didn’t care, all he wanted was to be with her. But Awkward isn’t about Jake; it’s about Jenna. This is Jenna’s story and I am beginning to think that this is the story about her and Matty. Matty is her first love and she is his. This is their love story. Jake is the right guy for Jenna right now. Matty is the right guy for Jenna in the long end and I bet this season is how they find their way back to each other.

But before any of that can happen Jenna has to deal with a bigger issue: her mother. After avoiding the issue for most of the episode, she finally confronts her mother at the very end and the look on Lacey’s face is utterly heartbreaking. She knows she messed up and now her daughter knows. I really enjoyed Jenna’s relationship with her mother last season, especially in the season finale. I utterly LOVED Lacey’s apology to Jenna, even though at the time Jenna had no idea what she was talking about. So I felt Jenna’s pain when she made that heartbreaking discovery. Now I think Jenna and Lacey’s relationship is going to grow even more. Their relationship has hit rock bottom, they have nowhere else to go but up and I think they are both going to be better for it.

The season premiere was a perfect start to the season. We get to see continuation from last season in regards to everyone’s story and we also get to see the set up of a few new stories (who is Jenna’s commenter? I think we are in for a pretty great season this year and I am very excited about this! Is it Thursday yet?

Other thoughts

~Sadie was yet again, the VIP of the episode. I like getting to see her being vulnerable and I loved when she confessed her feelings to Matty. Awkward could have easily made Sadie into a stereotypical mean-girl but instead they gave her an awesome catchphrase, your welcome, and gave her amazing depth. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this season. Also, kudos to Molly Tarlov for being such a great actress.

~Oh Lissa, still as stupid and sweet as ever. I don’t think she’s at the Brittany S. Pierce level yet but she’s getting close. “Jesus take the wheel because I’m too drunk to drive!”

Lissa: By the way, you look skinny.
Sadie: That is something a friend would say, bitch!

~Tamara and Rickey Schwarz. Oh boy T, I think you can still do better. But  at least Rickey is sorta trying…I think…

~MING! I loved getting a glimpse at her father, who apparently watches porn!

~So in regards to Jenna’s commenter. I think it’s Matty. It’s just a hunch! But he said some things that made me wonder. He was pretty damn confidant that Jenna hadn’t forgotten about him and we all know that he is pretty good at hiding things. Plus it’s a way for him to stay connected to her. I dunno. It’s just a hunch. What does everyone else think?

3 thoughts on “Awkward Season Premiere Review: Resolutions

  1. I am so glad to see you reviewing this! Me and my sister have been soo excited for season 2 to begin! I was really happy with this first episode. It was funny and as awkward as ever.
    My favorite of the boys is Jake. I just think Matty is.. stupid. All the things he did to Jenna.. well that’s just not okay. Jake is sweet and he really likes Jenna, and he is not afraid to show it. Great guy.
    But I agree with you, she is gonna end up with Matty. It’s too bad, because I really like her and Jake together, but I think it’s obvious that it’s Matty she’ll end up with. He is her first love, and you can definatly tell that she still likes him a lot. And I am excted to see where that relationship will go, and what will happen!

  2. definitely team jake. he doesn’t leave jenna guessing everyday like matty. matty’s obviously not ready and doesn’t know what he’s doing. matty always acts so weird, while jake comes up to jenna and acts normal, even when everyone’s talking major **** behind her back. he doesn’t care. and come one, we all knew jake and lissa were over since the beginning of the season. i especially liked the part where lissa locked sadie out and kind of befriended jenna. i had a feeling about jenna’s mum this whole time. she’s such a selfish biych. she cares way more about outer appearances and popularity status than about the well being of jenna. i wanted to punch her thru the whole season. i really like jenna’s dad tho. he should be shown more often. he seems to really care about his daughter.

  3. With Sadie, though, I think the show came closer than ever before in terms of pulling together all of the little bits and pieces of the character that we’ve gotten to this point. Her decision to steal Jenna’s file comes after discovering she has a boyfriend (speaking to the theory that her anger towards Jenna comes out of seeing a social bottom feeder elevated above her) and after seeing her with Matty (which speaks to the feelings she seemed to have for him earlier in the season), while her subsequent breakdown with Tamara in the bathroom was an important display of emotion. The show didn’t have Sadie act on her feelings of resentment, and “Fateful” actually isolated her in a feud with Valerie so as to avoid overcomplicating Jenna’s situation, but I think there’s a case here for a more complex character that somewhat disappeared following her big showcase episode. I know my colleague Carrie Raisler has noted in the past that she has never been a big fan of Sadie, and I have to admit that I was disappointed to see the threads introduced in “Queen Bee-atches” get dropped (even if I understand that 19 minutes a week makes that challenging). I don’t think she’s quite all there yet, but I saw some evidence here to suggest that Sadie could be a priority in a second season, which is yet one more thing to look forward to.

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