Hart of Dixie Season Finale Review: The Big Day

I haven’t written about Hart of Dixie since the pilot and that is a shame, since it quickly became one of my favorite new shows this season. It may not have been the best show on TV but it certainly was the most charming.

Hart of Dixie is not a perfect show. They have had a lot of bumps this season Lemon’s character, for one the out-of-the-blue “love-story” with Zoe and George, and other weird storylines, has sometimes made this show a little off. But overall the show was extremely fun and harmless. I enjoyed watching the show and was very happy when it got renewed for a second season.

And thank god the CW did renew it because it ended with quite a cliffhanger.

Zoe may be brain smart but she’s not always common sense smart. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least, if come next fall, Zoe chooses George over Wade even though logic says she shouldn’t (yes, I know, logic is thrown out the window when it comes TV, and this show was created by a Gossip Girl writer…)

Last week, Hart of Dixie nearly took Zoe out of Bluebell when she realized that her crazy obsession with George resulted in her losing her friends. She was more than ready to bolt out of Bluebell with her father. But she decided to stay because she realized that she really did care about the town the way they cared about her. It was a sweet moment and it felt earned.

If George really loves Zoe than he should stay away for a little while, (or forever…) As we saw with Lemon’s reaction to George when he dumped her, Zoe Hart is probably #1 on her kill list, again. If Zoe and George get together, Zoe stands to lose almost everyone in Bluebell that she cares about.

One thing that show did perfectly this season was building up the relationship between Zoe and Brick.  When Brick told Zoe last week that he enjoyed mentoring her, I kind of teared up because it felt honest. He finally has someone he can mentor into being a great doctor; someone who can take over for him once he retires; someone he can trust.  If Zoe gets together with George, right away, that is ALL gone. I sure as hell wouldn’t trust her if I was Brick. Does George realize this? Does Zoe?  Does the show? George is sweet and all but Zoe being with him doesn’t really make a lick of sense at this point in the story.

And then there is the issue with Wade. Poor. Undeniably Hot. Wade. The show spent all season building up the tension and chemistry between Zoe and Wade and then right before the end threw in the curveball of Zoe wanting George.  It really didn’t make a lot of sense.  But last night, Zoe and Wade FINALLY consummated their flirtation and took the next step in their budding relationship and boy was it HOT. I mean WOW. The show see their chemistry right? How does George even stand a chance compared to them? HE DOESN’T.  So why bother? Continue to build up Zoe and Wade! That’s the real storyline here.

But I am not the writer or the creator of this show, so what do I know? One thing is for sure, they are totally going to build up this love-triangle next season. It has only just begun. As I said before, at least we are getting a second season now to work this little issue out and I hope they do because I really like these three characters.

Other Thoughts:

~I love that Lemon PUNCHED, not slapped, punched, George. That felt like the real Lemon, not the dainty Lemon they tried to constantly force down our throats. I hope we see more of the loosened-up Lemon.

~Lavon turned out to be my favorite character this season. Cress Williams is absolutely the best. I love how selfless his character is (when he’s not drunk, that is.) He helped out George, even though he was still in love with Lemon and He was there for Zoe, when everyone else had turned on her. He truly is awesome. I hope they give him more awesome storylines next season.

~I wish Rose had been in the finale, she is such a sweet character. I like having her around.

~So Tom Long is totally Bluebell’s own Kirk from Gilmore Girls right?

~Have we met George’s perfect Brother yet? I don’t think we have…who should they cast??

~What else would you like to see in Season 2?

3 thoughts on “Hart of Dixie Season Finale Review: The Big Day

  1. I wish that Zoe and George get together but
    Not like ” I was with lemon I let you down but
    Now I’m back and everything is behind us ”
    Some sorte of drama like he’s gone a have to
    Fight for Zoe and wade is gone a fight two for her love. Like a lot if dates and at the end of the season she’s gone a have to make a choice it be really interesting. That’s my opinion it would be awesome for Zoe but lemon is gone a want george Vick but he chose Zoe… Anyway that’s what I think should happen

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