The Vampire Dairies Season Finale Review: The Departed

This was just the beginning. Everything the past three seasons has shown us has led to this moment; the moment Elena Gilbert became (well started to become) a vampire.

Some will say it happened too fast; that Elena didn’t even get to finish her senior year before losing the one thing she wanted the most, to stay a human. But we all knew it had to happen eventually and with everything that has happened this season and in the other two seasons; this development just felt right. Elena becoming a vampire opens the series to a new world of possibilities. This is only the Beginning of our crazy love-triangle.

Let’s go back to where the episode began, with Elena reminiscing about the time before anything supernatural had entered her life; the night of her parents death. I had a feeling when I heard a while ago that the finale would take us back to the day that the story was going to come full circle. We saw through flashbacks things we already knew, that Elena really wasn’t all that into Matt; that she was extremely close with her parents; and that it was Stefan who saved her from the crash off of Wickery Bridge. But what we didn’t know was that it WAS Damon she met first.

In a beautiful and touching scene we learn that Damon came across Elena while she was waiting for her parents to pick her up. He thinks she is Katherine but she quickly corrects him. They then continue to have a conversation about love, where Damon tells her that she wants a love that consumes you, passion and adventure and even a little danger.” He then compels her to forget.

Earlier in the episode Elena made a choice. She chose Stefan because he saved her at the one moment when she needed someone the most. Her choice felt natural for her character. It also made complete sense that she wanted to let Damon go. They say that if you truly love someone then you should let them go and hope that one day they’ll return to you. You could clearly see that in Elena. She may not have explicitly said it but you could see that she hoped that one day there would be a chance for her and Damon. And now she’ll have lifetime. She will remember everything. Her first meeting, his confession of loves…everything…and ladies and gents, this is just the beginning.

I am sad to see Elena’s human side go. Elena may make bad decisions but the best decisions she ever did make were to protect the ones she loved. She stayed that way all the way to the very end when she made sure that Stefan took Matt instead of her in a beautiful, heartbreaking, scene that mirrored her parent’s car crash. And now the Elena we knew and love will transition into a vampire. It will change everything.

It’s hard to believe that other stuff happened in this episode as well. So let’s start with Alaric. It hurts just to write about it. I will miss him. His last scene with Jeremy had me in complete sobs. Our Ric was back but only briefly, to say goodbye the boy who was almost like a son to him. His story this season was a good one but I understand that to continue this new story with Elena, he had to go. I hope he is right though, I hope he will always be there for Jeremy, watching over him and coming back to us periodically so we never truly lose him.

And then there was that heartbreaking scene with Tyler and Caroline. I knew from the moment they made the plan of, let’s have two hours, and then we’ll get the hell out that it wouldn’t happen.  It never does. Caroline’s goodbye to Tyler broke my heart. No matter how I feel about her and Klaus, which I loved this season, Tyler is the love of her life and it was so sad to see her have to say goodbye to him. Personally, I think Tyler is still alive, I think it is like what happened last season with Klaus and Alaric. Alaric survived that body invasion and I think Tyler will too. I think the burning of Klaus’ body was an illusion set up by Bonnie and those they hid Klaus’ body somewhere. This is NOT the last we’ve seen of Joseph Morgan.

Overall and AMAZING ending to an otherwise up and down season. I can’t wait for next season. So much has changed but I think that is a good thing.  This show needed a big game changer and they provided one pretty epically. September can’t come soon enough.

Other thoughts/questions:

~Damon was AMAZING tonight. EVERY SINGLE one of his scenes were perfect. He was funny, he was cynical, and he was heartbreaking. He made me love his character that much more.

~I was really thrilled to see Aunt Jenna again! I’ve missed her!


~Props to Matt Donovan this season. He stepped out of his wacky weird human role and became something fierce. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for him next season.

~I can’t wait for Elena to remember everything that happened from when she was compelled.

~I can’t wait to see BadAss Bonnie next season. I hope they don’t screw this up.

~Sooo since Elena never had any children…does this mean that this is the end of the Doppelgänger line?

One thought on “The Vampire Dairies Season Finale Review: The Departed

  1. OMG, I just watched the season finale, and it was goood. It’s been some time since I’ve cried as much as I just did much. The whole Damon-thing, with him meeting Elena first, and all the things he said – AMAZING. I’m still rooting for him and Elena!
    And I loved the flashbacks, expecially in the water. And Elena telling Stefan to save Matt, that was just so sweet!
    I thought the first half of the episode was a little blah, but the rest.. Well I just can’t wait for season 4! 🙂

    And I’m glad to see a new review btw!

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