The Vampire Diaries Review: The Murder of One

Last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was not my favorite. It just didn’t click with me. But you all already knew that. This week’s episode, on the other hand, was freaking fantastic; maybe-probably-one of the best episodes this second half of the season. It brought together this entire season, and even a little bit of the twists from last season, and it added an amazing game changing twist that felt organic and plausible.

We knew that TVD was going to find a way that allowed them to keep some, or all, of the Originals alive. To do this they needed to find a way out of Ester’s binding curse where if one Original died, they all died. It seemed the most natural that Klaus would be the one to force the breaking of the spell, which he did. However, what none of us, including our favorite characters, saw happening was that if they killed an Original, that Originals entire bloodline would die as well. It sure as hell put a MAJOR kink in Stefan, Damon, and Elena’s plan to kill off the Originals.

I absolutely LOVED this twist because it didn’t feel like a cop out. It felt organic and real and it made complete sense. And best of all, it allows for the stay of some of our favorite Originals, like Elijah and Rebekah…and yes, Klaus!

When we last saw Damon and Stefan it had been revealed that part of the Wickery Bridge had not been burned and they now had enough white oak to kill all the Originals. So Damon and Stefan brought in Elena, Alaric (who was still recovering from the fact that he has a serial killer alter-ego), Caroline, and best of all MATT! Don’t you just love that Matt is FINALLY being included in things? And that it doesn’t seem forced. Matt has been brought into this world and he may not like it but the show understands that he is character who deeply cares about his friends because they are the only family he has left. So it is no surprise that he would want to be there to kill off the vampires who are causing his family harm.

Kinks happen in their plan of course; Klaus kidnaps Bonnie to force her to break the binding spell, which she does just in the nick of time; and Rebekah kidnaps Damon and drains him of vervain because she is PISSED about what he did to her. We knew that Rebekah was a woman that was not to be messed with but now we REALLY know. But the biggest kink happens when Elena, Stefan, and Matt successfully kill Finn and later see Sage and her vampire body guard, die hours after Finn. That is when they piece it together, that if One Original dies, all of that original’s bloodline dies. Thankfully for Finn’s line, it’s not that many, seeing as he was dead for over 900 years.

But that isn’t the only problem. There are several other problems as well. The first is that because Rebekah drained Damon of all the vervain in his system, Klaus is able to compel him to tell him how many white oak stakes there are left. So Stefan and Elena lose their last remaining weapons that can kill the originals. But there is an even bigger problem, the last remaining stake is with Alaric and he blacked out, went into his psychotic-serial killer- alter-ego mode and hid the stake. Now no one but his alter-ego knows where it is hidden. It was an epic twist that was able to tie the serial-killer story line with the plot to kill the originals storyline and it didn’t at all feel forced. It was a move that only TVD could pull off and pull off well. It made me so proud!

Oh and during this episode we also got some pretty damn powerful scenes between Elena and Stefan, Caroline and Alaric, and one great scene with Bonnie, where she finally broke down after realizing everything that has happened to her recently. Stefan finally confessed to Elena that he knows she still loves him but he also got her to confess that she didn’t quite know how she felt about Damon and that she couldn’t deny that there was something there. It was emotional and heartbreaking because you could tell that these two wanted to get passed the issue with Damon but they couldn’t. You know what was also heartbreaking? Caroline forgiving Alaric for killing her father. This girl is by far one of the best characters on television. I couldn’t love her more. Actually that’s a lie; I totally could.

So now we are headed towards the last 4 episodes of the season.  I have a feeling there are going to be a couple more twists headed our way and I can’t wait!

Other thoughts:

~Klaus: “You’re going to have to excuse the mess. Apparently Damon hurt her feelings.”

~Alaric and Damon continue to have the BEST bromance ever. “I mean, did you learn nothing from the moonstone and the soap dish?”

~ We see Jeremy again! But ut-oh, Kol is stalking him…that cannot be good.

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