Once Upon a Time Review: Hat Trick

Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorite novels and I was beyond ecstatic, and nervous, when I heard that Once Upon a Time was tackling the world of Wonderland. It is tricky world to pull off and almost everyone has tried to put their own spin on it (this is now the third time Disney, has tackled it). But Once rose to the occasion and created a wonderful new spin on how the Mad Hatter became just that: mad.

The last time Disney took a new spin on Alice in Wonderland was back in 2010 when we saw Tim Burton’s version. It defiantly was different but Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the Mad Hatter was still quite magnificent. When I heard that Sebastian Stan was playing the Mad Hatter I was excited because he can play a multi-layered character very well (i.e. Gossip Girl, Kings) and man did he deliever! He was absolutely fantastic and he may have been my favorite guest star this season (Barbara Hershey is on next week and she may up him, she is an Oscar nominee sooo there is that!)

The Mad Hatter’s name was Jefferson and he once lived in FTL like all the other fairytale characters. He had a daughter named Grace and lived, deep in the forest. Then the Evil Queen found him and manipulated him into taking her to Wonderland, where she promptly left him after she got what she wanted, which was her father. Jefferson is then caught by the Red Queen (whose face we do not see) and she declares that he cannot leave until he makes another Hat that can bring him home to Grace, which causes him to go Mad because he can’t find the same magic that helped him make his original hat.  It was frightening and sad. It will be interesting to see if they revisit this story again, next time maybe introducing Alice? If this is why the Mad Hatter went mad, maybe it will explain why he had such a fondness for Alice because she probably reminded him of Grace.

Don’t ask about the timeline of this story, I have no idea where it’s place in the chain of events we are in. If someone happens to know where in the timeline this story takes place, please tell me because I was defiantly a little confused!

Back in Storybrooke, Jefferson remembered who he once was and he was just as mad as his FTL/Wonderland self. He kidnaps Emma and Mary Margaret, who escaped from jail, and he forces Emma to try and build him another Hat that will bring him back to Grace. He tells her that Emma has the magic and pretty much reinforces everything Henry has been telling her. It’s hard for Emma to hear and she defiantly has an emotional break through. One of my favorite scenes from last night is when she tells Jefferson that she wants to believe it’s true because that would mean that MM is indeed her mom and she would give anything for that to be true. It doesn’t matter that she was just using it to manipulate him; I honestly believe she meant it. Why else would, in the end, she pick up Henry’s book and start looking? She may not be completely there yet but Emma is beginning to believe, and it is a wonderful thing to behold.

Regina is not going to know what hit her once Emma realizes that everything her son has been telling her has been true. And Speaking of Regina, was anyone else not surprised to see she and Mr. Gold working together? I figured he was playing both sides. It’s clear as day that he has his own agenda; what it is though is anyone’s guess.

Other Thoughts:

~Once’s interpretation of Wonderland was fantastic and some of their best CGI work yet.

~Um who is styling the Evil Queen? Don’t they realize that OUaT is on at 8pm? And that  families watch this show? Her outfits are becoming more and more revealing as the episodes progress…I feel like the next we see her she’ll be nude.

~ Jennifer Morrison has chemistry with Everyone!! I’ll admit that I totally wanted her to make out with Sebastian Stan, even if he was being creepy haha! It made me forget that I miss her and Graham!

~Sooo does anyone think the hat worked?

~Next week we are supposed to FINALLY get answers! We’ll see!

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