Once Upon a Time Review: Heart of Darkness

I’ve been really terrible at writing reviews this year. I dunno whats happen to me. But seeing as next week’s Once Upon a Time episode is venturing into Wonderland (which, by the way, is one of my favorite fictional places) I thought I would write some thoughts about how I feel Once Upon a Time is currently doing in the latter half of its season.

I have absolutely loved these past couple of episodes on Once Upon a Time. I really enjoyed learning about how Grumpy became who he was, the twist that Red was actually the big bad wolf, and now we got to see an entirely different side of Snow this week. I have to say; I am enjoying the story of Fairytale World a lot more so than in Storybrooke. It’s not that the stuff in Storybrooke isn’t interesting, it is, but our favorite character’s backstories are so way more interesting.

Like this week for example. I find it fascinating that I can absolutely LOVE Snow White and Charming’s love story in Fairytale world but can’t help but groan at it in Storybrooke. I mean, these characters are essentially the same people but the choices they make in Storybrooke are way worse than the ones in Fairytale world. It was nice to see Snow White (and even Mary-Margaret) not be so perfect this week. Revenge is a powerful thing (i.e. look at Regina) and Snow almost let it cloud her judgment completely. But thankfully Charming (James) was able to stop her in time and help her remember him and the love she had for him.  Unfortunately, fate again stepped in the way when Charming was taken away by the Kings guards. But their story isn’t over yet.

Back in Storybrooke though, things between Mary-Margaret and David couldn’t have gotten any worse as evidence upon evidence began stacking up against MM for murdering Kathryn, whose heart was in MM’s jewelry box. But Emma knew that all the evidence seemed a little too perfect. Like it was almost too easy for MM to be the killer and thanks to Henry, and a little help from August, Emma begins to realize that MM has been framed by Regina. So Emma does the only thing she can; she makes a deal with Mr. Gold, which as we know is probably going to backfire on her in the end.

I really hope they can wrap this storyline up soon because as long as it goes on the more I continue to hate the love story between Mary and David. I know that all relationship’s aren’t perfect and I know Regina is very hell bent on keeping them apart, but David’s not coming out looking very Charming from all of this, if you ask me. I hope they can improve him before the season is over. I just want David to be as perfect at James is in Fairytale world! Is that too much to ask for??

Other Thoughts/theories

–         I loved that scene with August and Henry. I love that he told Henry that he believes him and gave him the faith to continue looking at the books for answers. But I do wonder what his agenda is. I still don’t completely trust him but I don’t think he’s in Storybrooke for the wrong reasons. I think he wants to help.

–         Emma’s scene at the end with Mary Margaret broke my heart. It’s sweet seeing her try to help her mama, even if she doesn’t really know that that’s why her connection with MM is so strong.

–         Loved seeing Red embrace her role as the wolf in effort to help out Snow and Charming. She’s just soo awesome. PS, I know I mentioned this earlier but last week’s episode was probably my favorite so far of the season. I LOVED every scene with Red/Ruby and I really like seeing Emma help Ruby through her little existential crisis.

–         So Rumple was able to bottle true love using the hair of Snow and Charming, AKA their DNA, which, by the way, also equals EMMA, you know since she is the child of Snow and Charming. So my new question/theory is, if she is True Love ( I am assuming this because she’s the one who can break the Evil Queens Curse and Rumple and the Evil Queen believe that True Love’s Kiss can break any curse) than maybe Emma can break the curse after a. she begins to believe and b. when she kisses her true love.  It’s just a working theory for now; we’ll in the next coming weeks if I am anywhere close to being right.

I can’t wait for next week. I love Wonderland and I love the Mad Hatter and I LOVE Sebastian Stan. Next week is seriously going to be awesome!


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