The Vampire Diaries Review: 1912

FINALLY. I dunno about you, but this latest hiatus seemed like it lasted way too long. I know, I know the last one was waay longer but this one just seemed to drag. I mean, a month is a REALLY long time. Anyways, The Vampire Diaries came back last night with, yet again, another amazing episode.

I don’t know about you, but the flashback episodes have always been my favorite. I absolutely loved, End of the Affair and Ordinary People this season and now 1912 can go up there with one of the best episodes this season too.

When we left off, ONE MONTH AGO (sorry I’m not going to let that one go), Rebekah had learned that there was still another white oak tree in Mystic Falls, which meant that she and her family still weren’t off the hook after dodging mommy and Finn’s death trap there was still something out there that could kill them. I liked that Rebekah went off to do her own research without Klaus (who was MIA the episode, probably off drawing ponies or thinking about Caroline…hey, one can hope.) Claire Holt has really come into her own as Rebekah and I loved seeing her with Damon and Stefan, as they reminisced about the past. Apparently, Rebekah knew Damon’s old friend Sage but she didn’t have nice things to say about her. So it will be interesting to see how that plays out when Sage returns next week.

I’ll get to the brotherly bonding in just a moment but first I want to talk about Elena and Matt, who spent the episode trying to help Alaric, even if it meant breaking and entering and getting in trouble with the Sheriff. I really like what they’ve done this season with these two. I like that they have finally given Matt more to do now that he is aware of everything supernatural going on in his home town. I love how he is always there for Elena when she needs him, even though he knows now that she will never love him the way she loves Stefan and Damon. Her explanation to him as to why she chose Stefan, and later on-Damon, over Matt back at the beginning of junior year seemed very realistic.  They were safe and they wouldn’t die like her parents did. Matt knew that he could never compete with that but he chose to stay by her side anyways. To me, that is love people. That is deep unconditional love and I found it quite beautiful.

While Matt and Elena were off getting in trouble-Stefan and Damon were off reminiscing about the past and getting drunk. We learned how Damon learned to be a vampire through the tutelage of a vampire named Sage (who apparently has been around for a very very long time. She apparently went after Finn back in the 900s.) But that really wasn’t we were supposed to be focusing on during those flashbacks. The flashbacks were there to show us about why Damon was, presently, so hell-bent on saving his brother. Back in 1912 he let Stefan become the Ripper because he was still so angry at him. But Damon wanted to let the past be the past and help his brother control his thirst without having to go on a complete detox every time he fell off the wagon. We saw that Elena was right, that it was going to be Damon who would save Stefan in the end because of love Damon has for his brother. Did anyone else tear up when Damon professed to Stefan why he wanted to save him? Damon truly does deeply care for his brother and it is such a wonderful thing to behold.

But the biggest shock of the night is that we finally learn who the serial killer is in Mystic Falls. When we last saw Alaric, he’d been shot by Meredith, who had figured out that it was Alaric who had killed the council members, though Alaric didn’t know it. Alaric wakes up in prison and believes that Meredith has framed him for the murders. So both-Elena and Matt and Damon, Stefan, and Rebekah each try to prove his innocence. But sadly they all come to the same conclusion after reading Samantha Gilbert’s (Elena’s great grandmother? Or aunt? I dunno) journals that the Gilbert ring will make you go insane if it resurrects you one too many times. Apparently it explains Alaric’s blackouts that he had had. So now Alaric, who’s been killed and resurrected about 5 or 7 times now, is bordering on insanity.

This is some serious stuff people and my guess is now we can rest easy in knowing that Jeremy will be coming back soon. Because there is NO WAY, absolutely no way that Elena is going to let him stay in Denver with that ring, unprotected. I mean think about it, combine how many times Jeremy has been compelled with the 2 or 3 times he has died and been resurrected himself, Jeremy is probably going to start having blackouts himself. So that is really scary. Poor Elena, she just can’t catch a break.

Anyways these plot developments, the search for the white-oak tree, the Gilbert ring’s issues, and the return of Sage sure will make for the next couple of interesting episodes and I sure as hell can’t wait.

Other Thoughts:

  • Damon’s squirrel noises? THE BEST THING EVER
  • Sheriff Forbes was kinda a bitch this week, no?
  • Meredith is PSYCHO and I love it. I love when Torrey DeVitto plays the psychotic crazy character. She is just so good at it.
  • No Caroline, Bonnie, or Klaus this week. As I said earlier, Klaus is probably off drawing Caroline with Ponies.

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