Gossip Girl Review: Crazy Cupid Love

You Guys. I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a really stupid holiday but last night, a show that I have been having a notorious love and hate relationship ACTUALLY made me extremely happy for the first time in god knows how long. Why is this you may ask?


You all know that I pretty much LOVE Dan and Blair to pieces and their will they won’t they thing that has been happening since last season was starting to get on my last nerve, especially since Blair’s character is just so confusing this season. But last night we finally heard her admit that all she wants for Dan is for him to be happy, which is what he wants for her as well. We also heard her finally admit to him that she thinks he’s charming and wonderful. Which made me swoon.

Then this happened:

Thank you Georgina, for all your devious scheming- because, even though you did it for your personal gain- it allowed for Dan to FINALLY confess his feelings to Blair. And best of all, you could see that Blair reciprocated those feelings.  And now the fun begins, because Georgina is right. The more they try to stay away from each other, the more they will want to be with each other.

I don’t feel bad for Serena either. That girl NEEDS to be single for a long time. Her character still thinks that she is the center of the universe and well, she’s not. While she was off making terrible decisions, people she was close to, like Blair and Dan moved on and found out that there was something between them all along. Serena goes back and forth on loving Dan EVERY season. So when she says that she still loves him, I find it hard to believe. But her walking in on Blair and Dan kissing will make for some interesting developments with Blair and Serena.

Other Things that happened last night:

~Looks like Lola (the real Charlie Rhodes) is well on her way to discovering what it was her mother did. I like her with Nate though and I kind of want her to stay on the show. I find her WAY more compelling than Ivy ever was. No offense to Kaylee DeFer, but I really don’t understand her role as a series regular. To her credit, at least she’s not as useless to the storyline as Vanessa was and she’s not as annoying as Jenny but I still think her time is up.

~ I seriously LOVED all the call-backs to Season one: the outfits, the guitar hero references, and the sushi- LOVE LOVE LOVE. I loved that Serena broke out her old Cardigan, Dan wore his old yellow shit, and that Georgina looked trashy as ever. It was just perfect!

~ I like playboy Chuck way more than sulking, brooding, and depressed Chuck. Glad he’s going back to his scheming ways.

~ What is up with Blair’s royal babysitter? She seems CUCKOOOOO. And what’s her deal with Louis? I can’t believe this storyline is STILLLLL happening.

~Rufus really has become useless hasn’t he?

Now rewatch the best scene this season all over again 🙂

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