The Vampire Diaries Review: Bringing out the Dead

My favorite episodes of The Vampire Diaries are the ones where I can’t grab hold of my emotions because of how rapidly fast the episode is moving. So far this season alone, we have some outstanding episodes that make me so giddy that this show exists. This week’s episode is no exception.

I’ve watched this episode three times now since last night.

I think it was expected that shit would hit the fan this week but DAMN….that was AWESOME.

Caroline and her Father

As expected, Elijah’s return wasn’t the only shocking event that happened in the first five minutes of the episode. Probably one of the most shocking events was Caroline finding her father in the hospital, after just being healed with vampire blood, daggered in the heart. This lead to one the most heartbreaking storylines for Caroline yet, watching her father spend his last day on earth because he refused to become a vampire. Because of this development we got some fantastic scenes with Candice Accola and Nina Dobrev, and Jack Coleman. When Caroline and Elena talked about Elena’s experience when she lost her father had me in sobs. Caroline and Elena haven’t had a lot to emotionally relate to in the past but now, they have the bond of what it means to lose a father and seeing them come together last night and hug, and Matt there to comfort both of them, was probably one of the best scenes of the season.

We also got a great scene with Caroline and her father where he told her that he was ready to die and that he accepted who she was now. He told her that she was exactly the person he and her mother raised her to be and he couldn’t have been more proud. Candice acted the scene with such grace that I was reminded of how lucky this show is to have found someone as amazing and talented as her.

Elena and Alaric

Bill Forbes wasn’t the only council member to be stabbed this week. Alaric ended up staked in the abdomen as well which led to me screaming “NOOOO” at the top of my lungs at the television when Elena and Matt found him. Elena realizes that he’s not dead and seeing as he probably wasn’t stabbed by a supernatural entity, she takes charge of the situation herself and stabs Alaric.

You guys, Elena has not had a great year; first her aunt died, then she had to deal with losing the love of her life to his ripper vampirism, her brother beheaded a hybrid without even flinching causing Elena to send him away, and last night she had to kill the closest thing she’s had to father in years in order to save his life. If I was Elena Gilbert I would start to become one unhappy person. It’s a good thing she has someone, like Matt, who she can rely on and to have a shoulder to cry. Poor girl needs it.

Damon and Stefan and Elijah

I’ve missed Elijah so much so I was extremely happy when Damon revealed to Stefan last week that he had undaggered that beautiful man. The great thing about Elijah is that you never really know whose side he is on. Last year Stefan and Damon were sure that he was on their side but when Klaus pleaded with him to be a family again, Elijah couldn’t resist. But this time, Elijah wasn’t going to be fooled by either party this time. He let Klaus try and sweet talk him out of killing, listen to him as he told him about killing Mikhal and their mother, and how if he would help him take down Stefan, they could all be a family again. Elijah really didn’t say a thing. Instead he went a met with Damon and they decided to declare a “truce.”

Damon and Stefan go to Klaus’ new mansion and they sit down to dinner with Elijah and Klaus. Here we get another history lesson from these two brothers. Turns out they were both in love with the Original Patrova doppelgänger named Tatia. She couldn’t decide which one of the brothers she loved more, like all the other Patrova doppelgängers, so Mama Original decided to take matters into her own hands. Apparently she used Tatia’s blood in the spell that turned them into vampires. So this totally explains why over and over again, two brothers keep falling in love with the doppelgänger-she can’t help it, it’s in her blood. Talk about creepy and twisted.

The Original Family Returns

Anyways the dinner party sets up the perfect return, and introduction, of the Original family. During the dinner, after things began to get testy between Klaus and Stefan, Elijah went and undaggered his remaining three siblings, Kol (Hottie!), Finn (shaggy), and of course the ever feisty Rebekah (Yay!).  It was an awesome introduction to the two Originals we hadn’t yet met and it also gave Rebekah and Elijah a chance to tell Klaus that they were all leaving him-that is-until it is revealed who was in that mysterious magically sealed fourth coffin: Ester, their mother.  Everyone is shocked and Klaus, for the first time this season, looks utterly terrified. But instead of ripping out his heart, she tells Klaus that she forgives him and asks her children that they become a family again. There is totally something more sinister going on here and I can’t wait to see what her master plan is. Because lets be real, woman don’t just forgive that easy, especially ones who had their heart ripped out by their own son. I seriously can’t wait to see what she has in plan for her family and for the town of Mystic Falls.

This episode truly set up the rest of the season. Not only is there a serial killer on the loose killing council members but now the Original Family is back together, led by their mother, which actually is probably a storyline that can last several seasons. Then there is Stefan, who admitted to Damon that he still loved Elena but it is clear as day he’s still not the same Stefan we knew from Seasons 1 and 2. We’ve entered February Sweeps now so I imagine a lot more is going to happen in the next couple of weeks before this show goes back hiatus.

Other Thoughts:

~Stop fake killing Alaric just because he can’t die supernaturally. I don’t like it, it makes me cry and I don’t want to see Elena lose more loved ones.

~So now that we’ve gotten a name for the Original doppelgänger, can we please see a flashback with Tatia?

~Klaus wanting Matt and Elena to get together was creepy.

~ I don’t trust Meredith but I don’t think she is the killer. It’s way too obvious for this show.

~“Ah, makes me nostalgic for the time Stefan was a bunny-snacking pacifist.”

~“Hey Stefan, remember when you killed Dad? Might want to dial down the judgment until dessert.”

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