The Vampire Diaries Review: A New Deal

You see! THIS! This is why I absolutely hate it when The Vampire Diaries goes on hiatus. Because I neeed my weekly dose of this amazing show that continues to blow my mind week after week.

After what seemed like forever, ok seven weeks, TVD came back in typical fashion by giving us yet another high stakes episode filled with fights, new characters, death, heartbreaking decisions, and most of all, that kiss. That’s right, after two and half seasons TVD finally went there with Damon and Elena. But I’ll get to that later because A LOT more happened than just that kiss. I know! I know! It’s hard to believe, right?

The last episode of the year left things a little muddled. Damon and Elena’s were deceived by Stefan when he botched up their plan to kill Klaus, not knowing that he did it to save Damon from Klaus’s hybrids. We then learned that Stefan had taken Klaus’s four remaining coffins and hid them from Klaus. His motive was that Klaus had taken everything from him and now he was going to return the favor. This week we saw how angry Stefan truly is and how far he is willing to go. As far as Elena and Damon are concerned, the Stefan they knew and loved is gone.

However, I am hesitant to completely believe this. I think part of Stefan’s humanity is still there. I think he still has his humanity. His love for his brother, his family, is too strong and it’s what is going to keep him from going completely over the edge. Yes, Stefan is going to get to play a bit of a villain for the time being and my guess is he is going to burn some bridges, like he is beginning to do with Elena;  but he’s not an entirely lost cause like Klaus is. However, while he gets to be bad and burns those bridges, we get to see Damon take over the role as hero, which itself is pretty fascinating.

Damon and Elena’s relationship has completely evolved this season. We all knew that if Elena and Damon were to ever get together, Stefan would have to be out of the picture completely and to an extent, this is what the writers have done. They created a story in which Stefan no longer put Elena as his first concern and allowed for his brother to care for in a way he couldn’t. They didn’t give in to fan demands about getting Damon and Elena together quickly, they let it grow naturally and when they finally kissed for real this time, it felt real. It felt earned. I loved that Damon decided that if he was going to feel guilty about something, it was going to be kissing Elena. It seemed like a very Damon like thing to do and the kiss was exactly how I wanted it to be. It will be very interesting to see how thing progress with these two now. In my opinion this is just the beginning of this love triangle now that Elena has begun to fall in love with the love of her life’s brother.

Just in case you didn’t already know, there was still a whole lot more to this episode than just Stefan and Damon and Elena’s kiss.  The other big event was Jeremy. Throughout the first half of the episode we began to see Season one Jeremy return. You know the one who was acting out, not doing his work, and acting like a complete ass. Something was off and though compulsion wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, I did recognize that something was wrong. At first, I thought it was cute seeing the return of the Bromance between Tyler and Jeremy; if anyone could help bring Tyler back, it would either be Jeremy or Caroline. But that’s not what happened. Instead Tyler was forced, by Klaus, to use Jeremy to prove a point to Elena and Damon about just how far he is willing to go to get his family back. Elena and Alaric, who was hurt in the process of trying to save Jeremy, were forced to make a very heartbreaking and difficult decision; which was to use the power of compulsion and send Jeremy away from Mystic Falls for good. It was one of the most heartbreaking scenes that this show has ever done, when Elena and Alaric, who now only have each other, tell Damon as he tells Jeremy to run to Denver and never think twice about looking back. It was the only thing they could do to save the ones they love.

Both Elena and Klaus had to make heartbreaking decisions regarding their family members this week.  It was an interesting parallel in watching Klaus get Rebekah back only to have to realize that she’s better off, dead. Deep down he loves his sister a lot, but sadly he loves himself more. So instead about keeping her dead to protect himself, because he knows she could never forgive him for killing their mother and that she wouldn’t think twice about killing Elena, whom he still desperately needs alive. I do hope Rebekah shows up again soon, along with Elijah because I miss those two A LOT.

This week set up a lot of interesting storylines for the second act of the season. As mentioned before, Stefan is out for revenge, with the help of Bonnie. Damon and Elena have a newfound connection,  Jeremy will now be leaving (which for now, is probably for the best),  Tyler is beginning to realize that he doesn’t actually have free will, and Alaric has met a beautiful doctor named Meredith Fell. That’s right; Fell, so you know that she knows about the existence of Vampires in Mystic Falls. I love Torrey DeVitto, I hope she gets to stick around for a while!


Other Thoughts:

* Stefan and Damon’s fight was by far the best scene of the entire episode.

* Jeremy chopping off the hybrids head was terrifyingly AWESOME.

* What is in that coffin? Is it someone or something? And is the key to killing Klaus? My theory is that it’s the mother. I know she’s dead but I dunno, I just have this feeling that it’s her.

*I am sorry but if Alaric’s ring stops working I am going to be pissed. You can’t keep him alive for this long, only to have the ONE thing keeping him alive, decide to fail. That’s what I call a FAIL.

*Best dramatic line of the night: “None of us are going to make it out of this town alive.” So true Jeremy.

*Best comedic line: “ Come on Rick, I can’t drink this all by myself, I mean I can, but somebody’s getting naked…” I love Damon.


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