Once Upon a Time Review: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

“The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” was, in my opinion, one of the best episodes of Once Upon a Time…even if they did kill off the hottest sheriff to ever grace my television screen.

That’s right, RIP Hot Sheriff Graham, 2011-2011

As if I didn’t hate Regina already, now she REALLY has to go.

So much happened last night on Once Upon a Time that I almost had to stop and ask myself if this was the season finale, and not just the last episode of 2011 cause man, it sure felt like a finale. This week Sheriff Graham remembers his former life back in fairytale land. We learn, as most of us had suspected, that he was the notorious Huntsman. He started to remember after he kissed Emma, who was totally caught off guard. These memories led him on a mission to figuring out who he was and with the help of Mary Margaret, Henry, and Emma; he discovers that he really did exist in another life.

The story of the Huntsman is pretty much exactly what we already knew, that he was hired by the Evil Queen to kill Snow White and give her hear back to the Queen. However after talking with Snow White, the Huntsman realizes that he cannot kill Snow White and lets her run away instead. Thinking he can fool the Queen, he brings her a stag’s heart instead but she discovers his deceit and takes his heart instead, binding his life to hers forever. Apparently when all of Fairytale land was sent to Storybrooke, the chamber of hearts was sent as well.

Graham remembering his past causes him to finally stand up for himself and dump Regina. Emma sees the act of bravery and his vulnerability towards him and realizes that she is indeed falling for him. So she goes back with him to the Sheriff’s office and tells him how proud she is of his bravery. They then kiss but sadly, it is too late, Regina has found the chamber of hearts and squeezes Graham’s to dust, ending the life of the hottest sheriff ever. It was really really sad and I may or may not have cried uncontrollably.

As we all know from another freshman drama on ABC, revenge is a tricky and scary emotion. If it is not enacted with pristine precision, it can end up going horribly wrong. I really hope these writers know what they are doing with Regina and her secret into why she hates Snow White. This week we learned that Snow betrayed the Queen’s confidentiality by telling a secret of hers. We still do not know what this secret is but whatever it is, it has caused the Queen/Regina to do some horrible things and I just hope that the basis for this revenge is as intriguing as its consequences has been.

So now things in Storybrooke are looking pretty darn interesting. As if we didn’t know already, Regina is not messing around and if you mess with her, she will ruin you. However it looks like Emma now has more reason to stay, she was appointed the deputy sheriff and with Graham gone, she is technically acting Sheriff. This show allow for some interesting showdowns between her and Regina. I sure liked the one last night when they got into their little fist fight outside Regina’s fathers tomb.

Other Thoughts:

~We saw the return of GUS– ahem- Sydney/ the Magic Mirror! Please Once give us more Giancarlo Esposito! I miss him on my television screen.

~ What’s the deal with the wolfs one red eye one black eye

~ Apparently we are going to get an origin story to Rumpelstiltskin! I can’t wait! I love that he shows up everywhere, as does Mr. Gold!

~ Come on Mary Margret! You can do better than Dr. Whale. I really

~ Did anyone else miss Prince Charming/David this week?

Atleast we have a short hiatus! Can’t wait for next year! What did everyone else think?

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