Suburgatory Review: Sweet Sixteen

It’s Tessa’s sweet sixteen y’all!!

I know I don’t write about this show nearly as much as I should but I just got to say it, I love Suburgatory. Yes, it’s not the show that it could have been (it’s nowhere near the level of Awkward and it’s awesomeness, like I thought it might have been) and it really just focuses too much on the crazy wacked out suburban characters of Chatswin, but still I’ve found that this show has a lot of heart and with it some pretty funny comedy.

This week is Tessa’s sixteenth birthday and all she wants to do is watch movies and eat pizza with her only two real friends in Chatswin. But then she and George run into Dallas and Dalia at the local Costco (lets be real it was a Costco, even though it was called something else) and Dallas finds out that Tessa is turning 16. This ends up with Dalia planning Tessa’s huge Sweet 16 birthday party that Tessa agreed to after Dallas is able to book a band that Tessa loves. Best scene of the night goes to Tessa’s dance to the indie band’s song- that was seriously awesome.

Tessa gets wrapped up in Dalia’s web of planning the event and loses site of the fact that all she really wanted was to hang out with her friends and eat pizza, which she does in the end. There is also a secondary storyline with George throwing out his back and having to be taken care of by Sheila Shay, which should have been quite funny but really wasn’t at all. The only upside were the Dallas and George moments where she helped him escape Sheila- who had become a little too overbearing.

I know I shouldn’t be pulling for Dallas and George to get together because Dallas is married but their chemistry is just too cute .When Dallas gave Tessa those diamond earnings, I could help ache for Tessa, who you can tell does secretly want a mother. You can tell that Dallas doesn’t just care about George anymore, she cares about Tessa too. I really hope that the writers can figure out what to do here with the little mess they’ve created. My wish would be for them to give Dallas a quick and painless divorce so that they can get her and George together soon. It needs to happen, and them pushing it off as long as possible would just be way too annoying. Be bold and get it over with.

Overall this episode was pretty good. There were a lot of things I liked about, including the moments between Dalia and Tessa, who I see become best frienemies in the near future. They really do play off of each other well and can you just imagine the stories they could create with these two as stepsisters? I’m giggling just thinking about it!

Other Thoughts:

~I actually like Alan Tudky’s character this week…he seemed more…normal and believable.

~“When I was a boy, we danced free-range.”

~“Hey Tessa, have you seen The Thin Red Line? It really is emotionally riveting!”

~ I really liked Dalia’s look this week…she looked less…fake. I like when she looks like a real person. Let’s up Suburgatory!

~ Malik and Lisa’s robot dance> Tessa’s indie dance-which was still pretty awesome in my book.

Next week is the Thanksgiving episode! That should be a lot of fun!

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