How I Met Your Mother Review: Disaster Averted

I still have a grin on my face from watching that last scene of How I Met Your Mother last night. OK…maybe it’s because I’ve rewatched a bazillon times now but still…it was sooo Legen..wait for it…DARY! Even if it was totally wrong on a whole bunch of levels (but I am choosing to ignore that for right now.)

This episode was a HUGE improvement from the last couple of terrible episodes. I think it was a combination of Barney and Robin, Barney being Barney, the slap bet, and the flashback story. The stories work best when they aren’t trying to be too funny and just let it happen naturally.

Soo what is this crazy scene I am talking about? I’ll get to that in a minute. First let’s talk about the gangs experience during Hurricane Irene (I still hate you by the way…you ruined my fun beach vacay!!!)

Apparently during that crazy event the gang did something pretty crazy with a boogie board in front of McLaren’s and it resulting in a NO BOOGIEBOARDING sign in front of the bar. Kevin wanted to know the story and it really wasn’t all that special, it was basically that Ted wanted to flee NYC before the storm hit and they missed the evacuation period due to Barney being..well…Barney. There were other things going on, like Marshall losing his health insurance and clinging to Lily’s every move but that resulted them in them making a baby in Barney’s bathtub. Sooo there was that.

While this story is being told Barney is trying to figure out a way to get out of wearing the Ducky Tie because in a couple of day’s he is meeting Nora’s parents and he wants to make a good impression. This results in the creation of a new Slap Bet. Barney ends up agreeing to giving Marshall an additional 3 Slaps tagged on to the original one slap he had left. We got to see Marshall slap Barney TWICE which was extremely entertaining. Now there are two (for now) final slaps left. Oh this should be fun!

However the biggest development and shocker of the night was Barney and Robin. Back during the hurricane Barney did something kind of cruel. He called Robin pretending to be her father after everyone else’s parents had called them. Robin was really pissed. But then towards the end of the day, Barney said he was sorry and told her something beautiful: “when I let a day go by without talking to you…um…that day is just no good.” Man They almost kiss but are interrupted when Robin’s father calls her. Honestly that would have been enough for me. That told me all I needed to know, that Barney still has feelings for Robin too and that eventually they would make it work.

But then as they flash-forward back to the present and we see Robin and Barney laughing about how that could have been a disaster; this happens:

And all I can say is ABOOT DAMN TIME!!!!!

Yes I wish it had been under different circumstances but still. I NEED Barney and Robin moments from this show. They are like one of the top couples I actually Ship and that kiss was damn near perfect. But I do admit that it is going to create a gigantic mess seeing as they are both in committed relationships and Robin still works with Nora. I have a feeling this is also going to cause problems for Ted and Robin and Barney as well, which was predicted back in the third episode this season. Soo I have a feeling that we are in for some pretty interesting next couple of episodes.

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