Once Upon a Time Review: Snow Falls

Everybody loves true love and love conquering all and if Once Upon a Time keeps up this current Storyline with Snow and Charming/ Mary Margret and David Nolan then I’d say this show is going to be around for a very long time.

Ok so here is the deal: after this last episode I am defiantly hooked on “Once Upon a Time.” Yes I still think that the show has a ton of issues but I think the show is improving. They are developing their characters and the story surrounding them and I am very interested in seeing where it is headed.

There are also two other reasons why I think this episode made me hooked. 1. David Anders. Whenever he shows up on any show I am immediately hooked; and 2. The wonderful and amazing Liz Tiglaar(she’s the one that created Life Unexpected, y’all) wrote the episode!

This week we learn how Snow White met Prince Charming. Snow White isn’t your typical, ole’ fashioned Disney princes. No, in this world, Snow White can kick-ass, speak her mind, and knows how to charm a prince with more than just her looks. Granted it’s still a pretty cheesy Disney fairy tale story but it’s a fairy tale story that is filled with complications and intrigue which makes it hell of a lot more interesting.  Stories about true love are always the best when it is complicated and messy.

Snow met Charming when she and a group of bandits attacked the Prince’s carriage and Snow steals a bag of jewels. Snow is then trapped by the Prince and he convinces her to give him back the jewels because there is an important family heirloom he needs; his mother’s engagement ring that he plans to give to his girlfriend, the annoying blonde that was with him in the carriage back at the beginning of the episode (it is an arranged marriage.) Unfortunately Snow sold the jewels to some Trolls, so she and Charming travel together to find them and get the jewels back.

During their travels together they discover things about the other. Snow tells him that ever since being thrown out of the kingdom by the Queen she has had to learn to defend for herself. She also tells him that the Queen is right in that she did ruin the Queen’s happiness and that the Queen does have a right to want Snows heart on a platter. Charming finds this silly, as did I because we still don’t know what exactly it is that Snow did but still it makes things complicated which is always fun. Anyways to make a long story short, Snow saves the Prince from the trolls, gets him his jewels back and you begin to see the fall in love. It is all very cute and I can’t wait to see what makes him decide to finally ditch the dumb blond and go back to Snow White.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry believes that if he can get his teacher, Mary- Margaret, to read the story of how Snow White met the Prince than she can awake John Doe. She thinks it’s a little silly but because she cares about Henry and with the help of Emma she does in fact read the story to John Doe. The story does in fact wake up John Doe….slightly. The doctor, Uncle John, Sark, ahem, excuse me Dr. Whale, then calls Regina to tell her what’s happened. Regina, who obviously knows more about her former life than she’s let on, does whatever it takes to prevent John Doe and Mary- Margaret from falling in love and she does this by bringing in Katherine, John Doe’s (who is reveled to be named David) wife. Only problem? He still has amnesia and doesn’t remember ever having a wife. Oh what a complicated mess!

There really wasn’t much Emma in this episode, which wasn’t a bad thing. I like getting to see the other character’s shine. I must admit though, I absolutely loved that last scene with Emma and Mary-Margaret.  I like that Emma is going to try and get to know her mother, even if Mary doesn’t know that she is in fact Emma’s mother. It shows that Emma is starting to believe what Henry is telling her and just like Henry wants to get to know his real mother, Emma wants to the same. She feels a pull to Mary and that’s probably why Mary feels a pull towards Henry as well, because she is his grandmother over in Fairy Tale world.

I am liking this show more and more as it progresses and it seems like the ratings are agreeing with me. I think it is safe to say that people like fairy tales and they like complicated messes and this show has both. So I have a feeling that it is going to be sticking around for a while and this doesn’t bother me one bit! Next week we get to see Cinderella! This should defiantly be interesting!

Other Thoughts:

~Hot Sheriff Graham is amazing and I can’t wait to see who he ends up being. Logic suggests that he’s the huntsman but his knowledge of the woods points to something else. Maybe the Big Bad Wolf? He did seem to know Granny and Red Riding Hood pretty darn well back in the pilot. I want him and Emma to hook up. They have some pretty sizzling chemistry.

~ Did anyone else notice that the story of how Snow met Charming was very similar to the movie version of Ella Enchanted (with Anne Hathaway)? It was kinda weird. But hey whatever works!

~ I wanted the magic mirror to come back! I need my Gus Fring!!!!

~ “I guess if True Love was easy, we’d all have it.”

~  Emma: Where’s your mom? She’s going to kill me, then you, and then me again.

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