Thoughts on Season 2 of Nikita

I feel bad that I haven’t written about this show at all this season. I have to admit it doesn’t help that the show was moved to Fridays. This usually means that I don’t watch Nikita till later on in the weekend. So by the time I watch it I am already working on other reviews for other shows and unfortunately I let my typical Nikita reviews go dormant. However I stayed cooped up in my house this weekend and was able to watch Nikita on its own and have decided its time to check in on this good CW series.

After last season’s game changing finale where Nikita and Michael fled from Division in search for the black boxes I was a little hesitant as to where this series would be going in the second season. To be quite honest, I still don’t really know. There is sooo much going on.

Nikita and Michael are still on the road searching for the black boxes. Alex kept herself tied to Division in hopes for getting revenge on the man who had her father killed, Sergei Semak; now she’s being held at Division against her will thanks to Amanda’s manipulation. Percy is still in an isolated prison but is conniving his way out one manipulation at a time. There is a the big bad with Sergei Semak. And then there is the big bad with Oversight, which we learned a little more about this week. All these issues would take many series SEASONS to tackle and Nikita is trying to tackle them in just season TWO! It’s enough to make your head hurt. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, I’m just saying that this show may be taking on too much.

Look I like that Michael joined Nikita in her quest to takedown Division but sometime’s I feel like they’ve made no progress in the past 7 episodes that they have aired. The only progress that has been made is that they now have Birkhoff on their side. However, each week is something different regarding something from either Nikita or Michael’s past. Now Michael has a son and I have a feeling that is going to take more time away from finding the black boxes. What I want to know is if finding the black boxes is a series long quest or a season long quest? Or maybe it’s both because it’s clear the ratings haven’t been all that great this season. Who knows all I know is that they need to decide what direction it is that they want these three characters to go in this season and they need to do it fast. HOWEVER…please do keep up the awesome intense and heartmelting Nikita and Michael scenes. I love these two together. Yes you can throw obsticals at them but DO NOT BREAK THEM UP! They work better together than they do apart. And with that keep Birkhoff with them as well.

Alex’s main concern this season has been getting revenge on the man who had her father killed, Sergei Semak. This season we learned that Zetrov, the Russian Oligarch that Alex is the heir to is actually who is in control of the Russian version of Division, Gogol. Gogol and Sergei now know that Alex is alive and after them. So they have begun sending mercenaries out to kill her. Amanda sees this as a way to gain control of Alex premaritally and tells her that it isn’t safe for her outside of Division and keeps her in lockdown. Now Alex is stuck back inside the walls of Division and with no way of contacting Nikita for help. Or does she?

In the season premiere we met the new Oversight liaison named Sean (who was just upped to become a series regular.) It was pretty clear from the get go that this guy was brought in as a love-interest for Alex but as the season has progressed he’s begun to have his on storyline with out Alex. Turns out he’s a lot like Michael in that he just wants to fight for his country but is being manipulated by a person he trusts and cares about a lot, his mother, Senator Madeline Pierce. Now he is going to back to take over Division from instruction of his mother. I have a feeling he’s up to something and once he learns that Alex is trapped there, he is going to do whatever he can to get her out.

Melinda Clarke has been amazing this season. I like her best when she plays evil characters. Amanda as we know was the one person who was able to take down Percy and now Oversight thinks they can get rid of Amanda. They must be stupid to think this will work. Amanda had been sitting in the shadows behind Percy for years and when she bested Percy it was clear that she wasn’t going to give up her position as head of Division without a fight. It will be interesting to see what else Amanda does to hold on to her power and its pretty clear that Ryan is going to be a pretty big key player. I have to say, I am glad they brought him back and I can’t wait to see what Amanda does with him.

And then there is Percy and his unknown agenda. Percy is up to something, that is undeniably clear. Each episode, Percy continues to be maneuvering his way out of isolation: books, suits, and sunshine. Percy wants out that is obvious but I really don’t think being head of Division is his ultimate goal. No he is after something else and what that is, pretty much, is anyones guess. My guess is it has something to do with Alex and her being the heir to Zetrov. He wants to be on her good side, he knows that if he’s close to her or helps her get whats rightfully hers back, Zetrov or Gogol is as good as his if he plays his cards right. But that is just my theory. I could be totally wrong and he could be up to something else completely. Whatever it is, it will surely be fun to watch. Xander Berkley has really come into his own this season and has made Percy such a compelling character to watch.

So as I said before, where this season of Nikita is headed is anyones guess. There are two more episodes left before the mid-season finale and with this show anything can happen in two episodes. I can’t wait to see where they head next, I just hope the ratings don’t tinker too much to that maybe we can get another season after this! Soo watch please!!!!


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