The Vampire Diaries: Ghost World

Seriously you guys, this week’s Ghost episode of The Vampire Diaries was friggin awesome. What a great hour of television where the show we all love decided to treat us to some callbacks to the previous two seasons! Grams! Mason! Lexi! And Pearl!!

So Elena’s necklace, the Original Witch’s talisman, was the key to why the ghosts, particularly Vicki and Anna…and Mason, were able to break through the barrier to our world.  Damon, Elena and Stefan, Jeremy, and Bonnie all got ghost storyline’s this week and the great thing was it didn’t seem forced. They all needed these ghosts to push along their own storylines and it completely worked.  It also wrapped up the ghost storyline in a very emotional and touching manner and not leaving any loose ends. See True Blood this is how you wrap up storylines.

I hate the TVD writers for taking away Mason Lockwood soo soon. I mean just think of how AWESOME the Bromance between Alaric, Damon, and Mason could have been? I mean Alaric and Damon already have one of the best bromances of all time but Mason and Damon could have been epic as well. I love how Mason had forgiven Damon for what he had done to him and that his main priority was helping Tyler (who by the way wasn’t around this episode which I kinda didn’t like. Oh well.) Anyways glad to see that Alaric and Damon are friends again…well sort of. I have a feeling Alaric is still going to distrust Damon a little but still. Damon’s apology to Alaric was so sweet. Who cares about Damon and Elena, its Damon and Alaric that I care about!!

One thing I absolutely loved about this episode was the temporary return of Lexi. Because all the ghosts were able to break through this week, Lexi was able to teach Elena about Ripper Detox 101.  Seriously this chick is badass and her outfit? Badass, as well! She pretty much tortures Stefan into thinking he’s been starved without blood for decades using some compulsion vampire trick. It scares Elena and Stefan tries to play on those emotions to get Elena to help him but she doesn’t have any of it. Elena tells Stefan, yet again I might add (what is it like her billionth time telling him this?), that she is not giving up hope. She then leaves Stefan locked up in the cellar. Which is probably for the best but still, how long does she really think he’ll be able to stay down there?

Jeremy and Anna had to finally say goodbye this week, which utterly broke my heart. Jeremy and Bonnie are cute y’all but they have nothing on him and Anna. Steven McQueen’s chemistry with the, brilliant and beautiful, Malese Jow is just so electric that I kinda cried when she told him that he had to let her go because she would only hold him back. Yes I know it’s wrong that they kissed when he was still with Bonnie but I mean I kinda understand. Jeremy didn’t know how much longer he had with her and after discovering that he could touch it was only a matter of time before it happened. But now she’s gone and back with her mother, which was such a fitting end for her story. I have to say Anna finding her mother utterly destroyed me. What a touching end. Goodbye Anna, you will be missed and I hope we get to see you again someday as either a ghost or in a flashback.

And then there was Bonnie and Grams. I have to admit that I cheered the most when Jasmine Guy appeared on my television screen. Bonnie and Grams had such an awesome relationship. And how amazing was it to see Grams welcome Caroline as well, even though she is a vamp now? Jasmine Guy, you are simply…the best. Grams told Bonnie that because she brought Jeremy back, she upset the balance of nature and that the only way to fix it was to destroy Elena’s necklace. After helping Bonnie destroy the necklace it was time for Grams to say goodbye but not before telling Bonnie how proud she was of her. And now that Bonnie and Jeremy are done and it was shown that the talisman was not destroyed I am hoping we see an awesome story arch for Bonnie this season. She is in a desperate need of one.

It was great to see Jeremy, Bonnie, and even Stefan to some degree, say goodbye to the ones they loved who had been taken away from them too soon. I love that the writers were able to wrap up this storyline in such an emotional and compelling way. Great job TVD writers, really this was some great work.

Next week: FLASHBACKS!!! This time we go alllll the way back to Klaus and Rebekah’s time before they were Vampires!! I seriously CANNOT wait to see this episode. It looks soooo Epic that I had to embed the promo below because of it!

Other Thoughts:

~ Love that Jermey, Elena, and Alaric are a family now and have family lunch’s at the Grille.

~ “Well, let’s just find it first and then we’ll choose between boyfriend ghost dramas.”

~ Nice to see the tomb vampires back as well. Even if all they did was stir up trouble like last time. Guys can hold a grudge forever!!!

~ “I won’t love a ghost for the rest of my life”  Elena you go girl!

~”We’re not friends! I don’t like you anymore!” Oh Alaric…what are we in the fifth grade now???

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