The Vampire Diaries Review: Smell’s Like Teen Spirit


Soooo, after last night’s sixth episode, I think it’s safe to say that The Vampire Diaries is confidently becoming the best network show on television. In fact I’d say it’s in the running for being one of the best shows on television…period. And I am not just saying this because I like CW shows. I am saying this because TVD has managed to create compelling and exciting storylines and mix them with emotional and shocking twists that other shows could only dream of pulling off. I know I am not the only one who feels this way and there really isn’t any other show out there that creates as much reaction on twitter as this one does. It’s just that good.

This week’s episode toned the high stakes action and upped the drama. We have to remember that this show isn’t a show about vampires, werewolves, witches, and ghosts; it’s also about teenagers who are still in high school. I know it’s weird right? I have trouble remembering myself. Anyways, Elena decides she’s going to become badass again, Tyler loves his new abilities much to Caroline’s dismay, Bonnie is not happy that Jeremy still sees Anna, Matt still sees Vicki, Katherine finds out that waking the Vampire Vampire Hunter might not have been the best idea, and best of all: we see the return of ghost HOT UNCLE MASON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have missed you Taylor Kinney! I see that dating Lady GaGa has treated you well!!

Senior Year Issues

So in the mix of all the craziness that has happened in the past five episodes, our main characters remember that they are, in fact, still in high school. It’s the first day of Senior Year and everyone is just trying to make it through the day without getting killed (or killing themselves.) Only in Mystic Falls are these real high school issues.

I gotta say I loved all the call backs to the pilot in this week’s episode. Starting with Rebekah who is now the new girl who walked into Alaric’s classroom with more strut and awesomeness than when Stefan walked into Mr. Tanner’s class back in the pilot. I love this chick. Not only does she have chemistry with Stefan and Tyler, she also has great chemistry with Damon. Who else loved that scene with her and Damon at the Bon Fire while they bonded over roasting marshmallows? Even Elena looked a little jealous. You know what else I love? Her competition with Caroline. I really hope that these two will become BFF’s, a la Serena and Blair. It could be epic peeps. I hope this happens.

Hybrid Issues

So Tyler is now Klaus’ first successful hybrid and that makes him very special. While Klaus is gone, Rebekah has been assigned to watch over our little hybrid. This does not make Caroline happy at all. Quick question: why hasn’t Caroline been teaching him the ways of being a vampire? Should she have taught him about blood bags, not Rebekah. Anyways as the episode progresses we begin to see the emergence of season one Tyler, and no one likes this, except for Tyler. He’s just having a grand ole’ time with his new abilities; that is until Caroline tells him that he’s being and ass and that he is reminding her of the old Tyler. He then apologizes and tells her that she is the reason for him being a better person and he doesn’t to lose her. It’s extremely sweet. But then at the end of the episode, Rebekah gives him a human to feed on and he goes accepts. This has me very concerned. Do not screw with Forwood, TVD writers!!!! I will be very upset if you do and I do not want to be upset!!!!

Elena-Warrior Princess

After being an emotional drain for the past five episodes, Elena decides that she’s had enough and makes the choice to fight back and protect herself. This starts with slayer training lessons from a hungover Alaric and vampire anatomy lessons from Damon. That scene with Damon and Elena where he shows her where to reach a vampires heart was positively electric. Their chemistry is amazing.

But you know what else was awesome? Every scene with Elena and Stefan. He has completely turned off his humanity and given into his ripper impulses but has still been instructed, by Klaus, to protect his human blood bag. Stefan is a complete and utter ass to her in almost every scene but Elena stands there and takes it like a man. Is it bad that I like douche bag Stefan more than old Stefan?? He’s so much more fun! And it’s starting bring out the awesomeness in Elena as well. That last scene where he tells her that she is pathetic for still having hope and then she stakes him with Alaric stake device might be one of my favorite scenes, ever, between the two of them. It was filled with so much emotion yet at the same time filled with so much awesomeness. Like Elena, I too have hope that Stefan is still in there deep down, but that doesn’t mean I want Ripper Stefan to go away any time soon. He can stay for as long as he’d like.

Vampire Hunter Issues

While everyone was off dealing with their issues in Mystic Falls, Katherine is still in Charlotte trying to wake a still comatose Vampire Vampire Hunter, Mikhal. She tries to get him to feed on different types of human blood but he isn’t having any of it. After finally waking up and telling her that he knows how to kill Klaus and that he doesn’t feed on living things. She asks him what he does feed on and that is when he grabs and feeds on her!!! Oh Mikhal, I know you are supposed to be some scary ass vampire vamp hunter but lesson 101, don’t piss of Katherine. You may know how to kill Klaus but pissing off Katherine is what’s going to get you killed. But it will be interesting to see the type of havoc you cause when you are finished feed on our resident HBIC.

Ghost Issues

The biggest storyline of the night was the ghost storyline which was finally pushed into motion. After drowning himself last week, Matt joins Jeremy in becoming the second resident in Mystic Falls who can communicate with ghosts. Matt’s scene with Vicki in his truck where they reminisced about the first day of last year was utterly heartbreaking. Poor Matt, all he wanted was to see his sister again and what does she do? She goes and uses her brother for her own agenda. When Matt realizes he’s made a mistake he gets Bonnie to help him reverse the spell Vicki had him cast and send Vicki back to the other side but not before Matt says his final goodbye to his dead sister.

It seems that Vicki’s spell didn’t allow for just her to break through, it allowed for all ghosts to break through, allowing for Anna to finally touch Jeremy. Poor Bonnie, she was not happy dealing with the fact that both of Jeremy’s dead girlfriends were back in their lives, including Anna, who Jeremy was still very much in love with. Now that Jeremy can actually touch and feel Anna, it’s going to make his relationship with Bonnie that much more complicated. Also, I know I am not the only one out there who wasn’t rooting for ghost sex! I mean it makes soooo much more sense on this show than it ever did on greys. So it’s not bad, right???

And then there was that cliffhanger that brought back HOT UNCLE MASON!!!!! I’ll be honest I had a feeling we would begin to see more familiar old faces after this ghost storyline started but still I was positively glowing when Taylor Kinney’s face appeared on my TV screen! Thank you Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson!!!

So I wonder which ghost is behind the return of these ghosts? Is it the Original Witch? Or maybe it’s Emily? Or maybe Gloria? Whoever it is I can’t wait to find out what her agenda is and something tells me it’s not just to restore nature’s balance. There is something more, I can feel it and as HOT UNCLE MASON said, “this is gonna be fun.”

Other Thoughts:

“Come on, Buffy.” HA!!

“Barbie Klaus.”

“My name is Rebekah, I’m new and my favorite subject is history.” LOVE Clair Holt. Can she please stay forever??

“You’ve got no business in the stoner pit.”


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