Gossip Girl Review: Memoirs of an Invisible Dan

Look I know I haven’t written at all yet about Gossip Girl this season and it is mainly because I am still mad at them for how awful it got at the end of last season. However, like the beginning of last season, the start to the fifth season of Gossip Girl hasn’t been as bad as I once thought it might. In fact, after last week’s episode, I went back to my DVR and actually set a season pass!! It seems that Gossip Girl has FINALLY embraced the ridiculousness, stopped taking themselves so seriously, and actually made the show fun again! And for that I applaud you Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran.

Gossip Girl is ALWAYS better when it focuses on the core five as group; whether it’s them coming together to take someone down (which I see them doing later on in the season with either Diana or Ivy) or whether it is because something or someone (or both, like this week) brings them all together. This week, Dan brings the group all together to tell them about his book and well to say things go well would be a lie. But this wouldn’t be Gossip Girl if things always went well.

Also, if the CW is smart (which we all know they are not), they will find a way to have Dan’s book written and published by Christmas. I honestly don’t think there is a Gossip Girl fan out there who wouldn’t read Inside. Come on CW do something right for once and GET THIS BOOK RELEASED!!!!

Sooooo what happened:

One is the loneliest number

After last week’s big reveal that Dan’s book was being published-and admitting to being the author-he realizes that he needs to be the one to break it to his friends that he’s the one who wrote the book about them. Everyone sort of takes the news somewhat well at first. Chuck already knew, Nate doesn’t seem to mind that his character is gay, Serena thinks it will improve her reputation, and Blair chooses not to read about it in interest of saving their friendship.

However, after hearing about the book characters from others, everyone decides to read what Dan wrote about them and it doesn’t go so well. Dan really doesn’t paint anyone in the book all that well and he even paints his father in a poor light. By the end of the episode Dan has truly alienated himself from everyone in the group. However seeing as this Gossip Girl, I don’t see his alienation lasting that long.

So how did everyone get portrayed? Well let’s run it down shall we?

Serena, who now has an actual job working for the movie producer in New York, is not portrayed at all the way she thought she would be portrayed. After passing on reading the book her fabulous new, sneaky and charming, co-worker tells her that her character, Sabrina, is seen as a selfish party girl. This causes Serena’s reputation to be tarnished, again, and she loses a major movie deal with Daniel Day Lewis (ummm ok…), who didn’t want to work with Serena because he thought she really was like Sabrina. When she confronts Dan about her portrayal he calls her out on her selfishness and shows her that he is more concerned about Blair than he is with her. What a blow, never thought I would see the day where Lonely Boy would turn away Serena van der Woodsen. And to make things worse, Serena’s boss wants her to get the movie rights to Dan’s book. See I told you Dan wouldn’t be alienated for long.

Blair decides at first not to read Dan’s book because she already knows that her character isn’t portrayed well because of how she treated Dan in high school. However, this doesn’t stop Louie from reading the book. When he reads it he finds out that Dan wrote that Blair and Dan had sex, which never happened (at least, we are told it didn’t, you can never really tell with Gossip Girl.) Louie goes back to not trusting Blair again, mainly because he saw a pic of her and Chuck on the Gossip Girl website. But Blair stands up for herself and tells Louie that he needs to either trust her or let her go, and he finally decides to trust her. However the look on his face at the end of the episode makes it look like still doesn’t trust her at all.

Ok here goes my little rant about Blair and Louie. I am really sick of this storyline. I really hate that they are only using it to set up the 100th episode as wedding (like every other 100th episode of a CW show does.) I mean really GG, you couldn’t think up something more unique than a friggin wedding? We all know Louie and Blair are not going to last, you keep throwing it in our faces every chance you get so why are you dragging this out as long as possible?? I really hope you have something good up your sleeves because this pairing is testing all my last nerves with this show. OK rant over.

Chuck and Nate both find Dan’s book highly amusing at first. At first, Nate’s only issue with being portrayed as being gay is if he still has game or not. And Chuck doesn’t seem to mind that his character ends up killing himself. But Nate then becomes upset when he learns that Dan combined his character with Eric’s character and finds it insulting because he thought they were best friends (as did I, and I am kind of confused why Dan portrayed him that way, it does seem kind of odd. Oh well.)

Chuck then wonders if his portrayal might actually be his future now that he’s lost Blair. However, when he goes to visit Lily, you know he’ll never die alone; he still has her, his only real mother figure and someone who cares about him still, very deeply. I kind of hope they reinvigorate Lily and Chucks relationship this season, it’s one of the best relationships on this show. I also really loved his scenes with Dan, Blair, and even Louie. Is it just me or are the Gossip Girl writers really trying to reform Chuck this season??

Dan ends up just like the character is his book, without the girl and all alone after alienating his family and friends. I have to say his scene with Rufus at the end was one of the most heartbreakingly real scenes Gossip Girl has ever done. I have to side with Rufus on this one, the portrayal of Rufus was an unfair one. Rufus truly loves Lily and yes he may have become somewhat of a “trophy husband” but he did give up everything to raise Dan and the least Dan could have done was acknowledge that.

Also, during all of this mess, Charlie/Ivy gets caught by Diana and blackmailed into working for her. Does anyone really care? I don’t. Why is she on this series again??

So next week, the envelop comes back, Serena has to get Dan to give her the rights to his book, more Chuck and Monkey moments I am sure, and best of all: It’s Yon Kipur!! Yay a holiday episode!! I love holiday episodes of Gossip Girl they are always the best!!

Other Thoughts

~ I loved the Blair and Chuck scene in the park. It was really sweet. Doesn’t mean I want them to be together but I do like their friendship scenes.

~Also, I loved the Blair and Serena scene at the end of the episode. We need more of these two, please!!

~More Chuck and Monkey please!!!

4 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Review: Memoirs of an Invisible Dan

  1. Thank You for writing about Gossip Girl again! I’ve missed your reviews! And I agree, Dan and Blair are the best!! Go Dair!!!

  2. Thanks! I am going to try and write about the show again. It’s actually been quite entertaining this season! Lets hope they keep it up!

  3. Interesting review, and I agree with you on most points regarding the episode, BUT I’m going to have to admit that I absolutely LOVE Louis and Blair. Then again, maybe it’s my obsession with French guys and French accents, gotta love them! I love Louis because he’s different from all the other guys Blair’s been with. Nate was in love with her best friend while dating her, Chuck sold her out for his hotel and almost actually hit her in the finale of season four when he punched the glass, but Louis, on the other hand, has been so different. He’s loving, caring and even willing to give up his claim on the throne just to be with her. He’s willing to defy his family, to give up the throne, all for her! IF I were Blair, I’d definitely choose Louis. He actually treats her like a Princess, and is so sweet with her, even though she treats him poorly. As Chuck said himself, Louis waited for her all night at that party, whilst Chuck left after two minutes when Blair didn’t show. I definitely sympathise with the Prince because it’s clear that he’s so in love with Blair, yet she doesn’t really appreciate him and treat him poorly. Leaving him waiting all night, cheating on him at the party, all whilst she was already ENGAGED to him! Blair made me so angry during that episode. She’s taking Louis for granted. He deserves better.

    1. I totally agree with you! Louis is so sweet, and he’s actually been showing some backbone this season, and Blair just can’t get over Chuck! Louis seriously deserves better.

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