The Vampire Diaries Review: The Reckoning

Ummmm…Holy…Crap…did that really just happen? And what episode was that again?

It was the fifth, you say? You mean to tell me that this episode wasn’t a season finale episode? You me there is still like 5 or 6 more episodes till the MID-season finale? Seriously???


As it usually does, The Vampire Diaries pack in a season (or two) worth of twists and bombshells that have most defiantly changed many, if not all, of these characters forever and it was done spectacularly. Excuse me while I try to life my jaw from off the ground. It’s been there since last night.

A Betrayed Klaus is a dangerous Klaus

When we left off last week, Klaus had brought Stefan back to Mystic Falls to discover what it was he was hiding. Klaus had a feeling that whatever it was, it would most certainly be in relation to Elena. Needless to say, Klaus was proven right when he went to the high school where the kids were planning Senior Prank Night (these kids go to school long enough to even plan that out?) and discovered that Elena was still alive and well. Obviously this doesn’t make Klaus happy. In fact this makes him angry and well an angry betrayed Klaus is a dangerous Klaus.

So what does Klaus do to show to Elena and Bonnie that they are going to be punished? He takes the only werewolf in Mystic Falls and forces him to drink his blood and begin the transition into becoming a hybrid.

Tyler is now a Hybrid.

Part of the punishment (like seeing Klaus snap Tyler’s head wasn’t bad enough) is that Bonnie has to find a solution to making sure Tyler completes the transition before he dies, like all the other hybrids did before. Thankfully, because Tyler is so awesome they found the solution, which was Elena’s blood butt more on that later.

I had a feeling that Tyler was going to be turned into a hybrid. I mean he was the only werewolf on the show and last season the writers said that they had completed the werewolf storyline so it makes sense that he would be turned. Still it was nonetheless very shocking to see. Poor Caroline, just when she thought things were going to go well, Klaus has to go and turn her boyfriend into a hybrid. Girl can’t catch a break.

Matt and Bonnie have some bonding moments

Before the solution to the hybrid problem is found, Bonnie is drastically searching for Jeremy in hopes that he can help her contact the dead to find the solution. Only problem is Jeremy is missing thanks to Katherine. Since she is running out of time, Matt offers his help for once. And what is that help you might ask? Oh nothing special just him drowning himself at the bottom of the swimming pool. No biggie.

I know some people still think that Matt is an utterly useless character. Some even find him extremely irritating (as I did last year when he was interfering with Forwood-I’m over that now, though.) But I have to admit, I like that he now aware of what is going on in Mystic Falls. It allows for him to become less useless and more involved like he was last night. Though Matt-I think drowning yourself was a bit much. You better be thankful that the writers love you so much because in any other show you’d be dead right now.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed his scenes with Bonnie and Vicki. It was nice to Matt finally get some resolution with her death. However, I would like to know more about that darkness Anna mentioned last week. She didn’t seem that dark this week. And even though her message to Bonnie came a little too late, it was still great to see her help out and then touching to see Matt say goodbye.

Katherine, Damon, and…Jeremy?

So Damon and Katherine go on a road trip and after ignoring the advances from Katherine, Damon demands to know what she is up to. This is when she shows him the necklace that she stole from Bonnie and the fact that she kidnapped Jeremy and threw him in the back of the car. Thanks to Bonnie, she now knows Jeremy’s secret; that he can talk to the dead. She wants leverage and she is going to use Jeremy to get it.

Katherine and Damon force Jeremy to contact Anna because she knows the secret about Michael-that old guy who Klaus is afraid of. Considering Jeremy is now a badass he complies and gets Anna to tell him who Michael is-a vampire who hunts and kills other vampires and is the only one who can kill-kill Klaus. However she warns them not wake him because if they do: “he will kill them all.” So what do Katherine and Jeremy do at the end of the episode? They WAKE Michael-this is not going to end well.

Stefan is Gone

Maybe you haven’t noticed but A LOT has happened already and we haven’t even gotten to Stefan’s portion of the episode yet. I mean seriously I had to remember to take a breath a few times last night because so much was happening.

While Tyler was turning into a hybrid, Matt was talking to Vicki, and Jeremy was talking to Anna, Stefan was about to find out just how angry Klaus can get when he feels betrayed. So how does Klaus punish Stefan?

First he compels Stefan to feed on Dana-in front of Elena. Bye Bye “not-now dana.” It was good knowing ya! Then Klaus compels Stefan to feed on Elena is Bonnie doesn’t get back to him in twenty minutes. He even sets a countdown clock and everything. What get during that timeframe is some compelling scenes between Elena and Stefan where Elena urges him to fight through the compulsion. He almost is successful but after seeing that his love for Elena is more powerful than his bloodlust, Klaus decides that it’s time to compel him one last time-this time forcing Stefan to shut off all of his emotions and become a full on Ripper. Stefan then proceeds to attack Elena which was all a part of Klaus’ plan.

Apparently the key to a successful hybrid transformation wasn’t the death of the doppelgänger but the blood of the doppelgänger. Seeing as the Original Witch hated Klaus, she told him that he would need to kill the doppelganger for the hybrid transformation to be successful. This was her way of making sure that Klaus wouldn’t be able to turn any others into a hybrid. Klaus figures this out and doesn’t kill Elena. She gets to stay alive. But after Damon tells Klaus that Katherine went to go wake Michael, Klaus flees the scene leaving new hybrid Tyler, Rebekah, and Stefan in Mystic Falls.

That’s right Stefan gets to stay in Mystic Falls but he’s no longer the Stefan we know and love. He is Ripper Stefan and he has to watch as Elena deals with the heartbreak of losing him and fall right into his brothers open arms. And I would just like to say that Damon showed tremendous growth tonight. He apologized to Jeremy before smashing his head against a table, carried Elena out of the hospital, gave her back her necklace and then asked her if he would like for him to take away the memories from tonight. However Elena no longer wanted the necklace and told Damon that she needed to remember. It was a heartbreakingly beautiful scene. That is until Stefan interrupted them not giving a care in the world that Damon and Elena would probably start to fall in love.

In all seriousness this episode goes on the top best episodes list. It was a fast-paced, shocking, heartbreaking, and poignant episode that really captured the heart of this series. I am still trying to figure out where they go from here. Obviously they are going to have to deal with Tyler as hybrid, Stefan has a full on ripper, and now they have to deal with Michael the vampire hunter who is going to be out to kill them all. They have enough developments to last several more seasons but something tells me they are going to wrap this up before the season finale even starts to begin. God this show is great. I can’t wait to see where they are headed next.

Other Thoughts:

~Tyler is apparently very happy and down with the whole hybrid thing. Caroline looks a little frighten, as am I. This is not a good sign. What does Tyler do now? Will he stay on Team Mystic Falls or will he join Team Klaus?? And what about his mother? How is she going to feel when she discovers that her son is now BOTH a werewolf and a vampire?

~I want to see more adventures with Katherine and Jeremy. Is that weird?

~ “I think your witchy girlfriend is worried you’ve run away with your ghosty lover.”

~Claire Holt is amazing as Rebekah. Seriously keep this actress away from Pretty Little Liars and make her a regular on TVD!!! Girl brings fierce to a whole new level and I want to see more showdowns with her and Caroline.

~ Damon [to Elena]: I promise you. I will never leave you again.
~Bonnie: Where are you going?
Elena: To super glue Alaric’s desk shut. I’m making memories.

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