Suburgatory Review: The Chatterer

Suburgatory continued its trend towards becoming my favorite new fall comedy this week with yet another hilarious episode.

First off-I’d just like to say that I love Jane Levy and I LOVE Jeremy Sisto. Jer- Cher Horowitz would be both so proud and yet oh so terrified with your performance tonight. I just thought I would let ya know! J

This week we dive right back into the hell that is Chatswin. Both Tessa and George sign up for social activities; Tessa joins the school newspaper after she’s forced to choose an elective and George joins the PTA after Sheila Shay over steps the boundaries on George’s parenting style.

Let’s start with Tessa. After the counselor forces her to choose an elective she chooses the unpopular school newspaper, The Chatswin Chronicler, to avoid having to sign up for a superficial elective like drama, day-trading, or flat-ironing. Yes that’s right, they have flat-ironing as an actual class-who would have thunk it? Anyways, Tessa turns the Chronicler into the Chatterer after discovering that the people at the school (thanks to an awesome scene with Dalia) don’t really want to read about news; they want to read about gossip.

All goes well at first and people love the Chatterer and the once lame editor, Malik, becomes popular. However Tessa notices that he is taking his popularity too far when he decides to run a horrible story about Lisa; which Tessa does not approve of. Then Lisa comes in to say that she misses the Chronicler, they decide to end the Chatterer and reinstate the Chronicler and order is restored-for now at least.

I love Jeremy Sisto. Seriously how hot was he in those mom jeans? I mean not many men can pull that off and man did he do it justice.

After Sheila Shay over steps her boundaries in trying to mother Tessa, George decides to join the PTA to be a more involved parent. The PTA has no other men in the organization; it is all mothers and Sheila is the president but after just a few scenes, he becomes the president and pretty much turns into a suburban mother who talks like a 15-year-old girl. I wonder if Jeremy Sisto called Alicia Silverstone for advice on how to pull off the OMG and give fashion advice. Hey I can dream, can’t I?

Anyways after realizing that handling the moms and the PTA is just too much for him to handle (and that he was wearing mom jeans), George returns the leadership over to Sheila and again-order is restored in the kingdom of suburbia.

Seriously I think George is one hell of an awesome single dad. There should be more like him.

I really like this comedy it’s funny, its sweet, and it’s smart. I really hope it continues to stay this way because if it does I have a feeling it could last a while on ABC.

Other Thoughts:

~Loved seeing more of Dallas this week. She’s such a hoot. And I LOVED her tennis outfit. Those braids killed me.

~Also loved seeing more of Dalia and her “that’s not a word” comments.

~Kenzie, Kaitlin, and Kimantha- or as Tessa calls them the “KKK.”

~ “Oh My God. What was Dalia doing in non-fiction.”

~lemon bars and lemonade

~  “I promise not to hold my membership against you.”


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