The Vampire Diaries Review: Disturbing Behavior

After taking us back into the past last week, The Vampire Diaries were back in full swing this week with yet another great episode. “Disturbing Behavior” was another episode that was fast paced and full of plot and boy did they pull it off and man next week looks even better!

Jeremy and his women

I love that Anna is back. She and Jeremy have such amazing chemistry and it was so heartbreaking having to watch her scream “I’m all alone” as she watched Jeremy tell Bonnie about seeing ghosts of his ex-vampire-girlfriends. According to Bonnie, this is just one of the consequences of her bringing Jeremy back to life at the end of last season. Poor chick can’t catch a break.

Also, what is the deal with Vicki? Anna told Jeremy that though she can’t see Vicki she can sense her when she is around. She says that when Vicki shows up there is a “darkness” that follows her. This would explain the windows shattering two weeks ago and Bonnie’s grimoires bursting into flames last night. What is causing her to be so angry? Is she jealous or is there something more sinister at work? Either way I cannot wait to find out!

Caroline is a Vampire BAMF

Ok let’s just start with this: how awesome was it to see Caroline kick Damon’s ass? FINALLY they let Caroline be bad-ass again. I was wondering where she went!

Caroline is no longer a damsel in distress or a vampire Barbie as Damon likes to call her. Even though her father tried to torture the vampire out of her, she still protected him when Damon tried to kill him. This all happened after a sweet and loving scene between her and Tyler which made me swoon for them all over again. God I love those two.

Also that last scene with her Dad was really emotional and I almost shed a tear. Caroline is such a strong character and when her father told her “You’re a vampire Caroline. You’ll never be ok.” I couldn’t help but agree. Caroline may be able to hold her own but seeing as this show loves to use her as the one to torture all the time, I can’t help but agree with Daddy Forbes. But as long as Caroline keeps kicking ass, I have a feeling she is going to be just fine.

But Katherine is still the Queen Vampire BAMF

I love Katherine. Seriously she needs to stick around Forever! 

Katherine is still hanging out in Chicago stalking Stefan and Klaus. She also knows that Rebekah is back. What is this girl up to? Is she lonely? Or is there something more going on? It’s probably the later but it was still super awesome to see Katherine save Stefan from Gloria this week after Gloria tried to torture Stefan into giving up information about where the Original Witch’s necklace was. She did discover that it was with Elena but that was before Katherine swooped in and killed her. I gotta admit that was so friggin awesome, even if Stefan didn’t really want her help. He has other issues to deal with…

Stefan and Klaus may no longer be BFFLs

So Klaus finally realizes that something is up with Stefan; that he is holding something back and now Klaus wants answers. Rebekah and Klaus have always been a team and they tell each other everything. It also helps that Rebekah can tell when Stefan is lying. So what does Klaus do? He knock’s Stefan out and then drags him back home…to Mystic Falls. Yup this is sure going to cause some problems. It’s a good thing there is a new member on the Founder’s Council!

Alaric takes a stand

Alaric finally realizes this week that the Council isn’t really living up to their job. Now that he is Jeremy and Elena’s caretaker he finally finds a way into the Mystic Falls Council He tells Sheriff Forbes and Carol Lockwood that he may not be an actual member of the founding families but he knows just as much as everyone on the council does, including the fact Caroline is a Vampire and that Tyler is a werewolf. He reminds Sheriff Forbes and Carol Lockwood that someone needs to be actually looking out for the human citizens of Mystic Falls. Hey I don’t mind this one bit; especially since I don’t think Alaric is going anywhere anytime soon. I just don’t see the writers killing him off permanently because he is the only “family” Elena and Jeremy have left. Anyways they’ll just have Damon kill him temporarily like they did last night…

Damon has…issues

Damon isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite person at the moment and everyone’s worried that Elena is spending too much time with him. So Damon kind flips and starts trying to act all bad ass again….which is awesome for us to watch but not so awesome for him. In this episode he attacks Bill Forbes, temporarily kills Alaric, and tells Elena that he will never be like Stefan. The guy is an emotional mess so it’s no wonder when Katherine shows up at his door that he decides to take off with her on a road trip at the end of the episode.

Overall yet another solid episode from one of network television’s best shows. Seriously this season is shaping up to be their best yet. I am just in awe of how great it’s been so far and I have a feeling more greatness it to come! Next week looks like it’s going to be crazy seeing as Klaus is about to find out that Elena is still alive. Oh that sure will be interesting and I can’t wait!

Other Thoughts:

~So what is up with Elena’s necklace? It’s one of the Original talisman and has some seriously ancient magic linked to it.

~“So women in the 21st century dress like prostitutes, then?”- I really like Rebekah! I think she is going to be a great addition to our little gang.

~Klaus and Stefan’s feeding scene was awesome. Is it weird that I want to see more scenes like that?

~I love that Katherine was able to con Bonnie into giving her the necklace by posing as Elena again. God that chick is awesome.

~So what is the Vampire Hunter’s deal? Why is he after Klaus?

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