Revenge Review: Betrayal

In case you didn’t know already,   I really really love ABC’s new drama, Revenge. And who knew that resident ice queen, Victoria and our anti-heroine actually still have some ounce of humanity left in them after all?

We are already three episodes in and Revenge is defiantly shaping ship to be one of the fall’s best new dramas on network television. How awesome was it to watch Emily Thorne take down an actual US Senator who was poised at taking the presidency? This chick is seriously in the running for the most bad-ass chick on television.

Emily Thorne has a master plan and it isn’t about destroying someone’s friendship or career; it is about destroying their life the way they destroyed hers. This week we meet Senator Tom Kingsley, who also happens to be the DA who prosecuted David Clarke, Amanda’s father. The way Emily takes down Kingsley is like pure perfection. Some shows make this type of plot hard to believe; that one girl alone can’t possibly take down a US Senator in the time span of one episode. But with Revenge we see the last phase of Emily’s revenge. We learn that Emily was a volunteer during Kingsley’s first run for Senator. She then bought the entire building where his mistress lived, in order to install cameras. Then she uses the footage as blackmail, anonymously sends it to him to get him to step down – and then she releases it to the press to destroy his life. God this chick is good.

The character of Emily Throne is a fascinating one. What usually takes other shows a season or two to develop, Revenge has accomplished in just three episodes; which is complexity. Emily Thorne is just the persona that Amanda Clarke has taken to destroy the lives of those who destroyed hers. Emily is cold and calculating and usually keeps her hair up. She is also ten steps ahead of everybody else, which is how she can outfox Victoria this week. I just loved the look on Victoria’s face when Emily told her that she was the one who set up Michael Davis and his new girlfriend, Cameron. Then asking is should could call her Victoria at the end? Priceless.

However we also saw Amanda Clarke this week. She is still in there even if it’s Emily who we see more of. While Emily is cold and calculating, Amanda is warm, laid back, and wears her hair down. She is still that little girl who Jack fell in love with long ago and we start to see her emerge this week. It still amazes me the work Emily Van Camp is doing on this show. She has really stepped out of her shadows as innocent Amy Abbott or Rebecca Harper and I applaud her for it. This show just might define her career if it continues to be as great as it’s been.

Another fascinating character and probably one of the most awesome bitches on television is Victoria Grayson. Up until last night we all thought that she was just one nasty cold-hearted bitch. Then we learned that she wasn’t always this nasty; that she in fact did love David Clarke and even tried to stop the trial by providing evidence to Kingsley that could overturn David’s conviction. Sadly, Kingsley and Conrad never followed through and as a result, you could tell that Victoria vowed to never let herself be played like that again. Well that is until she met Emily Thorne but she hasn’t figured that out yet. I have to say though I really can’t wait for the showdown between her and Emily/Amanda. I have a feeling that it’s going to be the showdown of the century!

Finally there is the Jack and Declan subplot that I still can’t seem to grasp. I get that they’re meant to be the blue-collar side to this rich world that Revenge has created but their storyline still isn’t totally clicking with me. Jack needs more to do because at the moment, aside from Nick Welcher’s hotness and his excellent chemistry with VanCamp, his character is still kind of bland. I find Declan a lot more interesting. I loved that even though he had the video of Charlotte’s boyfriend cheater on her, he didn’t send it to her and instead sent her a cheesy video asking her to hang out again. Hopefully Jack’s storyline will pick up in the next couple of episodes.

I really love that Revenge knows what they want their show to be about. I still don’t know how exactly they will construct several seasons out of this show but for now it is pretty darn excellent. I can’t wait to see how all these plots unfold.

Other Thoughts:

~I really like Nolan, I find his character to be a lot less creepy than I did in the pilot and I hope we get to see more of him in the coming weeks.

~Loved seeing Ashton Holmes as Daniel’s roommate from college, Tyler. I was hoping that he would appear on my television again after he was killed off too soon on Nikita.

~ I am still trying to figure out what purpose it served with in Emily’s scheme in getting Daniel to the restaurant where the brother of the cocktail waitress worked. I guess it was a way for us to learn about why Daniel no longer drinks and possibly to create a riff between him and his mother? Who knows but I am sure we will learn later on.

~ What kind of water is Sammy drinking? Because there is no way that dog is still alive and kickin if he’s as old as I think he is.

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