How I Met Your Mother Review: The Stinson Missle Crisis

I don’t like seeing Robin suffer but I will be the first to admit that she was pretty darn funny in this week’s episode of How I met your Mother.

Over the summer we heard that the creators that this season would be about Robin pining for Barney the way Barney pined for Robin back in Season 4. In doing this they casted Kal Penn as Robin’s therapist, after she’s sent to court mandated therapy for assaulting a woman. It all stemmed from Robin’s unrequited love for one Barney Stinson. Poor Robin she just can’t win these days, can she?

I really liked Kal Penn as the therapist. He has great chemistry with Cobie Smulders and I loved seeing him call Robin out on all her issues. I don’t think they even touched on her daddy issues this week and already he could tell that Robin had more issues than just jealousy and unrequited love.

And then there was Barney who has no idea that Robin still feels this way about him. I mean, he let her help him out in de-Barneying his apartment and lifestyle while Nora was out-of-town (thanks to Robin who had Nora sent to the G8 summit in London, plan didn’t really work out that well though.) We learned last week that somewhere down the line things were going to blow up for the Ted-Robin-Barney triangle that apparently still existed, unbeknownst to all three of those characters. It will be interesting to see what happens if Robin and Ted end up back together for a short period causing Barney to wonder if he made the right decision with Nora. Again, this is just a theory…but it is possible.

Somehow in the midst of all the Robin and Barney drama, Robin found time to tell her therapist about Marshall and Lily’s baby storyline of the week. It really didn’t connect with the rest of the episode but it’s revealed who Lily’s baby doctor was and that when Lily has her baby, Marshall is going to be missing.  It also dealt a little with Ted always being the third wheel in Marshall and Lily’s big moments in life. As I said, it really didn’t connect well to the rest of the story this week but it was still pretty funny.

Overall I thought this was a pretty solid episode of How I met your Mother. I look forward to seeing Kal Penn again and I also look forward to seeing more Team Baby moments. What did everybody else think?


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