Awkward Season Finale Review: I am Jenna Hamilton/Fateful

For the past two months we have watched the transformation of Jenna Hamilton unfold before us. We’ve seen the accident that set this transformation in motion; we’ve seen her struggle with two boys vying for her attention and love; we’ve seen her fight and make up; and last night we saw her world come crumbling down around her as she discovered that it was her mother, Lacey, who wrote that hurtful confrontation letter.

Did anyone else feel like they were on an emotional roller-coaster during last night’s finale? I sure did. I didn’t know what to think and I am still struggling to decide if I am happy with the choice Jenna made regarding Matty and Jake.

Let’s start there shall we; with the choice Jenna finally made between the two boys we’ve both grown to adore since day one. The hour long finale focused on one major school event, the Sophomore Formal. As we saw last week, Matty had finally begun to let Jenna in. He took on, what I thought to be, the best first date ever and then continued to hang out with Jenna and her friends. It was by far one of the sweetest things Matty had done for Jenna and it had me pretty much jumping ship from Team Jake to Team Matty. However things came crumbling down rather quickly this week.

Here is where I start to struggle with my emotions. Yes, Matty was beating around the bush too much in regards to asking Jenna to formal and that she had already been waiting a long time for him to get his act together but still, he was going to ask in what looked to be a very cute way; with a giant fortune cookie. But Jenna was threw with waiting and she decided to make a choice for herself this time by telling Jake that she would love to go to formal with him. Jake has constantly been there for her throughout this whole season and he has never once let her down. Some people say he’s too sweet and too nice for her to be with but I’ve never thought that. We always choose the bad boy and they always let us down and it’s not till later that we finally realize that the nice boy is probably the guy we should have always been with. Jenna finally sees that this week and chooses Jake in the end.

But let’s be honest; it’s not over between Matty and Jenna…not over whatsoever. In fact, I’d say their story has only just begun.  First off, Jake still doesn’t know that Matty and Jenna had a thing. That still has to be revealed next season and I defiantly picture some Dawson and Pacey like fights between these two besties. Also, Jenna and Jake saying that it was easy to be with each other totally worry’s me.  I feel like Jenna has toned down on taking the hard route and gone for the easy route to protect her heart. Jake and Jenna shouldn’t want to be with each other because it’s easy, that is just going to lead to heartbreak. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe Jenna really did make the right choice and we all know that I have totally been Team Jake since the beginning; I just wish that I didn’t feel so emotionally confused about Jenna’s choice.

However, these boys are now the least of Jenna’s problems. After a wonderful night at the Formal, Jake takes Jenna home. Jenna realizes her parents aren’t home and accidently sets off the house alarm. When she goes to look for the alarm code, she discovers a box of paper, the same paper that was used to write the hurtful confrontation letter. Jenna finally realizes that it was her mother who wrote her the letter.

I wasn’t surprised by this at all. The series had spent a lot of time this season really defining Lacey and Jenna’s mother-daughter relationship; and after that beautiful and touching scene between them earlier in the episode, in which Lacey told Jenna: “Jenna, you are the best part of me, because you are not me. You’re better,” I knew that Lacey was the culprit and now so does Jenna.

I thought that this was a great revel because while it wraps up the, who wrote the letter, mystery; it also opens up a seed of storylines for next season. Will Jenna confront her mother? Will she tell her father? It’s obvious now that this revelation is going to completely change her relationship with both parents and could, and probably will, change the relationship between Kevin and Lacey. Is she going to tell her friends and Jake about her discovery? How is this going to affect her overall grown confidence? As I said, it really does open up a seed of possibilities that I can’t wait to see be explored.

I can’t believe this season is already over. I miss the show already!! Awkward really took me by surprise this summer and it quickly became one of my all-time favorite shows. The cast is fun, the story is relatable, the characters are awesome, and most of all, the show has a ton of heart. I can’t wait to see what next season brings and hopefully we won’t have to wait long! I don’t think I could survive a whole year without Awkward.

Other Thoughts:

~Love that Sadie finally what she deserved. First Lissa told her off and then Val finally stood up to her! That was great!

~I love that Kevin understands that he can’t tell his teenage daughter not to have sex. He’s such a great dad!

~Ming got to go to the formal!! Even though it was with a girl!

~Tamara still continues to be one of the funniest characters on this show! I hope they give her more storylines next season!

~Sadie and Tamara’s scene in the bathroom was priceless! “What’s wrong with hugs?”

~ “Welcome to karma-geddon bitch!”

~ “What kind of monster would do something so Resident Evil?” “Sadie”

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