How I Met Your Mother Review: The Ducky Tie

Last Night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was fantastic.

Ever since it was revealed that Lily was pregnant, we knew that the writers of HIMYM would have lots of source material. This week’s episode involved Lily’s chest. You know how the woman’s chest gets when she’s pregnant and considering Lily is one of two girls in a group of 5, there was no way Barney and Ted were not going to take notice.

Not only was this episode splendidly funny but it was also very emotional and touching. I had no idea what was going to happen after last week’s reveal that Ted had run into his ex, Victoria. We all knew that she wasn’t going to be the mother but we also wondered if she was going to be around for more than episode or two. Thankfully, Bays and Thomas saw fit to only bring her back for an episode, an episode that really opened Ted’s eyes to what his current situation is inhibiting him from; which is finding the mother.

But before we get back to Victoria, let’s get back to Marshall and Barney. I always love when these two make bets because you know it’s going to lead to something epic…always; especially when Lily sets herself up as the negotiator.

Barney, being the master manipulator we know and love has been waiting for years to trick Marshall into giving him something he wants. In preparation of this, Barney trained Marshall to crave a Japanese steakhouse, Shinjitsu, whenever Barney sneezed. Barney then went through 6 months of hibachi grill training, and befriended a Japanese chef named Takumi so he could manipulate Marshall into a bet; a bet Barney knew he couldn’t lose. Too bad Marshall figures out this master scheme at a group dinner at Shinjitsu and Barney ultimately loses his bet and has to wear Marshall’s Ducky tie for an entire year. Though to Barney’s credit, he did get to see Lily’s boobs for about 3 seconds; which Barney would probably see as a success.

During their group dinner at Shinjitsu, Ted tells the gang about his run in with Victoria. I have got to say this storyline was one of the best Ted and a girl story’s I have seen in a while. Was I sad when Ted told us that Victoria was about to be engaged to a man named Klaus and that even though she still had what if feelings for Ted, she ultimately chose Klaus instead because Ted still had one major issue he had to tackle before he could settle down with girl. That issue? Robin.

I always loved Josh Radnor and Ashley Williams chemistry and last night’s episode played that chemistry up beautifully. That kiss they shared? Electric; and I was devastated when Ted watched Victoria get on that bus to leave for the Hamptons.

It is an interesting theory that Victoria brings up, that it is weird that Ted, Barney, and Robin are all still best friends; even after all the drama they have shared with each other. Victoria says it’s not healthy and that it will cause problems for all of Ted’s relationships if he didn’t admit that his friendship with Robin didn’t work. I also wonder what future Ted meant when he said that he would finally realize it because we all know that Robin and Barney are both around in his future seeing as the kids know them as Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney. Hopefully we will find out sometime this season and not later on next season.

Favorite Quotes

“Lily, are you really suggesting that Barney spent six months commuting back and forth to Hoboken to learn a signature cooking style of a restaurant he doesn’t even like to win a bet he hadn’t even made yet? Yeah, the whole thing stinks.”

“You make it sound like I dated a series of Stieg Larsson novels.”

“Lily, it’s like you have a butt on your chest.”

“I invited you into a porno.”

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