Hart of Dixie Review: Pilot

Look I am going to be honest…I love Rachel Bilson, like I adore her. When I heard that she was teaming up with Josh Schwarz for a new show on the CW, I knew I was going to be hooked, no matter how hooky the premise.

I first realized that I loved television when I started watching the old WB. Some of my all-time favorite TV dramas are Gilmore Girls, Everwood, and Dawson’s Creek.  I love small town WB dramas; I love them. Let me start off by saying that Hart of Dixie isn’t any of these shows. If I had to be brutally honest, it is a weak take on the old WB model, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not charming and fun to watch. It just needs time to grow.

The show follows Zoe Hart (Bilson), a New York doctor who always had a plan for herself. Yes, she is one of those people. Her plan involved going to one of New Yorks top medical school, graduating first in her class, then doing her residency at one of New Yorks top hospital’s before going their top cardiothoracic fellowship programs. Sadly, not all of her plans work out. She doesn’t get the fellowship and her boyfriend dumps her. So what does she do? She moves down to Bluebell Alabama to work with a man named Harvey Wilkes, who offered her a place at his practice.

Seeing as this is a TV show, there are obviously complications. First off is that Harvey is dead and he’s left Zoe his practice and for the life of her, she can’t figure out why. The second complication is that she shares the practice with the other resident doctor in Bluebell, Dr. Breeland and he defiantly doesn’t want Zoe anywhere near the practice.

The rest of the pilot sets up Zoe’s interactions with the rest of the cast. The first regular we meet is George Tucker (played by the dreamy Scott Porter.) George and Zoe instantly hit it off as his picks her up after she’s stranded outside the town limits of Bluebell. Eventually we learn that George is the resident lawyer in Bluebell, who also used to live in NYC, and he is also engaged to Lemon Breeland (Jimmy King), daughter of Dr. Breeland. Up until the end of the episode, I thought Lemon was super annoying but it turns out she might have a couple of secrets up her sleeve and I can’t wait to find them out.

We then meet Lavon Haynes (Cress Williams, FNL, Grey’s Anatomy) who is the Mayor of Bluebell and owns a plantation. He was once an all-star NFL football player. He offer’s Zoe one of the cottages on his plantation and she is more than willing to accept. He also owns a pet alligator named Burt Reynolds. How awesome is that?

And finally we then meet Wade Kinsella (newcomer, Wilson Bethel), Zoe’s new next door neighbor and Bluebell’s resident bad boy. Wilson is hot…like really hot and he has amazing chemistry with Rachel Bilson. They even make out in his car in the first episode when Zoe gets drunk from boxed wine. Oh yes, this Zoe is a classy one. Anyways, he’ll most likely wind up involved in a little love triangle with Zoe and George. I don’t mind, as long as the love triangle is done well and it doesn’t become increasingly annoying like it does on Schwarz’s other show Gossip Girl.

So is Hart of Dixie worth watching? Defiantly. The cast is pretty and the characters are interesting and I have feeling this series could really be something and as I said before, it just needs time to grow. I found this show to be entirely charming and adorable and I am going to watch it for as long as it is on the air, which I hope is a long time. What did everyone else think?

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