The Good Wife Season Premiere Review: A New Day

I knew we were in for a new brand of sexy when The Good Wife released their new promo images this summer but man…that was nothing compared to what we saw last night.

I am so happy that this show is back. I have missed it dearly.

The Good Wife is now in its third season and they have Emmy wins under their belt, they are a critical darling of network TV, and most of all they have moved to that prime 9pm Sunday timeslot. This is a fresh start for them, just like it is for Alicia and I have got to say I think it’s working out well for them.

Let’s get the case of the week storyline out of the way first shall we? In typical Good Wife fashion, the case of the week revolves around a current political hot topic, the Arab Spring. A Muslim college student is accused of murdering a fellow Jewish student and the States Attorney’s office, i.e. Peter and Cary, are trying to say that the motive was that he killed the guy for religious reasons. It turns out that this is not the case; in fact the accused isn’t guilty, his roommate is. Turns out that his roommate was gay and he killed his lover out of jealousy.

However that wasn’t the writers wanted us to take away from this episode. This case of the week showed us how Peter as states attorney and separate husband of Alicia, is going to handle her in court; and it isn’t pretty. The great thing about Peter is that he knows Alicia, as much she’d like think that he doesn’t, and he knows her well. Mix that with Cary’s competiveness against Alicia, and we are in for a fiery season folks and I for one can’t wait!

Eli also has a new role at Lockhart Gardner and he is already hard at work, when he is not trying to figure out what is different about Alicia. Eli is asked to take on a Pro-Muslim PR campaign as a crisis management project. However, in conjunction with the case of the week, it doesn’t go over that well and Eli manipulates his way into getting a multi-million dollar Jewish client (TAUB!!!) instead. Oh Eli, you are such a sneaky one aren’t you?

And then there is Alicia and Will, who last we saw were finalllly getting together after two seasons of the annoying will the/won’t they scheme that so many shows like to use. During the beginning of the episode you could tell that Alicia had a whole new look to her, a new haircut and new spring to her step. She looked happier, looser, and sexier and everyone could tell that there was something different about her. Then we saw a scene with her and Will early on in the episode that made it look like he was cutting off their little fling, Alicia looked sad and frustrated.

But oh no, we couldn’t be more wrong. They pulled a fast one on us and we saw may have been the sexiest scene to ever grace network television. I mean, is that kind of scene even allowed on network TV??  As we saw, Will and Alicia have not given up their little affair. They are still going hot and heavy. But if the last scene of the episode showed us anything, Alicia might be having second thoughts.

I sure hope they know where they are going with this because Alicia is headed down an interesting path and it is sure to cause lots and lots of drama! I, for one, can’t wait!!

Other thoughts:

~I love that Cary is becoming more and more confident each season. He just gets hotter and hotter as each season progresses and I love it. More scenes with him and Kalinda please!

~ Sooo did anyone else think that this new tutor storyline with Grace may lead to some experimentation on her part? I always thought Grace might be one to bat for the other team and if she is, I hope the writers do this storyline justice. Just imagine the kind of field day Eli would have with that one. It makes me giggle just thinking about it!

~I liked the scene with Kalinda and Will. They have a nice dynamic. I hope they develop a good friendship this season. She needs a friend.

~Kalinda and Pooch. SPIN OFF PLEASE!!!


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