The Vampire Dairies: The Hybrid

I have a confession to make. I watched the premiere of The Vampire Diaries three…ok maybe four times this past week. I was so enthralled by the fact that this show had reached a new level of maturity that I have never seen in a CW show before. Williamson and Plec were like yup we got this. We know where we are going and here is the story we are going to tell you. After last night’s episode, I have a feeling we are in for one hell of a fantastic season.

Last week I said I was going to do my top 5 favorite moments. It just so happens that there were 5 major stories going on last night, so that worked out well didn’t it? So here we go!

Jeremy and Matt try to contact Vicki

For most of the episode, Jeremy tried to convince Matt that Vicki has been asking him for help. Matt, who has still been having trouble dealing with her death, really doesn’t want to help Jere with his trying to contact his sister. But then he comes to his senses and in a heartbreaking scene where Vicki comes to Jeremy and says Matty I can come back; Anna appears next saying not to trust her. What the F is going on??? Its pretty clear that Jeremy has developed a power where he can contact the dead which to me is pretty cool. It will be interesting to see where they take him this season.

Klaus’s outburst.

Klaus wants an army of Hybrids. That much is clear and if you ask me, it’s damn well scary. See if you are a somewhat rational person, like Stefan still seems to be, you would think that the reason someone would want to build up an army is because they are preparing for a war. That is not why Klaus wants an army. No he sees it as something entirely different. He sees it the way a military genius sees it: if you have the biggest army, no one will mess with you. Klaus would know this; he has been around for thousands of years.

Klaus’s plan to turn werewolves into vampires doesn’t exactly go as planned. As we saw with Ray Sutton and his pack members this week, they couldn’t handle the transformation and all of them died. Klaus couldn’t understand why. He had killed a werewolf, a vampire, and…the doppelgänger; so why couldn’t he build his army?  Oh wait…he didn’t kill the doppelgänger and with that look he gave Stefan at the end of the episode, it’s pretty damn clear that he now knows that Elena is still alive and well. That can’t be good for our little heroine.

Damon realizes Stefan can still be saved.

“Because when I drag my brother from the edge and deliver him back to you I want you to remember the things you felt when he was gone.”

God Damnit Kevin and Julie!!!! Why do you do this to me?? Just as I declare myself a Team Stefan person, you go and give us an episode where Damon wins me over again. You gotta stop playing with my emotions like this. How am I ever supposed to choose when you make it so hard to decide?

So Damon and Stefan have had two run ins with each other since the finale. Last week Damon was almost 100% sure that Stefan couldn’t return, that he was lost forever. But this week he took it back. He saw something in Stefan; he saw that the Stefan he and Elena both knew and loved was still in there and that he could still be saved.

Damon has really evolved since season one. His transformation into a decent person has been so amazing to watch. First we saw it with Rose and then just recently with Andie, and now we see his utter devotion to making sure Elena doesn’t get herself killed. I love that he knows Elena will most likely end up back with Stefan once he’s returned but see that scene with Damon asking Elena to make sure she remembered their emotional bond that had developed between them during Stefan’s absence was absolutely heartbreaking. For the second time this season, I was in tears.

Tyler’s coming out story.

I really think that Tyler’s storyline this week was utter perfection.

As we saw at the end of last week’s episode, Mrs. Lockwood had discovered that Caroline is indeed a vampire and then continued to shoot her down with vervain darts. That stupid bitch and still being a little clueless, she slips vervain into Tyler’s coffee the next morning to see if he too is a vampire. She’s relieved to find out that he’s not. However, Tyler finally catches on to what his mother is doing and confronts her. She tells him that he can’t hang out with Caroline anymore because she is a monster and then in a heartbreaking scene he tells and shows his mother, that Caroline isn’t a monster because he is one too. He then shows her his transformation into a werewolf. It is so moving and heartbreaking that I couldn’t help but tear up.

If you haven’t noticed yet, TVD doesn’t have a gay character on their show yet. Some call it weird and uncalled for and others don’t really care. However, even though they don’t have an actual gay character, Tyler’s struggle with being a werewolf and coming out to his mother is a beautiful allegory to many who struggle with coming out their friends and family.

Elena and Alaric.

While, I was fascinated by Tyler’s coming out storyline this week, I would have to say that watching Elena and Alaric go on an adventure together, to find Stefan was pretty damn fantastic. I love that Elena told him that he was the only one that she and Jeremy had left. That she needed him around and that he needed her around. Was anyone else completely thrilled to see Alaric move back in at the end of the episode?? I am so happy that he has stepped up to be Elena and Jeremy’s new parent!


And speaking of parents…holy shit. Jack Coleman (AKA HRG from Heroes) is Caroline’s daddy.
My god what an awesome cliffhanger. Poor Caroline had been missing throughout the entire episode until the last-minute when we see her locked up in a cellar. Than we see the guy, Bill, whom Carol Lockwood had called to handle the Caroline situation, walk in and Caroline say Daddy? Caroline just can’t win these days, can she? I have to say, that last scene reminded me of the season one Alias cliffhanger when Sydney’s mom walks in to greet a tied up Sydney. It was that good, in my opinion.

Next week: FLASHBACK TO RIPPER STEFAN!! I love Flashbacks!!! I can’t wait to see what this one brings! Also I can’t wait to see what they do with Caroline’s storyline! That is sure going to be mighty interesting!

What did everybody else think?

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