Glee Season Premiere Review: The Purple Piano Project

Glee is back! Can you believe that it is already in its third season? I can’t, it feels like just yesterday that this show was premiering on Fox.

Much like I did with The Vampire Diaries review, I am going to just talk about the five things I liked about this episode of Glee. Mainly its so I don’t end up hating this show like I did last season. Glee was way too inconsistent last season and writing about it all the time only made me realize it more but If I only focus on the good parts of the episode, maybe I won’t notice as much! Let’s hope!

5 things I liked about The Purple Piano Project:

5. Back to the characters and not all about the songs

It’s nice to see that for the season premiere Glee decided to focus less on the song choices (they waited like 20 minutes before they even sang their first song) and focused more on these 20 bazillon characters. I liked that they checked in on every single on of the Glee members. Mercedes is dating a new boy, Tinker from FNL, Lauren dumped Puck after nationals, Finn realized that he was still a little lost boy, Santana still can’t decide what team she plays for, Tina and Mike Chang are still going strong, and Will and Emma have moved in together. It was a nice change from last season.

4. Blaine transferring to McKinley

It had to happen once they made Darren Criss a series regular and I love the way they transferred him. I am going to love seeing how his outfits will compete with Kurt’s outfits on a weekly basis. It will also be interesting to see how Blaine’s ball hoggingness with compete with Rachel’s. Either way I hope this means more duets between these two. It is going to be seriously needed!!

3. Quinn

I love that Quinn has finally rebelled against everything. It was bound to happen after everything she’s been through. It will make for a very interesting character arch this season if they play this out right. Also it looks like Shelby (Idina Menzel) is coming back next week, which means Beth is coming back. I can’t wait to see how that plays out! Though knowing this show, they are going to somehow pull some type of twist where Shelby ends up giving Beth back to Quinn by the end of the season. I hope I am wrong though.

2. Will finally stands up and acts like a real teacher.

It’s finally great to see that Will realizes the Glee club lacked a lot of loyalty. Kicking Santana out for the time being was needed. He needs to focus on these kids and their issues. Once they start believing in themselves then they can finally start acting like winners.

1. Rachel and Kurt

That whole entire sequence from the point where Rachel and Kurt walked into the NYADA Mixer was brilliant. First off, Harmony was excellent. She is certainly going to give Rachel a run for her money. Is this the chick from The Glee Project? If so, great choice there. She was brilliant and that whole Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do number was absolutely fantastic.

Anyways back to Rachel and Kurt. Focusing on these two this season is going to be great. They have a wonderful friendship and I was happy that they faced that reality of not being as hot as they thought they were together. It’s a harsh reality to face realizing that even though you are Hot Shit in Lima, Ohio, you are one out of a million in the real world and the competition is that much harder. It will be great to see where these two characters are led this season and I personally can’t wait!

So far Glee is off to a decent start. I hope it can stay that way because they set up some interesting plot lines: Nationals, the production of West Side Story, Kurt running for Senior Class President, and Sue running for office. They have the possibility to have a consistent season lets hope they use it!




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