Awkward Review: No Doubt

So Tamara didn’t write the letter, Matty became more and more adorable, and Jake FINALLY dumped Lissa. No Doubt in my mind that this was a pretty good episode of Awkward. See what I did there? Yeah…that was pretty cheesy, I won’t do that again.


There are some people out there who kind of find it a little odd that Tamara and Jenna became friends again so quickly after the hurtful things they did to one another. I’d just like to say to those people that it’s clear they don’t understand the working of a girl’s mind. Tamara and Jenna have been friends forever and that carries a lot of emotional weight. It’s hard to just say no to that kind of relationship, even after hurtful things have been said and done. So is not outside the realm of possibility that Tamara said that she wrote the letter out of anger and frustration and that Jenna forgave her. In fact, it’s more likely than Tamara actually writing the letter herself. I had a hard time believing that she wrote the letter anyways and for a red herring, I thought it was pretty clever one.

I really loved that Matty asked Jenna out on a date and took her to meet some of his family. It was extremely sweet and touching and I think Jenna needed that date to ease her fears that Matty was the one who wrote the letter. To me, Matty writing the letter is as much of a far stretch as Tamara writing the letter. I really don’t think Matty is that logical. Matty is winning me over more and more with his adorableness.

I loved how the writers this week contrasted Jenna, Tamara, and Ming from Lissa and Sadie. Matty and Jake have been friends with Sadie and Lissa for a while it seems. So they are very used to Sadie and Lissa terribleness. However while Jake was realizing it firsthand how terrible Sadie and Lissa were; Matty was experiencing a different kind of fun with Jenna, Tamara, and Ming and I think you tell that he was having a great time. Matty could have easily bolted after seeing Tamara and Ming at Jenna’s house when they returned from their date but he didn’t, he stayed and for that, he got brownie points in my book.

Then there was that scene with Jake and Jenna and my heart got all confused again, much like Jenna’s. Awkward had spent the past two episodes convincing me that Matty was a worthy choice for our leading lady; making me swoon whenever he got a chance and then out of nowhere they throw Jake back into the mix. It was about time that Jake broke up with Lissa. I am glad he finally saw through Lissa and Sadie’s games and ruthlessness and finally kicked them to the curb….literally. Thanks, Awkward for making this choice so damn hard.

I can’t believe there is only one hour long episode of Awkward left. What am I going to do without this show?? MTV start filming season two fast so we can get this show back on the air quickly!!!

Other Thoughts:

~I loved that Lacey showed Matty Jenna’s baby album. Such a Lacey thing to do.

~ “Maybe he is Anne Franking me.”

~“What the hell is a sex touch?”

~ I may hate Sadie as a person but Molly Tarlov is just a wonder to watch. She has really put a new spin on mean girl.

~“Riseda? Where the F is Riseda?”

~“How do you get your hair to do that?”




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